237 Chapter 231. Breakfast Negotiations ②

Does that mean there are conditions for Merle to accompany you?

 Sophie calmly tried to understand the purpose of what Foreign Minister Nukakai was saying.

 The dwarf who calls himself the Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived and the meal has begun and it has been quite some time since then.
 The main course, which started with soup, is now finished, and it looks like dessert is about to be served.

 Since it was a small breakfast, Krsna and Dogora ask for more bread.
 The spirit god is on the table with the bread that has arrived.

 The dwarf in charge of delivering the food is looking at the genie as if he's seen something strange.

Yes, they will be.

 Foreign Minister Nukakai clearly said that Merle would not be able to accompany him without a quid pro quo.

(Well, that's understandable. We're told that they want to take one in 10 million of their own people with rare talents to an S-class dungeon where half of them die a year).

 Probably true about the mortality rate, Allen thinks.

 And if my country doesn't have that many swordsmen, saints, and great mages, every country will set conditions, big or small, for me to take them.

 I believe that all countries will put themselves first.

Rosenheim has offered the Baukis Empire free of charge the precious elven elixir as a gesture of friendship?

Indeed, there are many golem users who have been saved thanks to you. The Emperor has expressed his gratitude in this regard. Of course I will think of something in return.

"Thank you?

''Yes, we have heard that Rosenheim is one of the cities destroyed by the Demon King's army. We're thinking of providing the magic tools needed to rebuild the destroyed cities for free. Well, we can't manage the magic tools for free forever.

 Foreign Minister Nukakai says he will provide the necessary magic tools for city building.

 The tools needed for city building are things like lights to illuminate the city, or mages to clean the drainage.
 Some people think that magic trains are also necessary for city development.
 They say they are prepared to offer the latest and most valuable mages that have not yet been offered to other countries, such as those used in the imperial capital of the Baucis Empire.
 However, the mages must be maintained or they become unusable, so they will charge you for their maintenance.

That's the perfect businessman. Just like I learned in school.

 Listening to the dwarf who calls himself the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nukakai is the very image of the Baucis Empire that we learned about in school class.

 The Baucis Empire seeks to control the world economically by using magic tools.
 They are very good at providing valuable mages at any given opportunity.

 Sixty percent of the Latash kingdom's magic tools are from the Baucis Empire.
 Although the Ghiamut Empire wants to supply as much magic at home, a large percentage comes from the Baucis Empire.

I see, that should please Her Majesty.

 Sophie knows the purpose of the Baukis Empire, but says thank you for providing valuable magical equipment.

 Actually, Rosenheim is much less dependent on magic tools compared to the central continent.
 This is because we use the help of spirits to make lights and clean the drainage.
 And due to the national character of the elves, who love harmony with nature, they are hesitant to use magic tools. That's why there are no magic trains in the land of the elves.

 But if Sophie says, "I don't need a magic tool," the story ends.
 The grimoires have helped us a lot during this war. They saved a lot of lives and were used operationally to raid the troops.

Yes, if you need a grimoire, just let me know.

But even if the Baucis Empire says it's not free, I don't think it's fair to pay for Merle to join us. That's a problem.

 Sophie puts her hand on her cheek and makes a troubled face.

"No, no. It's very simple. I heard that Rosenheim has succeeded in mass producing the elven elixir?

I wouldn't go so far as to call it a mass production, but it is an elixir with unprecedented effectiveness. We used it in large quantities in the war and gave it to allied countries, so its quantity is limited.

 They say there's not much elven elixir left.

"No, no, I don't want you to sell a lot. I'm not saying I want you to sell a lot of it, but I'm just saying what I can.

In that case, I'll do my best to be of service to the Baucis Empire.

Thank you. Now the skin of my neck is connected. The emperor said I had to get the elven elixir or he'll have me fired.

 Exhaling heavily, Foreign Minister Nukakai says with a look of relief.
 It seems that the Emperor of the Baucis Empire was putting a lot of pressure on me.

"No, no. That's an exaggeration. Where is Merle now, by the way?

"We will be arriving at this hotel in a few minutes.

 Foreign Minister Nukakai says, looking at the clock indicating 9 o'clock soon.

"Thank you. Please convey my thanks to the Emperor as well.

