63 "I'm back"

 I had to hide on the way there, but I didn't have to on the way back, so I sat on the back of a cart on the way to the capital and watched the scenery. I sat on the back of a cart on the way to the capital and watched the scenery. This way, I look like a baggage handler. By the time I left the Amur mansion, it had already been more than a little while, and it was now around noon.
 As you would expect in a capital city, there was a wide variety of people coming and going. There was a beastman who looked like a dog or a cat, a woman with a short but stout body, and a short man with a thick beard next to her who was probably a dwarf. There are also lizardmen (one looks like a bipedal lizard, the other looks like a human with scales, but they seem to be of different races), a race called the Marites, who look like children at first glance but are recognizable by the way they carry themselves, and of course humans. People of various skin and hair colors, and of course, humans, are bustling about the streets. However, there is no sign that the humans, for example, dislike the beastmen. They all go about their business in the same way, selling and buying things. Seeing this, I felt somewhat refreshed.

 I went through the gate once (it is said to be the border between the noble and the common people), and then went another half an hour to the main gate of the capital. This is another gate that I did not see on the way, but when I saw it, I realized how big it was. It looks to be about six meters long. On the way back, I asked Camilo about it.
"I heard that when the old king made peace with the giants, he made it that size so that the giants could enter, but I doubt that's true.
 But I doubt if this is true. Eventually, I would like to investigate such a tradition little by little.
 On the way there, we were checked, but on the way back, we almost passed through. The standing guard only glanced at us, and then immediately looked at the other wagon behind us. I'd like to think that the guard's eyes were not blind, and that he was just not suspicious of us. ...... In fact, there was nothing to stop us on the way back, let alone on the way in.

 As we stepped out of the gate, we saw a road and a river that looked like brown and blue crayon lines drawn on a green carpet. Even from a distance, the river glistened in the sun, and the road stretched from in front of me all the way to the horizon. The green carpet was a meadow of short grasses and fields in the distance. As I turned my head around, I could see that in the other direction, there was a very high mountain range rising up as if it were a wall guarding the city.
 In terms of location, that river seems to be different from the one flowing out of the lake near our house. I wonder about the mountains. I can't see them from my house, so I don't know.
 For a while, the scenery continued like this, until the city disappeared over the horizon, and the mountain range became less and less high, until it became invisible. Since we are on the road from the city, we occasionally pass people, but basically we are just driving a carriage through a wide expanse. Eventually, I got tired of looking at the scenery, so I had a chat with Camilo from time to time. For example, there was an elf that I hadn't seen in town.
"Elves? They're basically self-sufficient and never leave their home. You won't find them around here.
I see.
 But they're out there, aren't they?
Yeah. Even for someone like me who has traveled all over the place as a peddler, there are probably more than the fingers of both hands in my life.
 In the past, some of the stories that I read in the previous world were rather familiar with the human city, but in this world, they seem to be the type of people who stay indoors. I've seen quite a few of them today, and I'd like to meet an elf at least once.

 In the meantime, the area around us began to turn orange. The pace of the carriage is much faster than on foot, so we reach the entrance to the forest while the sun is still in the sky. However, it was inevitable that it would be pitch black on the way to the forest, so I asked Camilo to give me a torch. Perhaps they can reach the city just as the sun is setting.
 I got off the cart with the torch and the flint, thanked Camilo, and said goodbye. Now, just one more step to go.

 The direction to the house is indicated by the cheat and the installation, so I hurry towards it. I'm trying to pay attention to my surroundings, but I'm in a hurry and walk too fast. Still, the sun was going down, so I hurriedly lit the torch. You have to do this while you can still see, otherwise it's too late when you can't see anymore.
 I bought some time by walking too fast, but it was impossible to walk through the darkened forest with a torch. Rather, I could only walk at a slightly slower pace than my usual round trip. I'm getting impatient, but I don't want to lose my vigilance, so I try my best to calm down and go through the dark forest. Even I can feel the eeriness in the air, and if I go with others, I'll try to avoid the middle of the night. .......
 When the torchlight was beginning to fade, we finally arrived at our house. Even though it hadn't been that long, I felt a bit nostalgic. Slowly, slowly, I approached the door of my house.
 I was only a few steps away from the door when it opened. Samija, Rike, and Deanna are standing there. I was surprised. I wanted to say "I'm home", but I couldn't find the right words. But they said
"Welcome home, Eizo.
"Welcome home, master.
Welcome back, Mr. Eizo.
 "I'm home.
"I'm home.
 Feeling a warmth fill my chest, I managed to say the words I wanted to say.