222 216. Graduation

 Ten days have passed since Allen left Rosenheim.
 It's late March.

 Allen and his friends are in a reasonably fancy restaurant in the academy city.
 In a reasonably good private room, Aren is having a meal with his friends.

So that's what happened.

Well, it's more or less like this, but not too far off from your information, is it?

My father said, "Yes, yes, what does it mean to have two million men coming in?

 In front of Allen sits a slender boy.
 The boy is Rifolu, the heir of the Earl of Hamilton.

 He has returned to the academy city, but he has summoned Refol to a restaurant and is having a meal with him.

 Allen and his friends have rushed from the academy city to Rosenheim to join the war effort.
 There was less than a day to prepare for their departure.

 With what you can do is limited, you ask the Refol sitting in front of you a favor.

"Thank you, Mr. Rifolu, for looking after my people.

"Keel, we're classmates from the school. We don't need three.

 Bowing at the table where Keel sits around him, he thanks him.

 I had asked Rifolu to take care of Keel's sister and all the servants at Count Hamilton's house.
 When I asked him for help, he replied with a resounding yes.

 The Hamilton family of Rifol is a close cousin of the old Charnel and Granvelle families that were ousted.
 Keel, Keel's sister and the servants are no longer with the Carnelle family, but they were willing to help.
 And they welcomed me as a daughter of a noble family and their servant.

 I called you today to thank you and share information.

 And I'm sharing information with the military family of Hamilton about the situation of the Latash kingdom side of this war.

 According to Refol, the war against the Demon King's army has been declared a victory in the Central Continent by the Ghiamut Empire, which is the leader of the Central Continent among the five continental alliances.

 The troops from the kingdom of Latash also moved to one fortress to fight against the two million troops during the war, but now they will start moving to their original fortress.
 It seems that even though this war is over, the soldiers will not return home.

(Refor's information network is as good as ever!) As for the kingdom of Latash, things are returning to normal.

 Allen sees one of the plates stacked on the table.
 On the plate there are a number of things about the size of a bun, halfway between bread and cookies.

 There's a flying flying squirrel that takes one of them in its tiny hands and bites desperately into it.

(Something's following me. Or perhaps the contract has changed from Queen to Sophie. I guess the genie gods need to eat.

 The war in Rosenheim is over, and Allen and his friends have returned home.
 At that time, Sophie and Folmar also understandably decided to leave Rosenheim.

 Sophie is a princess in line of succession to the throne, but the queen allows her to accompany them, saying, "Go and fight with Master Allen for the world.

Thank you, Refor. Now we know what's going on in the Central Continent.

 Sophie thanks Refol.
 I am aware of the situation in the entire central continent with information from the Ghiamut Empire, but I thank you again.

"No, no, it's not at all.

 I told Kiel that he didn't need a 'nickname', but he couldn't say that to the princess of Rosenheim, one of the leaders of the League of Five Continents.

"Refor, it looks like the war is almost over for Rosenheim, too. In a nutshell.

 With that, Allen explains the situation in Rosenheim.
 We defeated the seven million-strong army of the Demon King's army in a war that lasted for nearly three months.
 We'll muddle through the success of Aren and his team.

 Rifol looks at Allen with a question mark on his face, "How did you manage a seven million-strong army?" but Allen doesn't want to answer.

Mr. Rifol. Thanks to your willingness to take on Mr. Keel's family, Mr. Keel was able to play a role in Rosenheim during this war without a care in the world. Formaar.


 A further question mark appears on your face as to what Refol is talking about.


 Leaving Refolu behind, Folmar comes over to Refolu, carefully lifting a wooden box with his hands from his seat on a corner of the table.

This is?

 He looks at Allen to see what's going on, but Allen gives him a look that says he's going to take it.

"Rifol, it looks like a thank you from Rosenheim. Open it.


 When you open the top of the spiteful wooden box, there are about ten red peach-like fruits neatly lined up in it.

This is the elves' elixir, as you know, Refol," he said. We don't have a lot of them, but please accept them.

 At those words Refol seemed to understand.

