3 get a house

 After I told my age to the voice, I slowly lost consciousness. Then I woke up and found myself in this forest.

 I got up slowly. I didn't have the standing pain I was worried about. I don't know if it's because I'm getting younger or not. I looked at his hands, but I couldn't tell if he was the age he said he was.
 In the first place, it is not a part of the body that changes so suddenly when you reach a certain age. As I took a breath, I felt a throbbing pain in my head.

"So this is it. ......

 Just before I lost consciousness, the woman (or whatever she seemed to be) continued to explain to me. One of them was this headache.

One of them is this headache. "The moment your presence fits into the world, you may experience a headache. Don't worry, it's a sign that your brain and body have matched the skills, knowledge, and experience I've given you.

 That's what the woman said.

She said, "Since you don't have much of an ability, you could've been a little more gentle.

 I look around, muttering to myself. Nothing stands out in particular.

'I'll get you a place to live and forge for now. And some food and materials.

 I wonder if there are any here. It doesn't seem necessary to have a place far away from where I'm moving to, but if it's far away, it's a problem. Worst case scenario, I might not be able to find it.

 Just as I was thinking this, my vision caught something on the edge. It was definitely something that wasn't there when I looked around earlier. I turned my head in surprise. To my surprise, there's a building that's a bit too big to be called a hut.

What the hell is that? ......

 According to the woman's explanation, she was probably asking me to live here.
 I don't know if what was not there before was "really not there" or if it was "hidden from view". Considering the situation, I think it's probably safe anyway.

 But I approach the building cautiously. I don't know if it's because of the ability I was given, but I can tell that there is no sign of life inside. At least, I don't feel any hostility or caution from the people around me. I slowly peer in through the barred window. It's empty.

 Just to be sure, you crouch under the window and head for the door to keep your reflection from being exposed to the inside. The door has a simple handle and key, with no knob to turn.
 Gently pulling on the handle, the door moves without resistance. The door is unlocked. I peer inside through the open door. There's no sign or smell. It looks safe for now.

 I stand normally and open the door.
 Immediately I heard a muffled sound and squatted down, but there was no reaction.

 With a relieved heart, you look around inside and see that it's just like the cottage you stayed in when you went skiing in the old world long ago.
 The difference is that there is no second floor and instead of a counter kitchen, there is a shelf where kamado and dishes are stored, similar to the earthen floor of a Japanese house, and the kitchen is located there.

 There is a door at the far end. I noticed a cord extending there. It seems that the clank-clank sound came from behind that door.

 As I closed the door (I heard another clank-clank-clank sound), I noticed that there was a "kan-nuki", so I put the kan-nuki on, and entered a large room with a rather large table and several chairs.

 Looking up, the ceiling was quite high. You can see what looks like a clapper, but from the way the sound muffles, I'm guessing that it wasn't that thing that made the sound before. Then there must be something else that made it sound.
 I was curious, but I put it aside for a moment and looked around the room, where there were three doors in the corner. Opening one of them, I found that it seemed to be a bathroom.

 I didn't see any bedding when I looked, so one of the other two must be the bedroom. I open the door on the other side. There's a fairly large desk and what looks like a bookcase. It seems to be a study.

 I open the other door, and as expected, it's a bedroom. It is equipped with a decent-sized bed, a side table, and a small round chair, just like a business hotel. Now it's time for the big one.

I'll make sure you're ready to blacksmith.

 Having said that, I would expect it to be adequately equipped.
 However, I will probably be operating alone for a long time (I have no intention of taking an apprentice or anything like that for now), and I don't want to deal with something like a charcoal blast furnace for raw material production, but I would like to have something adequate.

 I open the door at the back of the room with a half-expectation and half-anxiety. There are an anvil, hammering, and of course, furnaces to heat the crucible, as well as iron furnaces such as the hearth and furnace. All the so-called iron (steel) weapons, including western swords, Japanese swords, and, to a lesser extent, arrowheads, can be made here.

 The use of these tools and devices were "installed" when I arrived in this world, and I have some idea of how to use them.
 Surely this will be worth the terrible headache I had. There is a small counter in the forge, and beyond that is a small space with a door that leads outside and is covered with a canopy.

I see, so this is where you do your business.

 That is to say, the other side is the living space and this side is the workshop and sales area. It seems to be a gimmick that if you forgot to bolt the door of the living space while you are in the workshop, and a visitor comes in, you will be able to hear the clapper over here.

 If you look at the door here, you can see a cord that leads to the living space. When you come to this door, it will ring over there, which is a very useful feature.

 After checking out the room like that, I come back to the living room. I still don't feel like I'm going to live here completely.
 That said, there's no way to go back out there, so you have to be prepared for that. Out there you're alone in the world, and the only person you'll have to worry about is your boss, if you're dead.

 Well, all you have to do is practice "there are plenty of alternatives," and you may not be in trouble.

 I shake my head to chase away the thoughts and focus on the future.

 The moment I do, my stomach makes a gurgling sound and urges me to eat. Your body doesn't lie, even though it's my body, you sigh in some disgust.
 There's probably some kind of food in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen through the door.