99 build-to-order

 Once we're done talking about orders, we'll just leave. I say hello to Camilo and leave the store.
 Thinking about it, this might be the first time I've made something on commission, other than a special order, or something I sold to him, or rather, sold to him, and then ordered more (I'm talking about the Halberd). I'm glad that Camilo was the first.

 I bade the guard at the entrance of the town a goodbye and walked past. I glanced at him and saw that he was still holding a spear. I wondered if they were training for halberds, which made me think of such useless things. The fact that he asked for more halberds suggests that he intends to use them in this city's guards. If not, he can just send the first one to the guards of the mansion.
 Well, that's for Marius to think about. There's no point in me worrying about it. I put the halberd out of my mind and concentrated on keeping pace with Rike.

 On the way back, the streets were still relaxing. Sometimes I feel like I don't need to be careful because there's nothing to be careful about, but Camilo says that there are occasional bandits, and Helen said that she had defeated a large bandit group a while ago. We can't be too careful. This kind of thing can happen the moment you let your guard down. .......

 As it turned out, there was nothing on the road that day either. Ordinary people would have been more careful in the forest ahead, but we were familiar with it. It was rather comforting.
 However, we don't want to provoke the animals in the forest unnecessarily, so Samija will take the lead in keeping an eye out to avoid running into them.
 They passed by the animals frequently, but did not encounter any trouble. Instead, she didn't see the little wolf that Diana had been longing for, which somewhat dampened her spirits.

 Once I arrived home and finished packing, I had the rest of the day free.
 I decided to prepare a mold in advance for the mass production that would start tomorrow. It's been a while since I've had Samija and Deanna do this for me. I put clay on the wooden mold and let it dry to make a mold. I repeated this process until it was time to prepare dinner, and I had quite a few pieces. This should be enough for mass production tomorrow. I nodded my head and went back to the house to prepare for dinner.

 The next day, after breakfast, it was time to divide up the work. Unlike the usual post-breakfast sitting at the table, we moved to the work area, bowed to the altar, and started our meeting.
As you know from being there, Eizo Workshop has been asked to mass produce longswords. So from today on, we will all be working on it, myself included.
 When I said this, the three of them replied with different words but the same meaning.
"Let's move as efficiently as we can. Deanna, keep working on the mold.
Cámara, you'll be filling the molds. You don't have to do the deburring today.
Rikke and I will finish up.
Okay. Yes, sir.
It's important to hurry, but be careful not to cause accidents by rushing. It's okay to move slowly, one by one. Just make sure you do it safely. Keep in mind that slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
Is that some kind of northern proverb?
 Cámara mixes my words back up.
Well, something like that.
 It's actually something they say in the old world, in special forces training.
"All right, then, let's get to it.
"Yes, sir.
 And so began the first mass production in my workshop.

 Although I was fired up, I couldn't start until the fire was lit in the fireplace and furnace. Until the fire is lit and the temperature rises, all four of us spend our time making molds. These molds will all be used up by the end of the day at the earliest.
 The molds can be reused to a certain extent because the firing process does not change the structure of the molds, but there will be some loss, so there will be a need to replenish them. However, there will be some loss, so there will be a need to replenish the clay sooner or later. Perhaps by the time this mass production is finished, we will need to replenish the clay. But for now, we are just working for the purpose of mass production.

 There was no time for me and Rike to work until the furnace was hot, the iron was melted, and the iron was poured into the mold. At this point, Samija is the busiest person. She's pouring the melted iron into the mold and throwing more ironstone into the furnace. At this rate, she won't be idle after we start finishing. There's a chance that Samija will, but if she does, we'll be able to keep her busy with the mold making.

 When the sword was cold, I took it out of the mold, grabbed it with a pestle and hammered it to remove burrs, then put it in the fire pit to heat it up, took it out when it was "good", and hammered it to finish it. I started first, but Rike was not to be outdone and proceeded to hammer and finish. From a glimpse, it's not a high-class model, but it's a good one for a general model.
 The sound of their hammering echoed loudly, mixed with the sound of fire and wind, and the sounds of Samija and Diana working. We've had this situation many times before, but this time, perhaps because the work was done with a proper purpose, the whole family seemed to be working together even more than usual.

 And so, I finished the first of the family's longswords.