47 Letters and from now on...

 Deanna brought me a letter. Well, in this world, there is no such thing as a crime of opening a letter like in the previous world. There is no coat of arms on the sealing wax, just in case. I open the envelope with my knife.

The letter began with the words, "Dear Camilo, I assume that you have a rough idea of what's going on in the capital.
 The letter began with the words, "I believe you have a rough idea of what's going on in the capital," and went on to describe what we had just heard from Diana. And at the end
I don't know where she lives. I don't know where he lives, but he's the blacksmith who struck my sword. I hear he lives in a remote place. It would be easy to hide in his place. He says he distributes goods to you, and I wonder if you could take care of my sister until he arrives.
 And so on. There is more to the story, but it is good for now if you can read this part.

It's confirmed now. Marius was going to leave Diana with us. So that's one less thing to worry about.
 Furthermore, if Deanna didn't have to go to Camilo, it would be harder to track her, so this was probably just as well. By the time she realized that her pursuers had been destroyed, the trail would be long gone.
 They all nodded at my words.

So I'm going to ask you to stay home for a while. You can wander around by yourself if you want, as long as there are no trees around the house, but if you go farther than that, take me or Samija with you. Otherwise, the wolves will eat you.
I understand.
If there's anything you don't feel comfortable talking to a man about, you can talk to Samija or Rique.
Thank you very much.
 Deanna bowed to Cámara and Rique.
"Oh, don't hesitate to ask.
 Cámara smiles back.
"Oh, yes, let me ask you something. Why are you so polite to ordinary people like us, Deanna? I'm not saying you shouldn't, but you're a nobleman, you should be more open with us.
 I asked what was bothering me. I put aside the fact that I was being rude as hell.
You saved my life, so I guess I should go to .......
"Well, maybe we'll be here for a long time. I don't mean to say that you are squeamish, but I think it would be easier and smoother for both of us if you had a more relaxed attitude. ......
I'm not saying that I'm squeamish because I'm not. If you say so, then I will.
Oh, please do.
 Well, well, well. Now we can get a little closer to a more relaxed life. I know it's hard to be relaxed when you're harboring a petty defector, but...
All right, you're tired today. Let's get some sleep for today.
 There were three different replies. And so the eventful day finally came to an end.

 The next morning, I was the first one to get up to go fetch water. Once, Rike was going to do it, saying that it was the job of an apprentice, but I felt that I would not move my body so much without it, so I kept doing it. It took me about half an hour to get there and back. On the way back, I fill two bottles with water, so it's a good workout.
 When I come back, Samija and Rike are awake, and the three of us wash our faces with the water we've fetched. While I prepare breakfast, the ladies do the laundry. I can't cook eggs while the toaster is baking bread like in the previous world, so the preparation time is enough to do the laundry.
 The detergent is made by saving the ashes from burning charcoal and putting them in a special bottle with water. I heard that this was used for detergent in the previous world, so it must make sense. There must be plants that contain saponin, like mullein, if you look for them, but it will be a long time before you find them.

 I had barley porridge and salted meat soup for breakfast. I made a large amount of this soup so that I could have more ingredients for lunch and dinner. In this way, I try to minimize the cooking time. One of the important functions of breakfast is to decide the day's schedule while the three of us (from today onwards, four of us) eat together.

 It was decided that for the next three days, we would be working on our shortsword and longsword. This way, Samija could teach Deanna. While Samija teaches, Deanna and I will paint the wooden molds with clay and make the molds.
 We'll have to buy or find some clay soon. If there is a lake and water is flowing there, it means there is an impermeable layer, so if there is a clay layer, we can use it. If you can find a clay layer, you can use it. Even if it's just clay mixed with soil, it's good enough for the purpose. Well, this can wait for now.
 The rest of the process is the same. I just have Deanna to help. Camija and Deanna will do the deburring. For a noblewoman, Deanna's pretty good with a hammer. She was wearing a pectoral armor when she escaped, and she was able to manage on her own until we came running after her, so she must have some skill with a sword. Rike and I will finish the rest. Meanwhile, Samija and Deanna prepared the next one.
 This day's work was quite good. The efficiency was about the same as before, but with one unfamiliar person in the team, this was no problem at all. Deanna showed interest in the new longsword, so I allowed her to wield it. She's not as good as my cheat, but it seems she's learned a fair amount of swordsmanship, and she's looking good.
You're pretty good.

Thank you. But I still don't think I can beat Eizo-san.
 By that time, you mean the time you saved him.
Eizo is strong as he looks. ......
 Samija mixes it up.
"Isn't this a bit excessive?
 I argue with my mouth agape. But.
"But I don't usually think blacksmiths are that strong, master.
 As Sarmyas fires back at Rike, I deliberately slump my shoulders and we all laugh.