406-Episode 396 Tribute (2)

 Allen has brought a magical device that can purify water for 300 years, covering an area 10 times the size of the imperial capital of Atlanta, to pay tribute to the Proustian Empire.

"Why would something like this ......"

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 He seems to have changed a lot from the cold treatment he gave me earlier.

(Hmm. He doesn't seem to be going to report to anyone right away, as expected of the director in charge of this large port.

 Director Taenome seems to be checking the situation without going to report to anyone.
 Allen was planning to discuss the future with someone who had some power, such as Director Taenome.
 I'm sure that will make things go more smoothly.

"As I mentioned earlier, this is a gift from the Baucis Empire to His Majesty the Emperor, so let me give you a little background information.

 I've brought a magic tool of overwhelming performance.
 Director Tynome, who is in charge of this port, will be asked for an explanation by someone in a higher position at the palace in the imperial capital of Atlanta.
 In order not to get in trouble at that time, Allen began to explain.

 It all started when the kingdom of Crevelle was ravaged by the unhuman magical beasts known as infidels.
 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.

"Does this have anything to do with this magic tool?

"Of course. The damage was so great that we took the opportunity to gain the cooperation of many nations.

"What kind of cooperation?

 While Peromus, Formar, and the Knight Commander of Ivanum looked on, Allen and Director Tynome continued their conversation.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

"The Kingdom of Clevue was made the ally of the year. And about three months ago, we were able to participate in the conference of the Five Continents Alliance."


(It's the truth so far.)

 If you tell a lot of lies, you'll get ripped off.
 I think it is important to mix truth and falsehood in order to deceive people.

 So far, it's the truth. He became an ally because of the extensive damage in the Kingdom of Crevelle, and participated in meetings with other countries.
 When you attend the meeting of the 5 continents alliance, you will see the King of Culebure in front of the representatives of each country, who has heard that the country has suffered a great deal of damage.
 If the representatives of each country had a chance to talk, they would naturally talk about providing some assistance.
 Thanks to their support, we were able to obtain a number of supplies and other support.

 I would also like to add that the aid we received from each country to the Kingdom of Crevelle was summarized in the report we brought with us to the Empire of Prostia.

 There is a reason why the Kingdom of Culebrew was chosen, despite the fact that the Church of Elmar and the Kingdom of Karvarna also suffered damage.

 The Kingdom of Elmar is the headquarters of the Elmere religion, so it can receive support from the entire world even if it does not become an ally.
 Unlike the Kingdom of Culebure, which can trade in the rare goods of the Proustian Empire, the Kingdom of Karvarna is not as lucrative as other countries.

 The support that countries give to the Kingdom of Clevure is not only purely humanitarian.
 It is also a way to sell the debt of gratitude to the Kingdom of Crevelle, saying "We helped you then, didn't we?
 If the Kingdom of Karbarna, which has little to sell, becomes an ally, it will not be able to receive much support.

 For this reason, the Kingdom of Culebure became the leader.
 The Kingdom of Culebrew, which received support, also distributed the money to the Kingdom of Elmar and the Kingdom of Karbarna.
 I would like to add that this distribution is also summarized in the report.

 The Kingdom of Crevelle is a tributary of the Proustian Empire, but it is also a member of the Allied Powers on Earth, and it has been reported that it has been cooperating with the countries of the Allied Powers.

 These various reports also help to make Allen's lie more plausible this time.

"So this magic tool is to support that?

(Well, even if you subtract the value of the fisherman, the value of this magic tool is huge.

 Director Tynome wonders if that's possible.

"I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.

 Allen's story is getting further and further away from the truth.

"S-class dungeons are crowded now?"

 It's not as if the director of the Immigration Bureau, Mr. Tynome, knows that much about what's going on on the ground.

"Just before the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance began, a water purification charm of this scale was released from an S-class dungeon. I was in charge of the Baucis Empire at the time.

 I was in charge of the Baucis Empire.
 Allen was a diplomat of the Kingdom of Clevure in charge of the Baucis Empire, sitting in a department that was entrusted with diplomacy with other countries.
 When he attended a meeting of the Five Continents Alliance, he was asked by the Emperor of the Baucis Empire what the Kingdom of Clevure needed.

