89 Episode 89: Armor Ant's Nest ③

 The capture of the nest of armor ants is in its final stages, and the summons of bird D has found a large room in the deep end.

 There are several armor ants in there. Protected by these ants, there's an exceptionally large ant in armor. Their heads and armor seem to be the same size. They have long, caterpillar-shaped bodies that protrude from their armor. It has a large caterpillar-shaped body that repeatedly expands and contracts, as big as three armor ants.

(Oh! (Definitely, there's a queen armor ant!

 Allen rejoices. It appears that this is the end of the armor ant nest. It's a special specimen, apparently a queen-armored ant.

 The three bird-D summonses in the den will be returned to the card for the mapping of the strategy. And since I recorded the location of the queen's armor ant in the grimoire, I will return all the summons it contained to the card.

 You now have eight summons to share.

(Let's just keep going for now. If it's too tough, let's increase the intelligence and get more summons.

6 beasts D summonses
1 bird D summoner
One Bug D Summoner

 Use the share on 8 summons to buff the Fish D summoner's special skill "Scatter" and send it to defeat the Queen Armor Ant.

 You can also tell the summons of Beast D that you do not share to follow the summons that you do share. However, due to the darkness, they can't see what's ahead of them and won't be able to keep up with you even if they try to follow you. This time, only the summons we share will be ready to take down.

 Follow the twists, turns and branches of the den to the deepest part of the den, about five kilometers downhill.

 In the end, you'll find the queen and armor ants in the same condition as before.

(First, there's the armor ant that's in your way. It's a truism that you have to kill the boss first. That's the truth of the matter.

 Defeat the nearly 10 armored ants in a gunfight. The large room with the queen ants is quite large. The summons of bird D gives you a good view of the night sky. There are many more of them than me, but I'll take them down regardless.

 Three of Beast D's summons are killed, but I'll summon them again soon and send them towards you. This is the same strategy I used when I killed the Orc King. Kill them with a quantity that exceeds the enemy's attack.

(Now that the little fry are down, I'm going to go down and summon a bunch of them in my nest.

 It took more than 100 Beast D summons to defeat the Orc King. The plan was to surround them from all sides, and no matter how many were killed, the surviving summons would attack them. The same strategy would be used this time, but the summons would be re-summoned at least five kilometers from the ground, deep underground.

 Now that we've defeated the small fry, the danger is gone, and I don't want to waste time re-summoning them to meet us, so I'm going to enter the nest with a bird D summoner and two beast D summonses, with Allen in tow. You can't see at all, so you have to rely on the night eye of the summoned beast of Bird D that you shared with him.

(It feels like I'm controlling myself from above.)

 While I was thinking about this, at the far end, the remaining summons of Beast D attacked the queen armor ant.

(It's slow moving, but is it dangerous to aim for its head?)

 The head covered by a large exoskeleton is best avoided. The mandibles are also vicious. I'll attack the soft, chubby belly.

 The three Beast D summons will use their "crunching" skill to attack the caterpillar-like belly. From the biting side, the queen-armored ant twists and blows the beast D summons away.

 She traps the blown-down summons of Beast D in her mandibles, turning them into glowing bubbles.

We've been hit. No, this one works! He's going down too slow.

 Compared to the halberd-controlled Orc King battle, the rate at which you fall to the attack of the Queen Armor Ants is quite slow.

 Allen arrives in the large room of the Queen Armor Ants.

(The enemy is moving slowly! (Bear them all at once)


 The summons of Beast D howled in unison, and more than 20 summons were approaching the queen armor ant at once. More than half of our opponents are out of sight due to their high rank, but even so, the enemy's large torso allows them to attack with guns blazing. Even though you're blown off, I'm going to bite without a care in the world.

(It doesn't move as well as the Orc King.)

 It feels less formidable than I thought. As I was thinking about this, the beast D's summoner strike seemed to have dealt a fatal blow. Part of the queen's long torso is ripped off and white fluid spreads all over the ground at once.


 I thought I raised my head and screamed at the queen armor ant and then fell to the ground. She's wriggling and twitching, and that's causing more and more white fluid to flow out. That causes more white fluid to flow out.

(One ant in queen's armor has been killed. I have acquired 45,000 experience.

(Hmmm, you've usually beaten it.)

 It's the queen armor ants that were defeated in a flash.

