48 Episode 48 Departure

 Allen was now a servant of the Baron Granvelle. The evening was almost gone, but I was told that I would not have to serve them tonight. We were told that we would leave the village at noon tomorrow. It was agreed that Allen would go with me to the capital, Granville.

 Rodin returned home and told Teresia that he had become her servant. Teresia said sadly that she was happy to see him.

 Then the morning dawned. I'll go out today to get water, he said. I didn't sleep much.

 The kind eyes of the serfs who came to fetch water. These are serfs I've seen many times over the last eight years.

 As a reward from the lord, the 20 serfs and their wives and children who had been hunting the boa all these years have been sent to join the commoners. The news has been spreading throughout the village overnight. Some of the serfs have already decided to become commoners.

'Oh! Allen. I hear you get to work for a nobleman. Good for you!

"Thank you.

 Congratulations to the serfs who are fetching water.

 I go home and fill the jar while my brother mash is still limping along. He says he's going to miss Allen. If he could, Allen would have liked to be there for next year's ceremony for Mash's appraisal.

 I ate breakfast and packed my bags. I put my well-worn wooden sword on my hip.

Here you go. Here. Take this.

Like I said last night, it's fine.

 I refuse the small jute bag Rodin offers. There's a silver coin inside. It's over 300 pieces of silver earned from killing Albahron. I told Allen that I thought the barons would pay him, and that my father would want him to keep it in case something happened.

Just take it!

All right.

 As Rodin's tone became rough, Allen had no choice but to divide them into sachets and take only 100 pieces.

 I don't have that many things to take with me, so I'm ready to go. It all fits into a small jute bag.

Oh! You're still here.

 I was just about to leave, when Gerda comes in. Beside her are Mitilda, Krsna, and Lily. I was going to meet them on my way to the residential area, but they came all the way here to see me off.

 Krena looks very sad.

Are you really leaving?

Yeah, take care of Crenna, too?


 Krena had heard from Gerda that Allen was leaving the village. She was too sullen to reply to Aren's words. He's holding a wooden sword in his hand, as always.

Okay, let's play knights.

"Huh? Playing Skittles



(Okay, okay, I want you to walk away with a smile at the end.

 When Crenna heard that we were playing knights, she suddenly felt energized. But the yard is unusable while 20 Albaherons are being processed. It's done outside in the yard. Two families are watching you.

 Gripping your wooden sword, you hear a phrase you've been hearing for more than five years.

"My style is done! Let's get to work!

 Once again, it's a hot one to hear.

"I am Baron Granville's servant, Allen. Come to me, Swordsman Krsna.

 Crenna, eh? You make a face. You say your name is different from usual. And he calls Krsna a swordsman, not a knight.

 Rodin has risked his life hunting the boa for 13 years. His reward placed Allen in the service of a noble family. Allen took on the heavy title his father had risked his life to earn.

 What's the matter? Don't you come? asks Allen. Crenna replies, "Let's go.

 The knightly game begins. It's the game of knighthood that Allen and Klarna's parents have been watching for years. A sword is being wielded at great speed. Not the speed of an eight-year-old.

"Playing knight for farewell.

Yeah, that's nice.

 To Rodin's murmurings, Gerda replied that this was just like Allen and Crenna.

 But the watching family immediately felt strange. Everyone had only seen Allen being pushed by Krsna all along. Krsna should be far stronger than you. But today, Allen is overwhelming Krsna.


"What's up, Swordsman Krsna, that's about it!

 Challenged by Krsna, Krsna gets stronger. But she ducks and is ducked by Allen's swordfight. Klarna is fighting back.

 When I heard yesterday that I was leaving everyone, I decided to say goodbye to you all. We decided to say goodbye to each other at a game of knightly love.
 And he was determined to win the game of knights.

What? Oh, why?

 A baffled Krena. pushed by Allen, who has never been beaten before. This is not the usual move. It's a speed I haven't seen in five years. Allen and Krsna's parents look on in amazement.

 Allen made 20 Bird E's, a bird card he hadn't used before. The result is an explosion of speed.

