49 one's second disciple

"Please make me your apprentice!
 Deanna begging me on her knees. Well, I don't know what to make of this. I glance over at Samija and Rike, both grinning. Remember that.
If you're okay with me practicing once a day at ......1 after work...
But I'm not a trained swordsman and I'm not very good at teaching, so you'll have to learn by watching.
All right! Thank you!
 Deanna is very excited. I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. I can't help but think of the hardships Marius went through in his childhood. Anyway, this adds one more thing to my daily routine. I'm sure it won't take much time, so it's totally fine, but I'll reconsider if it takes longer when I'm older.
Oh, and .......
You can't call me "master" or be in awe of me.
 If I don't tell you first, you'll end up like Rike.
Yeah, okay.
 And so I had my second apprentice (not the blacksmith one).

 The next day. Regardless of the new apprentice, I still had to swordfight today. Until today, we will continue to produce shortswords and longswords. Again, the same personnel and tasks as yesterday. Samija and Diana will be doing the molds, casting, and deburring, and Rike and I will be finishing up. Today I made a high class model, and Rike made a general model, and we made about the same number as yesterday.
 After that, it was time to practice, and since it was dangerous to use an iron sword even though it had been sharpened as yesterday, we made two wooden swords by quickly processing wood with a "good" knife. It's interesting to note that there is a bit of cheating involved in this kind of work (it's a production system and a weapon), so even if you make it quickly, you can still make something worthwhile.

 I put my swords together and bow, just as I did yesterday. Today I decided to do the opposite of what I did yesterday, and just deal with Diana's attacks. Deanna's attacks are sharp and fast. I guess it's because she has learned proper swordsmanship.
 But I don't mean to say that my own style is absolutely stronger than hers. I believe that proper swordsmanship is based on the exchange of lives up to that point. If so, then of course, my self-styled style, without the accumulation of such skills, can only be used by me, and the proper swordsmanship and martial arts, in which anyone can become stronger with practice, is stronger, regardless of talent or other factors. In the case of Deanna and I, we are able to overwhelm each other because we are training one on one, but in the extreme case of 100 people against me, I can't win. I can't deal with them, and I can't make 100 of them.
 However, there is something I can do for Diana. I think you can make her stronger by adding to her decent swordsmanship ....... If it works, Deanna may even be able to develop. I'm not sure if Deanna will even be around that long, but I'll keep her company as long as I can.

 Maybe it's because of what happened yesterday, but today Deanna is trying a lot of things. She's trying to figure out how to break my stance. How to divert my attention from where I really want to hit. So far, the attempt hasn't worked because my cheat detects it well, but it seems to be the right thing to do.
 One problem is that I have no idea how strong Diana is in the eyes of the world. I don't really know my own strength either. If we are talking about blacksmithing, then we have the finished product, and we can see how good the product is through test cutting and installation, but with a small sample, we can't tell if Diana is as strong as a common soldier, or if she is a rare swordsman. It's hard to know how much I should train her. I guess I'll have to leave this as an issue for the future.

 We talked for a little longer than a quarter of an hour, and that was the end of the day.
How's it going? Did you get anything?
No. Not much today. I've tried everything. Yeah, but I know what to do and what not to do and how to get a response, so I guess you could say I got it.
"Well... Well, let's take our time.
 When I said that, Deanna looked puzzled for a moment, but then quickly said, "Yes!
 I said.

 The next day, we started making the knife. Samija was able to do it up to the halfway point, but with Deanna there, I asked her to gather some nuts. I'm sure they'll be fine. I've told them to come back immediately if they see any sign of people, just in case.
 Rike and I will stretch the sheet metal, shape it, and finish it. It's a little less efficient, but of course the quality is maintained. Since I don't have any help, I'll be working on the high-end model from the start, and Rike will be working on the regular model. Also, this time, I'm going to ask Rike to watch or rather help me with a few of the high-end models so that he can learn the technique.
What do you think?
Well, I don't think I can keep up with you yet.
Well, I'm the master, I can't expect you to catch up in a month or so.
 I say with a laugh. I laugh and say, "Well, I'm the master, I don't need you to catch up in a month or so.
But I want to get better as soon as possible.
So I'll ask Rike to help me tomorrow.
Are you sure?
Of course. Otherwise, what's the point of being an apprentice?
Well, that's true, but ......
 Rique smiled and said, "Well, that's true.

I may have told you before, but I think you can get pretty far if you try. I know you can't take your time, but let's take it easy and develop it.
 When I said that, Rieke said
"Yes! Yes, master!
 This time with a bright smile.