"Oh, the Emperor of Baucis in person?"

"Yes. Emperor Pupun III has always been very good to me. I'm also the one who buys the magic tools that I deliver to the Protean Empire.

 That's why he approached the Emperor of the Baucis Empire.
 The Kingdom of Krebbur has lost a lot of confidence in the Proustian Empire because of the recent incident with the evil gods.
 If you would be so kind, I would like to ask you to use the water purification charm that was recently released as a token of friendship from the Baucis Empire, a great power on earth, to the Fish Nation.
 I told them that if the Kingdom of Culebure presents it to the Empire of Prostia, it will be a great help in repairing the deteriorating relations.

 He also emphasized that this favor would surely benefit the Baucis Empire.

(Well, I'm borrowing the name of the Baucis Empire, but I didn't tell them anything. They'll never know. And even if they did, it wouldn't matter.

 They use the name of the Baucis Empire all the time, but the emperor and his subjects of the Baucis Empire don't know this story.
 We have confirmed that the Proustian Empire does not have any direct dealings with the Baucis Empire.

 Even if the Baucis Empire received this story, they would not say to the Kingdom of Crevelle, "You lied to us.
 If the Baucis Empire is too mercantile, they will start thinking about the money.
 I'm sure they'll try to connect us to business, and we'll just have to make a good deal from there.

"That's why you were appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at such a young age?

 A person who is good at negotiating was able to obtain valuable magic tools from the Baucis Empire.
 Director Tynome understands that he was appointed and dispatched as an ambassador of plenipotentiary to restore relations with the Protean Empire using this as material.

"He had given it some thought, but was willing to accept it as a gift of sympathy.

 He did not forget to say bluntly that he was nervous about his position as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

 This explains how this water purification tool arrived from the Baucis Empire to the Kingdom of Clevure.

"But how dare you give it to me?"

 Director Taenome looked at me as if he understood the story but could not believe it even if it were all true.

"You may not understand, since you can't go to the surface, but it is only valuable to us, the Fish Nation. For the nations of the earth, even if it is the same imperial capital, something smaller will suffice."

That's right. Thank goodness Peromus is here. This special water purification magic tool costs 38 million gold coins in the Proustian Empire.

 Allen looked at the import and export records from the Kingdom of Clevure and the Empire of Protea to see what the Empire wanted.
 There were so many magic tools being imported, and the one that stood out the most was the water purification magic tool.

 And with Peromus's extra skill, "Balance," you can check the value of each country.

 The following are the results of Peromus using the balance on the water purification tool he brought this time
Baucis Empire: 2.5 million gold coins
2,500,000 gold pieces from the Empire of Ghiamut.
Rosenheim: 400,000 gold pieces.
The Kingdom of Latash: 0 gold pieces.
The Kingdom of Clevure: 0 gold pieces
38 million gold coins of the Proustian Empire

 You can find out not only the market price, but also the other side's financial situation.
 For the small kingdoms of Latash and Culebure, there were no gold coins.
 This means that they need it, but it is too expensive to buy.

 In Rosenheim, the demand is low because the water is purified by the power of spirits, so the value is lower than in other large countries.

(It's a specially made water purification grimoire that I had Commander Lalappa make for me over three days and three nights.

 The water purification charm that Allen brought was not simply something he found in a treasure chest in a dungeon.
 It's not simply a treasure chest from the dungeon, it's an extra-large water purification charm from the gold chest that came with the reward for defeating Gordino, the lowest level boss in the S-class dungeon.
 For the purpose of this mission, three Magic Cores were incorporated and adjusted to produce an extraordinary effect.

 The price of the Water Purification Charm increased by 10 million gold coins for each additional Magical Core.
 After using four Magical Cores, the value of the item became zero gold coins, exceeding the budget of the Proustian Empire.
 Thanks to you, I have a rough idea of the Proustian Empire's national budget.

"But how can I explain this ......?

 Even if it is true, I'm not sure how to go to the palace to explain it.
 He's also thinking about what will happen if they don't believe him.

(Oh? You don't trust me? Well, the price is as high as the national budget of the Proustian Empire.