 The elven elixir was sent from Rosenheim and the soldiers showed a miraculous recovery.
 It surpasses the saint's recovery magic and recovers a wide range of losses and magic.
 It was a miracle, and thanks to this miracle, the battle was attacked with an unprecedentedly large army, yet it is said to have resulted in the fewest casualties so far.

 How much does an elven elixir cost to buy?

Oh, thank you.

"Take care of Keel's family,

 Furthermore, Allen reminds Refol to take care of Keel's sister and the servants in the future.

"Ah, yes. But the war is over and the academy is about to start, is it really necessary to return to the academy town?

 Refol asks if I'm still taking care of them at my parents' house.
 Classes resume next week at the school.
 Rifolu also asked if it would be better to bring Keel's sister and her servants back to the school and live with them.

 Allen and the others were called to war, but they are only second-year students at the academy.
 It's a three-year school system, so you have one more year to go.

No, I'm sorry, Refol. We're going to graduate from the school now.

(I don't have time to go to school.)

"Huh? What does that mean?

I mean, I'm going to talk to the president and get him to let me graduate.

 I'm not sure if it is possible to go to a three-year school and only attend up to two years, but Refol looks at Allen's fellow students, but no one has a look on their face that says no problem.
 I don't know what you're talking about from earlier.
 When the conversation is over, Rifolu was going to ask what the little animal eating the food on the table was, but now it doesn't matter.

 Not long after that, the dinner with Rifol is over.

 When you leave the restaurant, Allen talks to Sophie.

Did you hear me out?

"I hope that's not a problem, Mr. Allen.

Let's go to the school.

 With that said, Allen and his friends are heading to the school during spring break.
 They will take a magic train and enter the school premises in plain clothes.

(You feel like an alumnus.)

 Entering the school without a uniform, you feel as if you have experienced this in a previous life.

 You enter the building where the president is located and knock on the door of the president's office.

It's Allen.

"Mm, come on in.

 A different person's voice tells you that you can enter the president's office.

 When I enter the room, I see that he is not in the president's seat. He is sitting at the conference table next to me.
 There are two other elves there as well as the president.

 The President gulps and gives Sophie a surprised look.
 Maybe he can't believe he's back in one piece.

"LUKIDRALL, are you ready to talk?

"Of course. Dear Ms. Sophia Lorne.

 As he says this, the elven general, Luchidrall, remains in his seat and bows his head.

"So, I take it that graduation is not a problem.

 I'll make sure Allen can graduate.

"Of course I will. That doesn't violate any agreement we made under the League of Continents. There are many precedents. I'll have your diploma made up in a moment.

 So says a ragged old elf who takes the material on the table.
 This old elf is one of the elders of Rosenheim's government.

 We had two men from Rosenheim. I got them to talk to him while Aren and the others checked in with the Refolls and thanked them for helping with Kiel's family.

(I don't have to graduate.)

 Allen is not concerned about graduating from the school. Maybe Dogora and Crenna are too.
 In fact, Sophie and Folmar, who are solid graduates of Rosenheim's school, don't have to graduate twice.

 But not so with Cecil and Kiel.

 Cecil needs to graduate from the school as a nobleman of the Latash Kingdom.
 Keel, who plans to become a nobleman again, should also graduate from the school if possible.

 Allen has asked the Queen to rule Rosenheim, one of the leaders of the League of Five Continents.
 She wants Cecil and Keel to graduate in some way, by any means necessary.

 So they were sent by the Great General Luchidrall and one of the elders.

 The President does not seem to oppose the graduation of Aren and the others who have been ordered to war this time.
 Maybe he thought there was nothing to learn already.

 Thanks to the president's cooperation, Allen's group will graduate without incident.

Thank you for your time. How was your audience with the king, by the way?

"You are a politician, aren't you, Lord Allen? Of course, there is no reason for you to refuse an audience with Latash when we are here.

 The elders answer Allen's questions while smiling.

 Two of Rosenheim's leading figures have entered the kingdom of Latash.
 And the princess who is in line for the throne is here as well.

 Latash had asked for an audience with the king.

Then we will have no problem getting an audience with him.

Of course.

"Well, let's get in on it, shall we?

 Thus, Allen and his friends successfully graduated from the school and attended an audience with the King of the Latash Kingdom.