60 settlement

It can't be!
 Karel exclaims loudly. Of course he can't, because it's not true.
"Calm down, Lord Karel.
 The Marquis chastises Karel. Reluctantly, Karel takes a seat. When he looks at his two companions, one of them is simply surprised, while the other one is bitter. It seems that the surprised one hadn't been told the details of the incident. In a way, it's a blessing. The bitter one is dressed like an aristocrat, but if he is an aristocrat, he'd better learn to hide his true feelings a little better, or he'll be killed in a heartbeat if he goes to a place of power.

"So, what do you mean by 'real'?"
 The Marquis asks Marius.
The Marquis asks Marius, "Well, I found out from a document my father left behind that the Amur family used a fake one for ceremonies, but in reality there was a real one. But in reality, there was a "real" one. "If there is a crisis in the country, the person who succeeds the governor should face the crisis with the real thing," his father had written.
 Marius took a piece of paper (probably parchment) from his pocket and presented it to the Marquis. The Marquis took it and looked it over.
The Marquis took it and looked it over. "Hmm, it's definitely Count Amur's handwriting.
 Karel's eyes widened at the words of the Marquis, but of course, how could you not have carefully forged it when you were talking about something like this? If you can fool the eyes of an old friend, you must have hired someone with good skills, but that's Camilo's job. I glanced at Camilo, and he winked at me for a moment. You don't wink at an old man.

 Karel was about to say something, but Marius got up first.
I'm very sorry for the delay," he said, "but you were out of town when this document was found. I'm very sorry about that.
 He bowed his head. Karel sat back down again. It's suspicious, but it makes sense.

If not, no problem. If not, I will inform His Majesty that there is no problem.
 The Marquis unknowingly threw out a word that was almost a death sentence for Karel. But now, he can still say, "I've lost my temper, but I was determined to get my family heirloom back. I admire your spirit," is enough to settle the matter.
 It may be impossible for him to inherit the family heir, but I think the best thing to do here is to end it that way. Then, while Marius is investigating the cause of death of his father and brother, he can hide himself or make a deal.
"No, I still don't believe in the term 'fake' and 'real'."
 But Karel wanted to settle this right here and now. He wanted it. Even though that would be putting the king in front of the piece Marius had placed.

"All right. Then let's prove it.
 Marius said without hesitation. It's a sign of confidence in my product, but it's also a little disgusting.
"How do you do it?
"It would be quicker if you actually tried. May I use your garden?
Of course. Would that be all right with you, Mr. Karrel?
 Everyone leaves the room to move. Karel is now staring at Marius without concealment. Marius just let it go, smugly.

 Thus, the final confrontation took place in the courtyard of the Marquis' residence. Both of us have our "heirloom swords", but we are not going to cut each other with them.
 The one I made is propped up against the soil in the courtyard. It's my work, but it looks like I could be a king if I pulled it out. Then a young soldier with a spear approaches. He's a member of the house guard, the Marquis' private army. He's going to poke the side of the sword I made. If it does any damage to the sword, it means my creation is a fake. However, I glanced at it and saw that if the tip was that good, my sword could withstand 50 hits even if it was made of just steel.
 The soldier poked it 20 times, but it only ruined the tip of the spear, not a scratch on the sword I made.
"Stupid .......
 Karel grumbled in a whisper. Of course you're right. You can't prepare something like this in just a day or two. Normally. The Marquis also praised the sword with a look of admiration.
"It is indeed a sword given to you by His Majesty the King. It's both beautiful and strong.
"Yes, sir. It is indeed the real thing."
 And Marius is on top of it. We've shown you what our swords can do.

"Then let's see your sword, Lord Karrel.
 Karel thrusts his sword into the earth as well. Then the Marquis said.
"Hey. Take the spear.
 "to the soldier from before.
No, it's not enough.
 As soon as Marius said that, he pulled out the "real" spear that was stuck next to Karel's "fake" spear and slashed at the "fake" spear. Without any metallic sound, the fake was cut off from the middle. With a crunch, the top half of the fake rolled away.

This strength, this sharpness, with these, it is certain that this is the 'real thing', is it not?
 Marius smiles and declares victory over the Marquis.
I'm not sure. I'm sure this is the real deal. This must be the real thing.
 The Marquis, as expected, was a little slow to understand what was happening in front of his eyes, but when he was shown this, there was no way he could accept or reject it. He was surprised, but declared which was the real one.

So, I will inform your Majesty that there is no problem with this matter and that the succession will proceed as planned. Marius, Karel.
 The slightly recovered Marquis declared. We're done here. I want to take off this thing and go home. Just when I thought that.
 Karel shouted and tried to jump on Marius. He has a knife in his hand. Thanks to my "cheat," I was able to catch his movement, but I couldn't get there in time. But just then, I see another move. Marius.

 Marius's right hand, still holding my sword, jumps up with great speed, and as if there is nothing there, the blade traces Karel's left hip and right shoulder.
 The upper half of Karel's body fell to the ground with a thud before it reached Marius.