 NAME] Allen
 Age] 8
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 7
 Physical strength] 152 (190)
 Magical power] 208 (260) + 200
 Attack Power] 75 (94)
 Durability] 75 (94)
 [Quickness] 144 (181) + 200
 Intelligence] 216 (270) + 200
 Fortune] 144 (181) + 200
 Skills: Summoning, 4〉, Generating, 4〉, Combining, 4〉, Strengthening, 4〉, Expanding, 3〉, Storing, Deleting, Swordsmanship, Throwing, 3〉.
 Experience] 0 / 7,000

Skill level
 Summons 4
 [Born] 4
 [Combined] 4
 Enhancement 4
Skills Experience
 Enhancement] 47,640/1,000,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] EFGH

 [Beast] EFGH
 Birds ] EFG
 Grass ] EF
 Stone ] E

 [ Bug ] 
 Bird] E20 pieces
 [Grass] E20 pieces
 [ Stone ] 

 The summoner's speed ability value is A. The summoner's speed is high by nature. At level 6, at 20 Birds E, my speed is over 300.

 He can't deal with Krsna, who hasn't yet leveled up. He is immediately stuffed, and Allen's wooden sword stops at Krsna's throat.

I'm beaten.

"Hmm, Krsna the Swordsman, it's a tie.

(Okay, I used most of the magic stones, but that's okay.)


 It was a complete defeat for Krena. In the eyes of Allen and Crenna's parents, Allen won.

This was a definite tie.

The "subtraction?

 You have a look on your face that says, "What's a draw?

Yeah, it's a tie. Krsna, the Swordsman. I guess we'll have to wait until the next fight.


"The game is not settled. So it's a toss-up until the next time we meet. Krena.

 Call me Krsna again. I'll see you when you're older.

Yes, I'll hold your hand when I get together! Allen!

 It's Krsna who answers with a smile, holding the wooden sword in both hands. I wanted to see this face.

 I wanted to see this face. When Krsna turns twelve, she'll go to the kingdom's school town and then to the royal family's service. She'll be a different person, a different place. We may never see each other again. In fact, it's more likely that we'll never see each other again. Still, I wanted to end this game of knighthood without ending it. I've spent most of my magic stones that I had saved for that purpose.

 When the game is over, I say goodbye and say goodbye to everyone. Teresia gives me a hug. She tells me to take care. I'm on the verge of tears. But I can't cry.

 I'll go up to the crying mash.

"Mash, be strong and protect Murat!


 Then hug him tightly and say goodbye. He must not cry for his brother.

 I went with Rodin to the village gate. We didn't have a conversation, but I thought it was okay.

 When we get to the residential area, there is a boy in the square with a familiar face. It's Dogora with a potato face. And beside him is Peromus. He comes running to Allen with something.

"Hey, Allen.

 The name from Dogora changed from Kurokami to Allen a long time ago.

Here you go.

 Sticks out like a blunt stick.

"Hmm? Huh? Are you sure?

 Dogora, the son of an armorer, hands Allen a dagger. I've seen this dagger before.

(This is the same dagger that we checked two years ago for a price. It was 50 pieces of silver. I couldn't buy it after all.

 I decided to use the money earned in Albahelion to provide for my family. The dagger he had wanted but never bought. Dogora would always remember the stories his father told him.

Thank you, I'll keep it.

I'm sure I gave it to you, bye!

 When I said that, he was embarrassed or ran off somewhere. I've known her for about two years, but she was undoubtedly a friend of Allen's. You step forward with your dagger next to your wooden sword.

 The villagers call out to him, "Take care. Apparently, leaving the village to serve the barons had spread to the residential areas as well. My eyes are burning.

This is the village where you were born.

"Yeah, Dad,

 Rodin, who had been quiet for a long time, speaks to Allen when he is about to see the gate.

You will not end up a servant. Do your job well. Until then, we won't need to hear from you.

 Don't force him to contact me and tell him not to give up the good fortune of being a serf to serve the baronial family.

Yeah, I'll do my best.

 Then I said goodbye to Rodin at the gate.

 They are leaving now. I was told to get in this carriage and I'm getting in. Allen looks out the window of the carriage and sees the village where he was born and raised for eight years. The view from the carriage that begins to move slowly gets smaller and smaller. Rodin is no longer in sight. The village is slipping away.

 The tears you've been holding back are flowing out.

 Thus, Allen left the village of Krsna to live in the capital, Granville.
 He was born a serf for eight years before becoming a commoner and a servant of the Baron de Granville.