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When your brother says "someone," he probably means me.
 Deanna looks at him suspiciously. That's right. There are not many convenient stories where the person who helped you is actually the person you are looking for. If someone had told me that in the same situation, I would have said, "Oh, really? That's very convenient! That's very convenient! But it can't be helped because it almost certainly is.
"Our house is in the Kuro Forest, you know. If Diana is on the run and you want to hide her, this might be the best place.

My brother told me to go to a merchant named Camilo to meet him.
I'm sure of it. Camilo is the only one I distribute my goods to and he is the only one who knows where we are.
 In fact, Helen came directly to our place and knows exactly where we are, so it's a different story if she leaked it. However, I don't think she's the kind of person who'd let it slip, and I think it's safe to assume it's just the two of them.
"May I ask your name?
 Deanna said, staring at me. I never told you my name.
"Oh, sorry. My name is Eizo. This beastman here is Samija, and this dwarf is Rique.
 Samija and Rique bark lightly. Tanya will not say her name now.
"Eizo-san, .......
 Deanna repeats my name. I wonder if she's pondering because she has an idea, or because she doesn't. I can't tell from just looking at her.

"Anyway, you've beaten your pursuers and bought yourself at least two days, right? So why don't you come home for the rest of the day?
 I urge Deanna to do so. I can't stay here too long, can I? It is not impossible to explain even if the patrol comes in this situation, but it is troublesome to get into such a situation in the first place, and it is certain that you will be in a situation where you will not be able to see if something is wrong.
...... I understand. Thank you for your help today.
I'm sure you'll be fine. Me and Rike will pull the cart. Deanna, if you can, stay with Cermia and watch the perimeter.
"Yes, sir. Thank you, Saamya.

 And so we begin to move. We couldn't go into the forest from here, so we went about fifteen minutes further into the forest than we usually do. About half an hour after entering the forest, I called out to the others.
"Let's take a break.
 "Yes," "Yes," "I understand. I give Deanna a glass of water and call for Saamya.
"Samya, hey.
"What? What is it?
 Samija comes right over.
"Do you know if you're being followed? I'm not feeling anything.
 Camija asks in a quiet voice.
Hmm. ...... No, it doesn't sound like it, okay? I don't smell anything or feel anything.
 Samija's nose twitched in concentration as she was told, but she quickly answered.
Well, that's good.
 I wondered what would happen if someone was watching us from a distance and following us, but it seemed unlikely. Even though we were a large group and had a cart, we couldn't see much in the woods and it would be very difficult to follow us, but better safe than sorry.

 After that, we proceeded with caution, and it took us a good one and a half times longer than usual to reach our house.
"Deanna, I'm sorry, but I need to unload first.
"Of course you can. Would you like me to help you?
Hmm. ......
 Well, I'm a guest, not a customer, so that's fine. I can't make you work as a blacksmith, but if you don't work, you don't eat.
Well, I'll ask. I'll tell you where to take them.
 So, with Deanna's help, I brought the ironstone and charcoal to the workshop, and the salt and other things to the house. With Deanna's help, the work was done a little faster than usual. The bedding is placed on each bed that does not have bedding yet. Now all the beds are ready to be used. Samija and Rike should take the stuff from the bedroom into their room. If they don't, I won't be able to move into the bedroom and they won't be able to put Deanna in the guest room. As I watched this scene.
"It's a small house, but you'll have to live with it for a while.
 I said to Deanna.
"No, I didn't know there was a place like this in the Kuro Forest. ......
 No, I didn't know there was such a place in the Kuro Forest," she replied in an impressed tone.
I'm sure you'll be impressed. I'll show you to the guest room, ...... and it looks like it's all taken care of.

 I'll show you to the guest room (former study). The bed looks a little better because it's made of wood. I'm glad I left it on.
It's not a very luxurious room, but I didn't expect to have many guests. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider it luxurious for a simple blacksmith's house.
No, it's not. I think it's a more than magnificent room.
"For now, take off your gear and get rid of the travel dust. I'll have Samija or Rique bring you some hot water later.
Excuse me, thank you.
 I left the room with a wave of my hand.

 What should I do now? I would have to ask Deanna for more details, but if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to go back. Also, from what I've heard, Deanna seems to be a noble lady, but I'm curious about her politeness to a blacksmith like me. I wonder if it's just because she's been talking to her brother Marius. That said, he's being polite to Samija as well. ....... Anyway, I'll have to ask Deanna about it after dinner.
 I went to my new room, the bedroom, to dust myself off.