81 initiation of communal life

 Just as I had expected, Samija and Deanna had returned, and not long after the bell rang, the door connecting the workshop to the house opened.
"I'm home ......, visitor?
"Yeah. Uh, .......
 Deanna asked me, but I hadn't told her my name.
"My name is Liddy.
 The elven woman, Ms. Liddy, stood up and bowed.
I'm the one who came to ask you to repair my sword.
 I'll fill you in. Then.
"My name is Deanna. I've been staying at Eizo's workshop, so please make my acquaintance.
 Deanna, still wearing the comfortable clothes she wore when hunting, fluttered in a nobleman's bow. I don't care what she wears, she looks like that. It's not surprising, since she's a real countess. She didn't even tell me the name of Amur's family, maybe she's being cautious. I'm sure you know she was of a certain status by the way she greeted you.
"My name is Samija. ......?
 I'll leave it to Deanna. Let's leave it to Deanna. .......
I'm an apprentice at Eizo Workshop, my name is Rike.
 Rike bows without hesitation. Rike is probably the most normal one. She looks very young, so she seems to be very unbalanced. Anyway, these are the members of my family.
"So, Rike, as you know from what you've told me, this sword is very important and will be staying with us while it is restored.
I apologize for the rudeness of this request, but ......
 I'm sorry to be so rude, but I have to ask you to go to ." When Liddy said this, Deanna was full of joy.
"Well, I get to live with an elf!
 I forgot to ask her how old she is. I forgot to ask her how old she is, but she is far more curious than Samija.
No, it's just a kind of monitoring, not a living.
But we live together, don't we?
Well, she's staying with us.
Well, you'll be living with us for a little while, won't you?
 You're happy, so I won't spoil it for you by arguing further.
Well, now that you mention it, while I'm cooking dinner, I want you to get Deanna and Rike ready for the guest room.
All right.
 Deanna and Rique nodded and walked back to the house.

What did you catch today, Samija?
"Leafbirds. About five.
 I guess they hunted the smaller ones, hoping to save enough meat. One bird per person is enough to fill a stomach, though, so it's convenient.
Then, Samija and I will hurry up and get rid of the feathers.
 Just as Samija and I were heading back to the house.
 "Can I help?
"Would you like me to help you?
 Ms. Liddy offers. I'm grateful for the offer, but I'm a guest.
"I've handled birds in my village, so I'm fine.
 Is that so? It seems that elves in this world eat meat as well. Even if you say they only eat vegetables, we only have dried root vegetables, which is a relief because we can't get enough of them deep in this forest.
 I can manage to eat some fruits, but it's not enough for an adult, even a woman, to eat a full meal. Next time I go to Camilo's, I'll stock up on more vegetables.
"Excuse me, I'd appreciate it. Can you help me?
 Riddhi smiled at me for the first time since I came here.

 Me, Samija and Riddhi picked up the bird's feathers. We boiled a large pot of water and dipped the bird in it to pick it back. After we had finished picking the feathers, we cut them into pieces with knives and made them into meat.
 Then the guest room is ready, so I ask Liddy to put his stuff in the guest room. The others are cleaning up the tools they used. I'm cooking dinner in the meantime.

 Liddy is here today, and I've made sauteed chicken with wine sauce. I also served wine (and fire wine for Lique), and said both "Itadakimasu" and "Cheers".
 Liddy seemed confused at first, but when I told him that it was our custom to have dinner (although breakfast and lunch are similar) in a lively atmosphere, talking about what happened that day, he seemed to understand and joined the conversation frequently.
 I hope he will be able to adjust to life here, even if only a little, since he might be staying here for a couple of weeks.

 The next morning, I finished fetching water and cleaned myself up. It was still a little cramped with five people in the tub, but I wondered if the difference from when Helen was here was due to the difference in body size. I don't feel as cramped as I did then.
 When we were done, we had breakfast. The menu consisted of the usual soup of root vegetables and salted meat, and unfermented bread, but Ms. Liddy didn't seem to have any complaints, and I secretly felt relieved. The most disheartening thing about a change in living conditions is that the food is not to your liking. ....... At least that's what I think.
 After breakfast, I make a plan for the day's work. I asked Samija and Deanna what they wanted to do, and they said they wanted to watch me fix it, too. It's not like I'm going to say no to them, so with Riddy's permission, I agreed.

 Mr. Liddy, of course, was watching over my work. In other words, today is the day when everyone observes my work.
 Well, there's nothing wrong with that. I led everyone to the door of the workshop.