104 confluence

 It's been a while since I've been to the capital, and I'm still under pressure from its vitality. Just like the last time I came here, the number of people, as well as the number of races, is far different from the city. In the city, the most common races were dwarves, marauders, and beastmen, but there were also lizardmen, and this time, there was a man who was twice as tall as a normal human, and when I asked Camilo about it, he told me that he was a giant. It's rare to see them in the city, but it's not that strange.
 I don't see elves in the city or in the capital, but this is because, as Liddy said, they need to consume magic power, so they don't go to places where magic power is not abundant.

 Such people are passing through the streets. I don't know how it is in other big cities, but in this city, people don't care what race you are. In an inn, there may be some consideration because of the availability of chairs and beds, but that's about it, and at least it's not a situation where you can't block traffic.
 It seems to me that there has been a lot of progress in this world, not just in terms of technology.

 I walked through the main street of the city and headed for the gate on the wall, which was smaller than the outer wall. It seems that this wall is a reinforcement of the outer wall when the city was first built. It is similar to the wall on the city side. If the fence at the city side becomes a wall, it will be closer to the capital.
 When Camilo showed the gatekeeper the proof of access to the House of Amur, he was easily let through, and a cart drove through the cobblestone streets of the inner city. The hustle and bustle of the previous days is gone, but that doesn't mean there is no activity. There is a kind of quiet vitality. Slowly, the wagon made its way through the city and eventually arrived at a square lined with tents. So this is the garrison. The soldiers gathered here won't stay here forever.

"Well, that's it for me then. You can take this with you.
 Camilo said as he dropped me off, holding out a piece of paper. A quick look at it shows that I'm a blacksmith who will be serving in this strike, and that I've been invited by the Amur family. Do I need to show this to the receptionist or something?
Thank you. Thank you very much.
It's okay.
 Camilo and I waved goodbye. From here on, even though Marius is here, he is not a military commander, so he doesn't have to stay with me. I'm sure he's with the Transportation Corps, so I'd like to be on good terms with them.
 I show the document that Camilo gave me to the guard of the garrison. The guard looked at the document and called a nearby soldier.
Please wait here for a moment.
 The soldier who was called said to me. The soldier who had been called said to me, "Wait here for a moment." He seemed to be in an awkward position, but I think the fact that he had been invited directly by the Amur family might have helped. He's supposed to look like an old man from the city, though. The soldier who told me to wait ran off. The guards and I are left behind.

"Are you going to be a part of this strike force?
"Yes. Yes, I'll be accompanying the supply convoy as an escort.
 The young guard answered my question with a slightly nervous expression. I asked him casually, but I guess I shouldn't answer this kind of question too much. He must be a new recruit. Now that I've started talking, I'll just keep talking.
I see. As you may have read on the paperwork, my name is Eizo, and I'll be repairing your weapons and armor in the supply unit.
 If you're one of the guards, you'll probably see me around. I introduced myself.
My name is Delmotte. Please make my acquaintance.
 Mr. Delmotte bowed with a graceful gesture. He must be the second or third son of some noble family. I hope I can make a name for myself with this.

 After that, we talked a lot about trivial things. He looked like an old man on the street, but he seemed to think that he was a man of a certain status. It is said that even craftsmen who work for noble families have a good status, even if they don't have a title. I don't think of myself as a client, but rather as a supplier, so I don't care, and I don't need status even if they give it to me. I don't want to be bothered by all the ties. I'd rather spend my time making new weapons.
 Marius seems to be eating and sleeping here with the soldiers. I used to be a soldier just like you," Delmotte laughs when he is drunk. He seems to have a good grip on people.

 After a while, the soldier who had said, "Wait," came back.
"The captain of the strike team wants to see you, sir.
"Oh, I'll come to him then.
 I decided to head there myself. What kind of blacksmith would meet the Count at the entrance of a garrison like this? But I didn't know where it was, so I asked for directions and followed the soldier.
 What I found was a more luxurious tent than the others.
"Captain, I've brought you.
Come on in.
Yes, sir. Come in.
 I heard a voice that sounded familiar, and the soldier urged me to enter the tent.