320 313. The Church of Elmeer

 About a thousand years ago.
 A young emperor was born to the Ghiamut Empire that arose in the north central continent.
 The emperor would later be called the Terror Emperor.
 This name is also used in the modern day Ghiamut Empire and is a story of how far he has come.

 At that time, the Ghiamut Empire was already in control of most of the Central Continent, but through the Fear Emperor, the Ghiamut Empire would unify the entire Central Continent.

 It was the beginning of despair for non-human races.
 The Fear Emperor, who stood for race-first principles, suppressed all non-human species in the Central Continent.

 So the highly skilled dwarves and long-lived elves who used spirit magic left the Central Continent because they disliked their rule.
 The civilization left behind after the departure of these other races was essentially destroyed, and after a thousand years, very little remains today.
 Only the dungeon system, which was deemed useful to the Ghiamut Empire, has barely survived.
 That's why, when Allen was studying history at the school, he realized that the history of the dungeon system had been cut off more than a thousand years ago.

 As for the other races that did not leave the central continent, they were of course suppressed by the Ghiamut Empire.
 The beastmen were the most severely oppressed of such tribes, but there were organizations that protested against this.

 They were the Adventurers' Guild and the Church of Elmere.
 The Adventurer's Guild was not bound by the state and its first priority was to protect the people from monsters.
 Therefore, as a result of protesting the oppression of other races, the Adventurers' Guild came into conflict with the Gearmut Empire and moved its headquarters to another country.
 However, afterwards, the Fear Emperor was gone, and some time later, when the Ghiamut Empire had settled down, they moved their headquarters back to the Empire.

 The beliefs and ideologies of the Elmea Church were in direct conflict with the ideas of the Fear Emperor of the Ghiamut Empire.
 This is because the Elmerian church is a doctrine of benevolence under the teachings of Elmer, the creator god.
 Due to its benevolent ideology, there are many non-human races in the Elmar kingdom.
 Naturally, there are priests of other races as well.
 It is because of such a creator god, Elmere, that he is the most beloved god in the whole world.

 Because of this benevolent spirit, he is in direct opposition to the ideas of the Emperor of Terror.
 Unlike the Adventurer's Guild, although there were priests, they were few and far between, and there were few priests who could fight.

 As a result, many Elmerian priests were oppressed like the other races, and much blood was spilled.
 To escape the oppression of the Giamut Empire, whose imperial capital was in the north of the central continent, they fled south to south, crossed the sea, and established their country in the part of the group of nations that is now called the United States.

 That is the Elmar State.
 In the place where he first drifted, he built the church capital Theomenia and continued his faith in Elmair, the creator god.

 But unlike the Adventurer's Guild, he did not transfer his headquarters from the capital Theomenia to the Ghiamut Empire because the Emperor of Terror was gone.
 In the first place, imperialism and kingship by the king are contrary to the ideology of the Elmerian religion.
 In order to help the people, they built many churches in the central continent where there was only empire and kingdom, but their headquarters remained in the church capital Theomenia.

 And over the long period of a thousand years, the religious state of Elmar continued to prosper.
 However, the Giamutian Empire was later divided by a civil war that broke out and divided the country.

That's terrible.

 The voice of Cecil, sitting behind Allen, leaks out.
 Having cleared out most, but not all, of the pagans in Elmar's country, Allen and the others set out in the morning for the church capital, Theomenia.
 There, they see the dilapidated Theomenia, a city that has prospered for a thousand years and to which many prayers have been offered.

 Unlike the glittering, money-making capital of the Baucis Empire, Theomenia was a landscape of trees, water, and stone.

 Now, although the fire is already under control, the trees that adorned the city have burned down, the stone buildings are blackened, and quite a few of them have already collapsed.

 Here and there, a large number of pagans roam the streets, behaving as if they are unwilling or unwilling.

 Allen turns his attention to the center of the city.
 It's the blackest and most charred, and it's likely the place where the huge pillar of fire that Priest Nikolai saw occurred.
 Princess Shea captured the evil guru Gushala, and the religious trial took a long time.
 She took even longer because she wanted to make an example of the evil guru Gushala's execution and conveyed the news of his execution to various places.
 And that the believers of the pagan religion gathered too much to fit in the execution square to stop the execution of Patriarch Gushala. All of this would have been a great misfortune.

 In the central square there is a burnt-out fence that barely gives away what it was.
 It separated the evil guru from his followers.

 It's unclear what they want with such a mess.
 All I know is that something was done here to take Freya's artifacts and turn her followers into evildoers.

There's a genie in there.


 In the city of Neal, almost did not show up, Merus replies.
 And having said all that, he will fly away.  
 Naturally, the reason for Merus to leave is to take revenge on the demon gods he will be fighting.
 He has caused so many people to be killed. I will not show mercy to the demon gods.

