57 the completion of a family heirloom

 Now the sword itself is complete. It will be literally impossible for any other sword to compete with it. But I can't just deliver it like this. It's too simple to be a family heirloom.

 I borrowed a screwdriver (and a hammer and some other things) and started carving the blade. With the help of a cheat, we can create a graceful design that matches the curve of the blade without compromising the weight balance and strength. It looks like the leaves and stems of a plant. The tip of the sword should have a pattern that looks like a flower blooming. These patterns are put on the back and the front, so it is quite hard work. This is probably more work than hammering a sword. ....... Well, I think that's why it has a higher status as a family heirloom.

 Thanks to the cheat, I can work on it without hesitation or drafting. After a long time, I finally finished engraving the blade. Next is the flange and the hilt. The design on the sword's hilt and sword blade will also be engraved with a pattern of intertwined plants. The design on the tsuba is carved in such a way that it appears three-dimensional. The crest of the Amur family is also carved into the center of the tsuba. The head of the handle is carved to look like a flower bud.
 The usual "seated fat cat" is placed in a small area where it will not be visible when the leather is wrapped. It's a little easter egg.
 I used a file to clean up the burrs that appeared during the engraving process. The pattern became clearer, so I stopped there. I realized that it was already quite late. I feel very sleepy. There's no point in continuing to work like this. As I've gotten older, I've become much quicker to give up on things like this.
 I put out the fire in the fire pit and lay down on a blanket that was in the forge.

"-Keep up. Hey, wake up.
 I wake up to someone shaking me awake.
 I loosely open my eyes. It seems it was Camilo who was shaking me.
I thought he was depressed that he couldn't do it last night, but he's sleeping peacefully.
"Well, staying up all night is not good for you.
 "Well, staying up all night isn't good for you," I replied lazily as I lay there. If I hadn't had my sword in hand, I wouldn't have been able to relax so much.

The body is the capital?
 Then I heard a familiar voice, different from Camilo's. I jumped up. I jumped up in a panic.
"Mr. Marius!
 The smiling face was that of the gentleman I had seen at the entrance to the city. His body was not in that raggedy leather armor, but in fine clothes. The shortsword on his waist is my own, which makes me happy and embarrassed.
"Long time no see, Mr. Eizo.
 Mr. Marius greets me politely. I'm sure he's feeling a bit overwhelmed by the recent turmoil, and his face looks a bit shaded. What's that?
Marius-san, did you know my name?
I asked you when I asked you for this case. It's not polite to talk in confidence without knowing my name.
I see. ....... Mr. Marius, you don't have to be so polite to me. You don't have to be so polite to me, Mr. Marius, just like when you meet me on the street.
 When Mr. Marius is polite to me, I feel very uncomfortable and the conversation is awkward.
No, I can't be rude to someone who will be a benefactor of my family.
 I've been doing this since I was a guard in the city, but you're very thoughtful, Marius.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm in your debt.
 When I said that.
"Then, since we're both in the same boat, why don't we stop being so polite to each other?
 Mr. Marius suggests, smiling. If I don't drink this, we'll probably stay like this. I don't like that either.
"Okay, ......, okay. I'll do it.
 Thus, a blacksmith who speaks to the (probably incoming) Count on a casual basis is born.

I'm going to wrap the leather for now, so wait a little while. Do you have time?
Yes, I have time.
 I wrap the leather around the hilt of my sword. With the help of my cheat, I got it wrapped quickly and neatly.
There we go. Now swing it.
 I handed the sword to Marius. Marius looked at the sword.
"That's a beautiful sword. ......
 Marius looked at the sword and admired it. He looked at it for a few moments, then came to his senses and began to swing it. It's a beautiful sword. It was very similar to Diana's, who must have learned the same sword techniques. The only difference is that Diana's movements were a bit more speedy, perhaps because she was a woman, while Marius's were a bit more flicking, giving the impression that he was more of a power type.

 Marius wielded his sword in a single-minded manner for a while, but eventually he stopped moving, and I called out to him.
"How's it going?
"It's amazing, this sword. It's better than any sword I've ever held.
 Marius said, sounding heartfelt.
"Well, it's almost the best I can make. It's as good as any sword out there. ......
 Oh, I almost forgot.
I almost forgot. "Speaking of which, what is the original heirloom sword made of?"
 I'll have to ask you that. It's pretty good, but it's only steel. If it was made of orichalcone, adamantite, or some other magical metal, my sword would be defeated by its slightly worse quality.

The "fake" sword was given to the Amur family when they received the title of Count. No mortal can stand the metal of the gods, even if it is the best in the kingdom.
So it's just steel?
 One thing's clear for now. Is it impossible for a normal human to get an orichalcon? I wonder if I'll make it. .......
One more thing, have you ever shown your family heirlooms before?
"We bring them out for private ceremonies, but other than that, they're kept out of the public eye. Even in our records, there's nothing but 'the king gave me a title and a sword'.
"So there's no need for the outside world to make a fuss about it being different from the heirloom it was supposed to be?"
That's right.
 Then it's okay. I was wondering what would happen if it was displayed in a museum or something like that in the previous world, but it seems to have been treated more like a sacred object and never exposed to the public.

If you feel like you're losing control, just compare. "If the real one doesn't lose to the fake one, then we'll know which one is the sword given to us by the king, won't we?"
 Marius said with a grin and a sneer.