Now that it's down, what should we do? I don't think we'll be able to get back to the city in time.

 It's taken me a day to capture the nest of armor ants. The gates are now closed and there's no way I'll be able to get back to the city of Granville. This was a deliberate act, but you're scratching your head to see what you should do.

(This would be an overnighter without permission. The butler will be pissed. I'll have to apologize as much as Mr. Rickel.

 Today is the second day in a row of hunting. I had to return home, but if I stopped attacking here, the armor ants might come back. That's why I prioritized defeating the queen's armor ants. The result was an overnight stay without permission. I visualize in my mind how Rickel apologizes.

(For now, let's just retrieve the queen armor ant's armor and then go home and apologize.

 Take out the lights of the witchcraft from the storage. Turn the twist and turn on the light. You want to be able to see with the night eye of Bird D's summoner, but you also want to be able to see inside the hole with your own eyes.

 Approach the queen armor ant to check its condition first.


 The queen armor ants are leaking bodily fluids and smells sour, I don't know what it is. It doesn't look so good for you.

You didn't move that well. Maybe I'm in bad shape.

 Somehow, it's the queen armor ants that I was able to kill in the blink of an eye. It's a B-ranked hexenbiest, so it should be as powerful as Murder Garsh. Was she weak, or was she a weak hexenbiest to begin with?

(Maybe she was weak due to laying too many eggs.)

 Allen has killed more than 5,000 armor ants in the last two months. If there were originally 1,000 armored ants in the nest, they may have laid more than 4,000 in the last two months.
 Or maybe they've laid too many eggs and are much weaker than they should be.

(Hmm, a hexenbiest needs to eat, sleep, and be weak. They have chrysalis and eggs. It's important not to put them in a perfect state.

 To sum up such considerations.

(Let's dismantle the queen armor ant and get the hell out of here.

 I don't want to stay too long, so I'm going to use Mithril's love sword to gore and dismantle it. It looks like the queen's armor ants are no problem. I'll remove the armor and magic stones and take them home.

Yes, yes, Mithril's ore. Here's Mithril's ore.

 A reminder not to forget. The armor ant nest is connected to a vein of mithril ore. Maybe there's mithril ore in this hall too.

(Is this how it's supposed to be done?)

 I've never seen mithril ore before, so I decided to look for a lustrous stone that reflects the light of a magic tool well. I found about 10 of them and put them in the storage room. I'll report this to the butler.

Now let's go back.

 Having done what I had to do, I dragged the armor of the queen armor ants back to the original path I came from.

 After spending one night in a village at the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, we returned to the city of Granville.

 Before entering the mansion, you put what looks like ore in the jute bag and sling it over your shoulder.

 I left early in the morning, but I didn't return until around noon.

First I must apologize to the butler.

 I wanted to visit the butler to apologize for the unauthorized overnight stay, but he said he was already upstairs in the dining room. The queen's three-meter long and wide armor, made of ants, is in the yard.

Excuse me.

 When you say a word and enter the dining room, you'll get all eyes from the baron and the butler.

"Hey, hey! Why are you back now!

 The first voice was from Cecil.

"I'm sorry. I'm back.

 Then, instead of the butler, the baron speaks.

"Allen. You didn't come back yesterday. Tell me why you didn't come back.

Yes, we have been attacking the armor ant nest in the Shiro Dragon Mountains for about two months. Yesterday, our efforts paid off, and we've finally reached the point where we can defeat the Queen Armor Ant. I thought that if I could defeat the queen ant here, I could finish my long campaign of armor ants, so I gave priority to defeating them and stayed out without permission. I apologize for staying over night without permission.

 Explain the situation and apologize profusely, folding your upper body 90 degrees. This is the kind of apology Allen is used to seeing, the Rickel way.

"Hmm? Queen Armor Ant?

"Yes, sir, is the queen armor ant. We have defeated her and placed her armor in the yard.

 The baron asks Allen again, then looks at the butler. There is no expression on his face. The butler looks back at the baron. There is no emotion there. Both the baron and the butler stared at each other listening to what they had just said, and their faces fell into a blank stare.

"I'm sorry, Allen. Can you explain again, because I didn't understand you?

 The baron turns to Allen and says he didn't understand.

(I was being pretty polite, but maybe he's angry? (I'm not sure but should I explain it more carefully?

 For some reason he didn't seem to understand, so I had to explain to him again what happened last night.