 Aren and his team are looking at a huge temple north of the religious center, Theomenia.
 To make it distinctly separate from the city, the temple is located on high ground where the earth has been milled so that it can overlook the city and its people's activities.
 From the main gate with a number of patterns, the central square, and at the end of a long flight of stairs, you can reach the temple dedicated to the god of creation, Elmea.
 The construction of this city gives us a sense of the long history of 1,000 years and love for the creator god Elmea.
 The center of the roof of the temple, which is filled with people's thoughts and feelings, was largely destroyed, and a blue-white pillar of light rises up to the sky from inside the temple.

 Beyond that, the angle changes further up in the sky, and the pillar of light goes straight to the south.

"What is it? Allen

Now, I don't know. Dogora, let's hear it for the genie in the temple.

 To Dogora's question, Allen replies that he has someone in the temple to listen to.
 He descends from the summoned beast of bird B and goes into the temple.
 The size and mobility of the bird B summoner are good or bad for Allen's friends who have changed jobs repeatedly.

 The ceiling inside the temple is not that high.
 But Bird B's summoner is quite large, about the size of an elephant.

 Even if you swing a big sword or a big axe, it will not waver at all and will continue to fly, making it easy to hold on and attack.
 Magic and arrows can be fired from a distance, and you can concentrate on the fight as they automatically keep you at a distance from the enemy.

 Although this temple seems to be more than 10 meters high to the ceiling, the space is quite small compared to an S-class dungeon.
 This will limit your movement if you want to fight on bird B, so everyone chooses to get down to fight.

 Since temples are buildings used to worship the gods, they are often simple structures with few cluttered rooms and passages.
 I guess it's the same here.
 You enter a wide open, stone building with no doors.

 Keep going as there is a straight passage.
 The path is quite wide and is lined with huge stone statues.

(The fertility god Mormor. . and next to it is Freya, the god of fire)

 Allen has also been in this world long enough to know what God looks like.
 Then he sees one of the statues in the church in the village of Krsna that is several times larger than the one in the church.

 A woman with her hair straightened and her gaze vacant.
She's made of pure white stone, but I've heard she's actually got bright red hair.

 According to Rosen, Freya, god of fire, is rapidly losing her power after her weapon was stolen.
 Freya's story, which I learned while attempting to have the orichalcone crafted by Havalak, a master craftsman of the Baukis Empire, is steadily becoming a reality.
 It's already been half a year since I heard that the sacred artifacts were stolen, but it seems that the story of Freya, the god of fire, losing her power in a couple of years is true.

 When you go through the corridor, you'll find a hall.

"Are you the Demon God Lycaoron?

It looks like a beastman from Lycaon. I thought demon gods were not evolved from demonkind.

 Thanks to Merus' help, I now understand the relationship between demons and demon gods.
 Apparently, demon gods are demons that have grown older and more powerful.
 Those with a certain amount of power are demon gods, and those with less power are demons.
 Allen, who has memories of his previous life, divides dolphins and whales by size, and I wondered if that was a similar standard.
 I've heard that those with a status of 10,000 or more are demon gods, and those with a status below that are demons.
 However, this theory has been broken since the appearance of the demon king, and many recent demon gods have a status of around 30,000.
 The reason for this is that he said, "I can't tell you.

That's right. That's my Demon God Lycaoron. ...... so the first angel Merus is now one of you. You have to report this.

 Against a pillar of blue-white light, Demon God Lycaolon replies.
 He is dressed lightly and is quite quick to share and watch Merus fighting.
 Demon God Likaolon associates the arrival of Aren and the others with Merus, who just attacked the other day.

 After that, we fought again several times to investigate what kind of demon god he is, but we were unable to win.

What is this pale pillar of light?

 A pillar of light emitted from some kind of magic tool or tray stretches through the ceiling.
 Allen thinks the closest description would be "an altar" to worship something.

 Allen will not launch an attack.
 What we need now is information.
 We don't know what's going on, so we need to get as much information as possible.

"Hmph. Wouldn't say that, would I? So you're Allen and his friends. Master Qubel tells me you're the guys. I've heard that your heads are spinning.

 The demon god with the face of Lycaon sneers and shows his canines.
 He won't seem to tell you what to ask.
 He may be under orders not to give any information to Allen.

(Well, if you asked, he wouldn't tell you anything. Let's get started.)

"I see. Too bad. Then let us destroy it.


"Merus Now! Destroy it!

"What? Ridiculous! But!

 Melus appears out of nowhere behind Lycaolon.
 Then he attempts to destroy something fishy, something I don't understand.

 I didn't expect him to attempt to destroy the altar in the middle of the story.
 But Lycaolon specialized in quickness.

 In one fell swoop, Licaolon catches Merus' fist before it hits the altar!

There's no room back here!

"Hmm. So, you think you've made a move? It's too late.

 At the same time as Merus attacked the altar, Allen grabbed his sword and slashed at the back of Licaolon, but he twisted and ducked just before he could.


 Then, with his fist clenched, he kicked Allen in the side.