20 pupil

Or, please look up.
 I hurriedly called out to the woman. But she doesn't move.
"Please, sir! Make me your disciple!

 Isn't this the kind of thing where you don't make a move until you make her your disciple? .......
 I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to leave this woman, or Samija for that matter, in the curious eye of the public.
I'm going to close up for now, and then I'd like to talk to you.

 With that, the woman stood up for a moment. As soon as she did, I started to close up the store. I want to leave before the guards arrive. I don't want to bother the guards too much.
 I set the fastest time so far, cleaned up, grabbed the sales stand, and the three of us were heading for the return point when we ran into Marius. But he seems to be taking it pretty easy. .......
"Oh, dwarf girl, you made it. Good, good, good.
"Yes! Thanks to you!
 The dwarf woman replies smilingly. Ah, so this is the man Mr. Marius was talking about this morning. .......
You could have told me this morning, Mr. Marius.
 I protest loosely to Mr. Marius.
I'm not sure what to make of this.
 That's true, but there is such a thing as preparation.
And it was a good thing for me that I got to see the look of surprise on your normally stern face.
 I thought he had come out at an inopportune moment, but it seems he was watching from a distance, doing his rounds or something.
That's terrible. ......
"Well, forgive me. It's the only way to have fun around here.
You owe me.
Yes, sir!
 Mr. Marius even salutes me with a joke. I don't think he's a bad person, but there's a part of him that I don't like. Anyway, I lent him the money.

 I said goodbye to Mr. Marius, returned the sales table, and came to an inn in the new town. As is typical, the first floor is a tavern and the second floor is lodging. This dwarven woman has been staying here for about three days now.

My name is Rike Moritz.
 I am Rike Moritz," the woman said. She was carrying a large mug of wine - not glass, but a small cask with a handle - but I thought she was asking for brandy, not ale.
"House name?
 Samija asks. But.
No, no, no, Moritz is not a family name, it's a workshop name.

"Workshop name?
 It was my turn to ask the question. Samija is sitting next to me, sipping an ale.
"Yes. Dwarves are basically a group of families that have a workshop. Those who are born or live there take the name of the workshop in addition to their own. In my case, it means "Rike of Moritz".
 It's like taking the name of a tribe or a village.

"My name is Eizo. This is Samija.
 Samija glanced at me. Probably because I didn't say "Tanya". I wouldn't have minded telling Mr. Rike, but you never know who's listening in the bar. If it was a family name from my world, it would be a problem, and I wouldn't want to risk it.
Nice to meet you.
 Samija says bluntly.
It's nice to meet you, too. Eizo, are you from ...... the north?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm from there. I've been through a lot, and I've settled in the Kuro Forest, where I work as a blacksmith.
"I see, so ......
 Mr. Rikke listens to my story and ponders.
"Is something wrong?
Oh, no, I was just wondering why I hadn't seen a blacksmith who could make this kind of stuff before I came here.
Oh, .......
 I chugged the contents of my cup. It's watered-down wine, not so good. Despite appearances, I have a weakness for alcohol. ...... Despite appearances, I'm not very good with alcohol.
 Well, you don't usually build a workshop in the woods. A little closer to the running water, there's a hammering action with a water wheel or something. It's more like the hydraulic hammers they used to forge in the old world. It was in the woods, so no questions asked.
But I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't pursue that matter so deeply.
I guess so. I'm not particularly interested.
 Don't put it so simply, Mr. Riquet.
So, how would you like to be my apprentice?

 I'm going to change the course of the conversation.

"Oh, yes. That's the story, isn't it? It's a long story.
 Mr. Rieke gulps down the contents of his mug and exhales.
"My brothers and I left the workshop and went around to different workshops to study. If we found a workshop that we liked, we would apprentice there, and then return to our original workshop to use our skills to create new things and give them back to the workshop where we apprenticed. That's how dwarves live.
 Oh, I didn't see that in the installation. It doesn't include the detailed biology of animals, so I guess it doesn't include this either. Well, that's more fun. .......
"Wouldn't you say no to something like that, something that could leak out your technology if you're not careful?
Yes. It's usually a great honor for a workshop to be asked by a dwarf to be his apprentice. Besides, if it goes well, it will be beneficial to your own workshop as well.
 But ordinary people who aren't blacksmiths don't know that, so at that time, they were more curious than surprised about the apprenticeship. If the blacksmiths within the walls saw you, there was a possibility that they would be jealous of you. It's a good thing that you left quickly. ...... No, who is the one that Mr. Ma(ly)us(es) was(are) really(are) watching? Oh well, I'll pay you back in another way.

 Mr. Rieke continues.
"So, when I arrived in town about three days ago, I saw the guard I met earlier using a knife, and I couldn't help but ask him. I asked him to tell me where he lived so that I could apprentice myself to the person who made it. At the time, I thought he was a blacksmith in town.
"Hmm, so it was mine.
Yes. But I don't know his name or where he lives, but he comes to the free market at least once a week. The last time I saw him was just about a week ago, so I figured he'd be here soon.
Well, that's what it looks like now.
So I sent my brothers off this morning and they showed me the longsword. I think I want to become an apprentice and learn this skill.
I see. ...... Hmm?
 You just said something that caught my attention.
Your brothers aren't here anymore, are they?
No. They have their own workshop to go to.
 Mr. Rieke smiled.
"Well, if I say no here, ......
If I refuse here, I will have to go to to find another workshop as a woman traveling alone.
 No, that's not even close to dangerous. Or maybe you're saying that in anticipation. ....... I guess I'll give up now. I think I'm a bit naive.

"All right. I accept your apprenticeship.
 Samija sighs loudly next to me. I'm sorry. But you saw it coming, didn't you?

"Are you sure?
"Yes. But there are four conditions.
Yes. What are they?
First, I don't like the idea of sacrificing myself like you did this time. Please don't do it again.
 Rikke nodded, straightening his posture.
Secondly, we don't have enough room. We'll have to start with the building.
Yes. In the Moritz workshop, when a family had a child, everyone in the workshop would build an extra room, so it will be fine.
Thirdly, you'll be helping me with other things besides blacksmithing.
Yes. That's what being an apprentice is all about.
Let's not use honorifics. I'll call you Rike. You can call me Eizo.
No, that's not possible, sir!
 When Samija hears this, she looks puzzled.
"Oh, Master, .......
"Yes, I am your apprentice, so it makes sense to call me master and show respect!
 Samija finally started to laugh uncontrollably. You'll have to remember that.

 And so my apprentice, who I had thought would be a long time coming, was born.