94 farewell

 For dinner, we mobilized a lot of the liquor and meat we had at home, and had a farewell party for Liddy. It may be strange to call it a farewell party since she is a guest, but we have been living together for a while. Speaking of which, she tried to pay for my stay, but I decided to offset that with the fact that she taught Rike about magic.
 In this world, where humans can't use magic unless they have a family name, knowledge of magic power is quite valuable, so I'm not sure if this is enough to offset the cost, but Riddy seems to be a little short of money to repair the sword, and we both agree on that, so it's good. I'll take it.
There were a lot of interesting things this time, and to be honest, it was fun. I wish I didn't get so many requests for repairs, but if there is anything else I need, I will definitely leave it to this workshop.
 Lidy said at the end of the farewell party.
If you ever need anything else, I will definitely leave it to you.
 I replied with a smile.

 The next morning, Liddy was absorbing magic power from the forest. She said it was for a concealment spell she would use on her way home. It seems that elves can handle powerful magic, but even so, traveling alone can be dangerous, so I thought Liddy would be very skilled with a sword, but she used a concealment spell to make herself invisible on the streets, and then lifted it near the city, so she can't do more than a little protection. It seems that he can't do anything more than a form of self-defense. He said he used the same magic from the time he entered the forest until he came to our house.

 So the five of us, including Riddy, ate breakfast together, and when Riddy finished preparing to leave, we all decided to walk him to the entrance of the forest. This way, we would be able to reduce the consumption of magic power even a little.
 We moved in a line with Samija in the lead, followed by me, Riddhi, Rike, and Diana. We don't have a cart today, so I've brought the spear I used to kill the bear, just in case. Thinking about it, it would have been better to deliver the goods today, so that I could take Riddy to the city. I was careless. I'll do that if there's a next time.
 Nothing special happened until we reached the entrance of the forest. We came across birds and other small animals, but they didn't seem to harm us. Since Liddy is an elf, I was hoping that she might be able to talk to the animals in the forest, but that was not the case. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to say.
 Liddy-san holds out his right hand.
I'm sorry. I'll be waiting for you to come back sometime in that house.
 I shake her hand gently as I say this.
"See you!
I'll practice my magic before I come again!
Next time I come back, you can teach me how to use an elven sword.
 The three of them also took Liddy's right hand and waved goodbye.
"See you later!
 We all waved goodbye to each other and said goodbye to each other. We waved goodbye to each other until we were too small to see her.

He's gone.
 Cámara says quietly. Although she was originally a lone wolf (though a tiger), she seemed to feel a certain amount of loneliness towards those she had once forgiven.
Well, if there's something you want me to make, I'll come back.
Yes. It seems that there are many things that only Eizo can make.
 I follow her, and Diana takes over. And so we headed back into the forest.

 It took us about four hours to get to the entrance of the forest and back, so we had used most of our time today. So after lunch, we decided to take a rest. I was, of course, replanting the mint.
 Last night, I told Liddy
Liddy said to me last night, "If you're going to replant it, you'd better put it in a pot or something.
 So I decided to do that. I made a hole in the bottom of a medium-sized unglazed pot that I was not using, and put the rooted mint in with the soil, and took it out. Underneath I put a saucer made of leftover wood. Since it's wood, I'll have to check it from time to time.
He also said, "When the stems touch the ground, roots will grow from them, so please check them from time to time and cut the ones that are hanging down.
 I'll check the stems either before or after my evening practice. If you are going to be away from home for a long time, you might want to move it to a window in your house. It's a little scary to come home and find mint all over the place. I was planning to use it as a "burying ground" until I could decide what to plant in the field, but if seeds or something will eventually come from Liddy's village, I'd rather not have too much and let the mint grow in moderation.

 By the way, we don't have a veranda. We hang our laundry on a tall stake in the yard, with a rope tied to it. Of course, there is no roof. We don't have clothespins, so we hang the clothes on or through the rope. And since there is no roof, we can't do any laundry on rainy days, even though it doesn't rain that much.
 Even if it's in the shade, we can do a little laundry if we can hang it out to dry, and we can cool down there in the forest when the sun is strong. If you have more plants growing in pots than in planters, you can keep them there. I think the bunker is the first thing to go, but I'll suggest to everyone to build it when that area is finished.

 After that, I spent the rest of the day tilling the soil in the courtyard so that it would not become covered with weeds again.