69 Herbard

 I'll keep talking.
Well, it's my first one, so I'm hoping I can sell five.
So where do you sell them?
"The city guard. The guards in the city, or more correctly, your brother.
 The guards are using short spears now. And the lord of the city who gave it to them is, of all people, House Amur. That was simply the reason why Marius had been assigned as a guard when he was the third son of the Amur family. The reason why he was not a captain of the guard was probably because he did not want to be called a hero.
 And Marius must have wanted something a little better since he was in the Guard. Otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered to buy the sword from me and insist that it was his own. I think he had some reservations about his father and brother, though.
 So if he made the halberd this time and negotiated with the Amur family to buy it for the city guard, I suspect he would have a good chance of selling it. Even if it doesn't sell, you can ask Camilo if he'd like to buy it. If it still doesn't sell, that's the time. I'm taking full advantage of my position, but I'll make a halberd worthy of it. It may require additional training, but that's for ...... Marius to figure out.
"I see. My brother might buy one.
I know. Okay, Rike, you and the others work on the general model.
Yes, sir. Let's make shortswords today, Samija, Diana.
 And everyone starts their own work.

 I'm going to heat up some sheet metal and make the tip of the spear. In the case of a normal spear, a certain amount of "cutting" function is necessary, but since this is a halberd, I'll shape it into a triangular pyramid that specializes in "poking". The "cutting" is left to the axe part. If the tip is too thin, it may not be durable, so make it thick and short. The base is left unprocessed to be combined later.
 After the shape is completed, the axe and the hook are made from another sheet of metal. Two pieces of sheet metal are piled up, straw ashes are placed between them, they are heated and beaten into a single piece, and now they are stretched to form a shape. The axe part is shaped as a triangle with one of its vertices facing the center and the outer base gently curving inward. Make a hook to extend to the other side. This shape is like the beak of a hawk.
 Now the two parts are completed. The spear part and the axe/hook part. Join the base of the spear part and the center of the axe/hook part by spreading them into a thin cone split vertically.
 After quenching and tempering, and sharpening the axe part, the finishing of the head is completed. In this area, the temperature, hammering method, and quality were completely controlled by the abilities of the "cheat". Since it was a good opportunity, I concentrated on making this one with the quality of a "high-end model".

 After this, the halberd is finally completed by fixing the head and the pebble (slightly pointed spike) to the handle. The wood for the hilt is outside, so I'll get to it later. ....... The creation of the halberd is like a combination of each weapon, but the bagging to connect the handle to the head was impossible to do in such a short time without cheats.
 I say "short time," but even with the cheats and the installation, a lot of time has passed since I've been winging it. I'll be able to make it a little faster tomorrow.

 I've got a little bit of free time, so I'm going to use it to make a replacement for my self-defense knife that I smashed up during the Amour debacle. This is a custom-made model, so from the time I start hammering and stretching the sheet metal, I'm in full cheat power concentration. I keep my eyes fixed on it and tap it so that the components of the steel are evenly distributed, and so that it shines.
 When the entire piece is clean, it is shaped and finished. This is a process that I have done many times before. The only difference is how much concentration is required. The finished knife still has a strong shine to it. I wonder why it did not show this when I struck it in the capital. At any rate, I am glad to have made a good product. That's good for now.

 The next thing I knew, Rike and the other three were looking at the knife I had struck seriously.
The beauty of the work is different when the master really puts his heart into it, isn't it?
 Rike said with an euphoric look on his face. Rijke is a little scary in this kind of situation.
"I don't know as much as you do, but it's really beautiful.
I don't understand it either, but I know it's amazing.
 "I don't know about you, but I know it's amazing.
Thank you, all three of you. But we couldn't do this in the capital.
Is that so?
Yeah. So I had no choice but to mix my self-defense knife with it, and it worked.
Oh, so that's why you made the special order today?
Yes. And when I made it here, it was made with the usual quality, so there must be something here. ......".
 My words caused the other three to ponder, but they didn't seem to have any idea.
The only problem with this is that we can't move anywhere else right now, and we don't intend to, so it's practically like there's nothing here.
 I said and laughed. But there's no guarantee that there won't come a time when I'll have to abandon this place for some reason.
 For that time, we need to find out why we couldn't do it in the capital. If we can't figure it out now, we will need help from people who have expertise in something other than what we know (including installation), but we need to figure out what that expertise is first.

Now, it's time to get off work and get some food.
 When I said that, Samija said "Hyah-ho" with joy, and Rike chided me.