"Yes. Of course. I know you are busy with the challenge of the Tower of Trials, but please call me Nukakai when you come to the royal castle. I will arrange the meeting with the Emperor.

 When Sophie asked him to thank her, he hinted that he didn't want to meet with the Emperor of the Baucis Empire right now, so Minister of Foreign Affairs Nukakai went along with Sophie's words.

 There were a few things he wanted to make sure of, so Allen joined in and asked him this and that.
 Not long after Allen's questioning was finished, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said to wait and left.

I wonder, though, if all dwarves are like that?

 Sipping tea in the empty private dining room, Cecil grumbles.

I hear that the Baucis Empire is strongly interested in profit and national interests. I'd like to think that this is still a concession.

 Minister of Foreign Affairs Nukakai said that he wanted the elves' elixir, blatantly referring to Merle.

(This was the kingdom of Baucis before the demon king arrived. (It was the kingdom of Baucis, which swallowed up all the other dwarf nations with its magical tool technology and turned this continent into the Baucis Empire)

 Today's negotiations made Allen feel that what he had learned in school class was so accurate.

 The Baukis Empire had been the Kingdom of Baukis until about fifty years ago.
 To stop the demon king's army, it used the power of its magical tools and golem soldiers to fight off the demons.

 The kingdom of Baukis had a skill in magic tools that no other dwarven nation had.
 It is said that the kingdom of Baukis was the only kingdom on this continent to wage war against the evil king's army.
 Under the banner of righteousness that we will protect the dwarf kingdom, the Baucis Empire was established by swallowing all other dwarf nations that existed on this continent.

Well, the demon king was the stooge. You don't want to go back to the days of the kingdom.

 Allen concludes that.
 It is the only country in the world that has suffered from the demon king's army, and Allen believes that it is the only country that has developed as a result of it.

I think that's a bad thing to say in the Baucis Empire.

 That's a bit of an exaggeration, Cecil admonishes.


"Yes, yes,

"Oh, Allen?

 With that said, I looked towards the door and saw Merle, who lived with me at the school's base until a few months ago.

Merle, who lived with us a few months ago at our school base.

 The faces of the fellows instantly light up when they see Merle.
 Merle also comes running to Allen and his friends.

 Despite the war, they all share in the joy of seeing each other again.

It's nice to see Merle again. But I don't want the Baukis Empire to keep bothering me when I'm going with Merle. It would be nice if we could plan this part of the battle plan during the dungeon attack.

 The Baucis Empire will not let go of Merle's 1 in 10 million talent so easily.
 They decide to find a way for Merle to freely accompany Allen and his friends.

 Later, Allen and his friends share with Merle the story of the war so far.
 Merle also tells us about the flow of his military service after arriving in the Baucis Empire.
 It sounds like it was quite a forced march.

"So the Golem soldier was your first to ride then?

Yes, he was very strong! My arms are pewing! Doggone it!

 Merle, who is a head shorter than Allen, says excitedly, gesturing excitedly with his full body.
 I'm not sure, but I know that the golem soldiers beat up the demon king's army.

That's great. It would be nice to have a golem soldier in an S-class dungeon.

You said it wouldn't work.

 Allen asked Foreign Minister Nukakai if he and Merle could lend their golem soldiers to him.
 But I can't lend him a powerful Golem soldier.
 I was once told that if I really wanted to get a golem soldier.

I heard that S-class dungeons can give you parts for golem soldiers.

What are the parts? I'm getting excited about it.

Yeah, I heard from my superiors, too. You can get parts for a golem soldier in the dungeon!

 Merle heard the same story from his superiors during the war.
 So it seems that Foreign Minister Nukakai's story is true.

 Foreign Minister Nukakai is reluctant to let Merle join us, but he does have one piece of useful information to share.
 He told me that you can get parts of a golem soldier in an S-class dungeon.
 Collecting them will turn you into a Golem soldier.

 I honestly wondered how long it would take to collect all the parts for a Golem soldier that I heard could reach up to 100 meters, but it seems that's not the case.

 I was told to go to the temple of Yanpani, where there is an S-class dungeon, to hear the details.
 Thus, Aren and the others met up with Merle and set out for the S-class dungeon.