71 aftercare

 The next day, we pulled out of the lake the "big" boar that Camija and Diana had killed, according to Camija. It was indeed a big boar, as Cāmya had said. Even in the previous world, a boar weighed about 70 kilograms, but this one seemed to weigh about that much even without the intestines.
 If we skin it and make it into meat, it will weigh considerably less, but it will still be enough to last us for the next two weeks. As usual, we made a cart and pulled it. The load is large, but since there are four of us, it's easy to pull.

 When we got back, we processed the meat and were still able to secure a substantial amount of meat.
We'll be okay for a while.
"Can we get some more next week?
Yeah, that's good enough.
 I think it will increase our stock.
"See you next week, then. What would you like?
 Samija's in a good mood because she caught a big one.
What's the big game in this forest besides boar and deer, aside from bears ......?
"That's about all the big ones. If you're looking for something a little smaller, there's the occasional giant raccoon.
A big raccoon?
A round one like this. They look kind of cute.
 Samija indicated its size with her hand. It's about 70 centimeters. That's a big one for a raccoon.
Is it good?
It's okay. ....... It's not bad, but deer and boar are more numerous and tastier, so we don't bother to catch them.
"I see. Only when there's nothing else to catch.
I guess.
 While having such conversations, we salted and dried the meat. Of course, not for today's meal.
 For lunch that day, I served sauteed wild boar steak with brandy, salt and pepper, which was well received by Diana as well as Samija and Rike.

 In the afternoon, Rike and I will be working at the forge, while Samija and Diana will be mending. There's nothing too badly broken, but there's some damage here and there, it seems.
 I say "looks like" because it includes underwear, of course. I certainly can't do that. So I'll leave it to you two, and we'll concentrate on the blacksmithing.
 As usual, I'll be working on the high-end models, and Rike will be working on the regular models. I'll be making the models faster, but I've already made the Rike models until today, so if I make them again tomorrow, I should be able to deliver enough. The sound of flames and hammering echoes in the forge. The hammer bounced on the red-hot iron as if it were a stage on which to dance, and one product after another took shape.

 The next day, Samija and Deanna, who had packed their lunch, went out to forage. They were looking for fruits and vegetables. Rike and I are at the forge again today.
"Do you want to go out once in a while, Rike?
No, you work in the forge all the time. Samija and the others are out.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go out, but that's what dwarves do, and it's fun enough.
"I see. That's good.
Thank you for your concern, sir.
No, ...... yes.
 And so the two of them begin their blacksmithing. Even before the evening, we were able to produce a good number of items. At this rate, it might be more than usual. Maybe we should take tomorrow off. Just as you think this, there is a knock on the door of the sales space. It's a very strong knock. I left a startled Rike there and went to the door, when I heard a familiar voice.
"Eizo, are you there?
 The voice was as loud as ever.
I'm opening the door, wait!
 I shouted back just as loudly, and opened the door. There stood a tall, red-haired woman with a large sword wound but a charming face and a big smile on her face.

Hey, long time no see!
"Hello. Hey, good to see you. Come in and have a seat.
Thank you.
 The woman, Helen, a mercenary nicknamed "Thunder Sword" because of her quickness, walked in and sat down. The actual sound is not that loud, but the movement seems to be noisy because it is so loud. I tell Rike to get me a glass of wine with water instead of tea.
"So? What can I do for you today? Is there a problem?
"No, nothing serious. It's just that I'm going to a distant war zone. I thought I'd ask you to take care of it and check it before I go.
"Oh, I see.
 I took the two shortswords from Helen and checked them for spills and distortions.
Have you used these much?
I've been training with it for a week now, and then I've been hanging around here fighting off burglars and stuff like that, and in between I've been practicing on logs with it, so yeah, I've used it a fair amount.
"I see.

 There are no spills and no distortions, but there are some. I wonder what kind of physical strength and how much I can use to damage my custom-made model to this level. After all, there are things you can't understand until you put them to the test.

"Oh, yes.
 As if remembering, Helen stands up.
"Hmm? What's up?
 I braced myself for what was about to happen.
"That sword is as tough as I imagined it would be. It cuts like hell. It's saved my life a few times.
 I see. So you must have used it to catch swords and other reckless things. If it can withstand this much, it's good enough. The material itself is just steel.
"I can't thank you enough, but let me say this. Thank you.
 Helen holds out her right hand to me.
"...... This is what I do. This is my job. I'll do what I have to do.
 I shake the hand she offers. The hand that was squeezed tightly hurt, but now I was more than happy.
You're really not that straightforward, are you?
 He sighed and laughed enough to ignore Rike's words.