426-Episode 416 Women's Party

 While Allen and the others were free to operate in the palace, Cecil and the others were in a remote palace near the palace with Princess Rapsonil.

 Ignomus's knights had sealed the entrances and exits of the palace, and it was an isolated place where they could not move freely.

 Allen's plan was to have Cecil and the others infiltrate the palace.
 There were many unknown aspects of both the Empire and the Imperial City of Atlanta, and there was a lot of information that I wanted to know.
 This information could be about Ignomus or about Bek's whereabouts.

 Even after the Ignomus civil war is over, we need to build a good relationship with the Proustian Empire.

"I see, you've visited Krebbur before.

 Cecil and the others' role is to find out if there is any useful information through conversation.
 Right now, everyone is gathered in the dining hall, and Shea is telling them about the events that happened before Princess Rapsonil came of age and turned 15.
 Apparently, as a member of the royal family of the Proustian Empire, she sometimes went to the Kingdom of Crevelle to see the ground.

"Yes. The ground was new to me. However, with my legs, it was difficult to move freely.

 She said, moving her lower half fisherman's tail so that everyone could see it.
 Princess Rapsonyl didn't ignore Cecil and the others, and answered this and that.

 Empress Rapsonil's mother, who had already saved her, had two legs.
 She had also saved many children of the royal family, all of whom had two legs instead of the lower body of a fish.

 This shows that Princess Rapsonil is a special being who has the blood of the holy fish Makris, a member of the water god Aqua.

"Does it travel in a barrel or something?

"Yes, it does. We have a special basket for it.

 Shea joked a little, but she was right.


 I've already explained the situation regarding the existence of Allen.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 He says that because he is half fish, he was put in a container when Princess Rapsonil visited the earth.
 Whether the container was a barrel, a basket, or an aquarium, I honestly don't care, but I'm not going to break the story.

"When this trouble is over, I would like you to come to the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom. We would love to welcome you."

 As the beast princess of the Arbajar Beast Kingdom, the national interest of inviting the royal family of the Proustian Empire to her country was immeasurable.
 As a beast princess of the Al Bahar Beast Kingdom, the national interest of inviting the royal family of the Proustian Empire to her country is immeasurable.

"Thank you very much. I hope you're right. ......"

 Princess Rapsonil's face clouded as she said this.
 She is currently under house arrest in a remote palace and the empire is being controlled by Ignomus.
 She is now under house arrest in a remote palace, and the empire is being controlled by Ignomus. She is being forced to become the queen of Ignomus, and the thought of her future makes her feel dark.

"As I said before, Ignomus' time is not long. The civil war will end in failure."

 Sophie makes it clear that Ignomus is doomed.

 Cecil and the others have already talked about their affairs.
 And now Ignomus is after Bek and is keeping him alive by giving him information about this and that.

 Ignomus comes to this dining room in the detached palace, where Cecil and the others have their daily girls' night out.
 He comes to boast about his achievements and the nobles who have fallen under his command.

 Partly because of Ignomus' behavioral principles, Allen planned to send Cecil and the others to the detached palace.
 If you just want to know the general situation of the Proustian Empire, the Marquis and Empress of Dresskalay, who had already helped you, will suffice.

 Even after the Duke and Empress Dresskalay were thrown in jail, Princess Rapsonil still had information coming in through Ignomus.

 Perhaps Ignomus is an idiot, or perhaps he's in a good mood because of the increase in Cecil and the others' gallery, but he talks a lot.

"I wonder if it's true. Ignomus is the strongest in the Proustian Empire. There is no one who can match it. ......"

 Because the Proustian Empire is a large empire, it has a large population and produces four stars, which are even rarer than the three stars of a sword saint.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you need to do to get it.

"I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.

"It's ......."

 Sophie's words made Princess Rapsoniil faint.
 In this form, Princess Rapsonil is the first in line to the throne of the Proustian Empire.

 I never thought I would hear such a thing from Sophie, who is also the first in line to the throne of Rosenheim, another great power.

"Ignomus will be defeated in front of the people in the diva contest. Is that all right?"

"Of course. Just make sure they don't see Ignomus' spear.

"It's not that big of a deal.

 We have already talked about how to end the reign of Ignomus.
 It is a well-known fact in the Empire that Ignomus started a civil war.

Ignomus overthrew the Proustian Empire by force.
This can only be overturned when the Imperial subjects and the Holy Fish Makris are present.

 Sophie says in a strong tone that the tournament will be a lot of fun.
 Princess Rapsonil stares at Bird G's summoner, wondering if that's all.

 Allen has promised Ignomus that he will earn 10 million gold coins in three months.
 But that was just a big deal to make it easier for him to work for Ignomus.
 He has no plans to earn gold for Ignomus, nor has he taken any such action.

