1 What is the inscription of the sword.

 The castle is located in the deepest part of the demon world ruled by demons. The castle located in the deepest part of the demon world is of course the castle of the king of demons, the demon king. In the innermost part of the castle, in the demon king's throne room, the two of you are facing each other.

 A young man who is slightly slender but still shows the strength of his core. He wears a silver armor and holds a silver long sword in his hand.
 He is what is commonly referred to as a "hero".

 The other is a good-looking woman with horns on her head, wearing a robe of misfortune. In her hand she wore a black sword with a slender blade.
 This is the lord of the castle, the demon king himself.

 The two swords meet without speaking.
 The demon king doesn't duck but catches the brave man's sword as he swings at him with his sword.
 A blow so powerful that an ordinary sword would have cut the entire sword in half.
 The demon king's sword is slimmer than the brave man's, but the demon king's sword withstood the difference in slenderness without feeling it.

 The two jumped back and joined their swords together again.
 This time, the hero catches the demon king's thrust with the side of his sword.
 The thrust is so sharp that an ordinary sword would have been pierced by the entire blade.
 But the brave man's sword easily catches it.

 The two swords are brought together several times, but both move with complete confidence in their gains. As they do so, a look of confusion begins to appear on their faces.

 It is not only a matter of time before you are able to get your hands on it.
 But the fact that these two karma items are able to withstand this much fighting is just too strange. It's just too much.

 Their confusion is shared by both of them, and soon, out of nowhere, they lower their swords.

"Demon king, after all this time.

"Hmm, good. Brave man, that is probably what I would like to hear.

Then let's ask: "Who struck that sword? Who struck that sword?

I knew it. I too want to know who struck the sword.

"Then still?

Yes, it's exactly who you think it is. The eccentric blacksmith's work.

 Then the demon king pointed the pommel of his sword at the hero. The figure of a fat cat sitting on the pommel is engraved on it.

I knew it. ......

 As the brave man said this, he pointed the pommel of his sword at the demon king. The pommel is engraved with the same markings as the demon king's.

Perhaps they expected this to happen and struck their swords against both sides. They're inedible.

"This is a complete waste of time.

Hmmm. . if either of them run out of energy, that is. ......

"I get it now. You and I are evenly matched.

But of course. So even if one of them wins, then the one who is exhausted will be killed. What's the point?

So, I guess there is one answer.

I understand. I swear an armistice, at least in my generation or yours.

I'll tell the old man, okay?

Hmmm. It would be the best deterrent for both of you to tell A. Le to avoid offending each other. The last thing you want is to be displeased and have the other side take advantage of you. I don't mind.

Well, I'll do it that way. We may meet for something, but until then, goodbye.

Okay. Now, I must prepare to make a move: ......

 Then the two men leave, facing each other on opposite sides.
 There is no longer the tense atmosphere of their initial confrontation, but a relaxed atmosphere, and the two contrasting men are picturing the same person's face.

 The face of an aged man, seemingly unremarkable at first glance.