"I'm sure you'll have trouble reporting back, so why don't we do a test run right here? It might get a little noisy, though."

"Will it make noise? No, it's not. Move it a little.

 Director Taenome is relieved to hear that.
 I think it would be easier to understand if there was a loud noise.

"Yes, sir. I will now test the water purification grimoire we received from the Baucis Empire. Luthi, you're up. Activate it as you were taught."

"Yes! All right!

I think I'm raising my voice a little too much. I think I'm being a little too loud.

 Luke, who had been watching the situation, came in slowly.

 As Director Taenome stares at him, Luke approaches the water purification magic tool and touches it using the control method he learned from Commander Lappa.

 There are a number of touch-screen button-like devices, and he touches them in turn.


 Then, as if roaring, the grimoire begins to activate, and a geometric pattern appears on the front of the box-shaped jet-black grimoire.
 The light grows stronger and stronger, illuminating the entire harbor with a strong glow.

 There is definitely a startup sound, but Director Tynome doesn't think it's that loud, but he quickly realizes that the sound is unimportant.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is great. It's getting cleaner and cleaner! I never thought I'd see such clarity in the Imperial City!"

 Director Taenome's eyes lit up and he shuddered.
 The water in this port was a bit murky and dirty, probably from the lives of the people in the Empire with a population of over a million.
 However, it was being purified into untainted water with great speed.

 Because the water was illuminated with a brightness greater than that of a crystal flower, the effect of the purification could be seen even more clearly.

 The water was so clear that I forgot I was even in it.
 Not only Director Tynome, but also the surrounding fishermen and Allen and the others could clearly feel the effects of the magic tool.

(Hmm... According to Commander Lappa, it's about time. (Oh, here it comes.)


 After a minute or so, a warning sound like an alarm began to sound in a corner of the harbor.
 Something like a red lamp glowed.
 At first the alarm was only in one place, but it began to sound loudly in other places as well.

 Workers in the harbor carrying supplies and maintaining the ships began to rush about.

"What's going on? What's going on?

"This is how it happened. ......

 Allen closed his eyes and made a face as if he had no choice.

"What? What's going on? It's Alec. What's going on?

You're finally starting to call my name.

"Anomaly. The magic tool is malfunctioning and producing an abnormal value.

"An anomaly?

"Yes. Perhaps the water has been made so pure that it has malfunctioned with the water quality control grimoire.

 That's how Allen described the situation, with the grimoire's alarm going off.

 The water quality control grimoire controls the level of contamination of the water in ten levels, from 0 to 9.
 If the water quality exceeds 4, an alarm will go off because it will affect the human body.
 This is a magic tool for fishermen whose lives depend on water quality.

 Naturally, there is a water quality control device in this large port.

"It should be designed to sound an alarm if the water quality is zero in order to warn itself of a malfunction.

 It can go off even if that number is too low.
 That is, when the water pollution level is zero.
 A situation in which the pollution has been completely removed is falsely perceived as the grimoire ceasing to function, and the alarm sounds, claiming failure.
 This serves as a safety device for the water quality control grimoire.

"Water Quality 0....... Yes, that's what ......"

 Director Tynome wonders if there is such a thing as zero water quality.
 If there are fishermen, the water quality will deteriorate.
 Even in a remote place with only nature, the water cannot be completely clean.

 He assumes that there will never be zero water quality.
 That's why it was set to stop functioning at zero water quality.

 This is also in line with Allen's prior research.
 The Proustian Empire has also purchased a large amount of magical tools to control water quality.
 It seems that it is the duty of the Empire to control the water quality.

"Oops, it's starting to spread outside the port.

"Outside the harbor: ......

 The sound of the alarm began to be heard farther out in the harbor.
 Allen thought that the alarm sounded better in the water.

"Yes. This magic tool will purify water in an area ten times the size of the imperial capital of Atlanta.

"You're saying the same thing is happening all over the city? ...... Yes, that's what I'm hearing, too. ......

 In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to find out by yourself.

 All of the water quality control grimoires in the Imperial City of Atlanta began to sound an alarm complaining of abnormal values.
 The surface of the crystal flower, which must have been 100 kilometers long, was glowing red from the water control magic.