 However, I can't help but notice the uneasy look on the face of Princess Rapsonil who doesn't know about Allen's power.
 While I understand that I can't simply trust her, I wonder if there is any information I need.

"What? There's a pillar there?"

 Cecil looks for a topic to change the mood of the anxious Rapsonil.
When he looked at the window, he saw something that hadn't been there yesterday.

It looks like a pillar of light that illuminates the lights as well as a crystal flower.
Such a thing stretches up to a high point that can be seen from the window of the dining room of the detached palace.

"'Oh, that's a pillar of crystal flower. It will grow even larger as it sends out crystal seeds.


 Bird G's summoner reacts to this story.
 He looks at Cecil as if to elaborate on what he just said.

"What do you mean by that? Does it mean that you're sowing the seeds for a new crystal flower?"

"Yes. The Protean Empire lives under the blessings of Aqua, the God of Water. This crystal flower is one of them."

 The seeds of the crystal flower are called crystal seeds.

 The seeds of the crystal flower are called crystal seeds.

 It is said that this crystal flower was created by the divine power of Aqua, the god of water.
 It is said that the crystal flower, which gives light to the ocean floor where no light shines, is not the only power.

 There are many demonic beasts on the seabed as well, but the crystal seeds are said to have the power to break the demons and save the fishermen from them.

"I wonder if there are any amulets of demons among the items exported by the Proustian Empire.

 I remembered that Cecil had asked me about the specialties of the Proustian Empire when he had received the sacred auspices in Crevelle.
 It was a type of amulet that could be attached to the bottom of a ship, and it was said to keep magical beasts away from the ship.

 It must have been a valuable source of income for the Proustian Empire.

"Yes. You know it well. We are protected by the blessings of Aqua, the god of water. You like stories, don't you, Cecil?"

 Princess Rhapsonyl had been told the tales of the Proustian Empire with great enthusiasm by Cecil.

"Yes. Do you think it was the power of the crystal flower that protected you from the sea monster?

"That's right. "That's right. Aqua, the god of water, heard the prayers of the fishermen.

 In the Proustian Empire, there is a magical beast called a "sea monster" that sometimes goes on a rampage and misbehaves.
 It's said that it's as powerful as an S-ranked monster, and once it gets out of control, many fishermen will be killed.

 In the story of the Proustian Empire, it was said that the holy fish Makris risked his life to seal the 'sea monster' with the help of this giant crystal flower.

"So you're saying there's a monster inside this crystal flower?"

 Cecil looked down in disbelief.
 The "sea monster" in the storybook was so ugly that it was thought to be the end of the world.
 It's another story that Cecil, who read this book, couldn't go to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night and often woke up Allen, who was sleeping in the attic.

"That's right. This giant crystal flower is such a size to seal the sea monster.

 There was a reason for the size of this giant flower, which was 100 kilometers long.
 There was a reason for the size of this giant flower, which was 100 kilometers long. The Proustian Empire originally had an imperial capital, Patlanta, at the bottom of the ocean near the crystal flower.
The holy fish Makris fought against the sea monsters, and at the end of the battle, the giant crystal flower rose.
It is said that the city was moved to the top of the crystal flower after it was sealed by the light of the crystal flower and the blessings of the guardians.

It is said that such a huge crystal flower can not only seal sea monsters, but also keep away any demonic beast of B rank or lower.
It is said that the fishermen will benefit even more than the sea monsters sleeping inside the flower.

"Such is the case with ....... It's like Allen's ......."

 While thinking about this, Cecil remembered Allen's summoned beast.
 This is exactly the effect of the golden beans and silver beans that Allen uses.
 According to Merus, the summoner's specialties are set based on the power of existing professions and the blessings of the gods.

 The original effect of Grass A's summoning beast, which has the power to destroy demons and keep them at bay, is probably the crystal flower.

"It is the role of the Prostia family to watch over the monsters that have been inside the crystal flower for generations to prevent them from rampaging."

 As everyone gulped, Princess Rapsonil said proudly.
 As she spoke of her lineage and her role as a member of the royal family, Princess Rapsonil's confidence seemed to return.

 The blessings of Aqua, the god of water, and the blood of Makris, the holy fish, seemed to be reason enough for the House of Prostia to rule this vast undersea empire.

"A crystal seed. I wonder if it's glowing.

"It's a sight you'll never forget. I'd love for you to see it."

 The crystal seeds are meant to be seen during the diva contest, when all the seeds fly together to fill the ocean.

"Crystal Seeds. ......

 In the meantime, Allen decides on a new course of action based on these words.