106 the commencement of an expedition

 The tent was large, but there were no people inside. There were few things in the tent, but they must have been loaded on the carriage outside because we were leaving tomorrow. I unloaded my luggage and lay down. The long ride in the carriage had taken its toll on my back and ass. I've been told that I'll be in a carriage for most of the next three days, and even though I'm feeling young again, I'd better be prepared for this.

 Since I seemed to have too much time on my hands, I used the knife I brought with me to make a statue out of fallen wood to pass the time. After an hour or so, my production cheat kicked in, and I was able to make a pretty good statue of the goddess. I put it on top of my luggage and prayed for the safety of my expedition.

 While I was doing this, it was just about dinner time. The soldiers were gathered near the supply tent, forming a line with dishes in their hands. I took a wooden bowl from Boris and got in line.
 As I walked down the line, Sandro and Martin were pouring soup from a pot into bowls and handing out bread. The line went smoothly, and then it was my turn.
"Oh, it's you! Eat up!
 Sandro greets me with a loud voice and fills my bowl with soup.
Thank you!
 I took the soup and bread with a smile. Tomorrow we'll have hard bread for breakfast, but today it's not so hard yet. The bread will continue to be hard for the next week, so this is a temporary reprieve.

 I walked over to where the soldiers were sitting, sat down, and started eating. The food is not extremely delicious, but it is not particularly bad either. The taste of the soup is similar to the one I make at home, but it seems to be a little better because the ingredients and seasonings are more expensive. Still, if I can eat such delicious food with such limited ingredients, I'm sure there are many soldiers who are glad to be a part of the defeating team.
 From tomorrow until we reach our destination, we will eat two meals a day (with a lunch break), and our staple food while on the road will not be soup, but dried meat that has been boiled in a kind of sauce and then rehydrated, and served on bread. This is probably because it is difficult to prepare and remove the stove and to wash the dishes while traveling.

 When they have finished eating, they put the dishes back. Boris was in charge of collecting them.
"Thanks, man, that's a lot of work.
"No, it's my job. When I was with you in the war two years ago, it was even harder.
 I called out to him as I returned the dishes, and he laughed and replied. He was short, but his body was very sturdy, and if I met him on the street, I would certainly be wary of him. I said, "See you in the tent," and returned to my tent.

 When the sun goes down, everyone in the garrison goes to bed except the guards. Supply troops are not asked to keep watch, so they all go to bed quickly. It's a special job. I decided to follow suit, and slept with Sandro and Mathis, who had finished their work and returned to their tent. I was lucky that I could sleep anywhere.

 The next morning, after getting ready briefly, I had breakfast as soon as possible. Breakfast was the same soup as last night, with hard bread. I soak the bread in the soup to soften it, but it is not so hard that I can't eat it without soaking it. Perhaps it was because it hadn't been baked that long. I finished eating it almost like pouring it down the drain. In this area, I was able to make use of my experience when I was busy with work in the previous world. It's an experience I don't want to use too much.

 When breakfast time was over, tents and stoves were being cleaned up and loaded onto wagons. Dozens of soldiers worked together to finish loading the wagons in about an hour. In between, Mathis led the horses to the wagons. It seems that each soldier is in charge of his own driver. Sandro and I got into the wagon assigned to the supply team.
 Then, a small woman jumped onto the wagon, looking panicked.
"I made it just in time. ......
 She's out of breath, but I'm glad she made it. As I was thinking this, Mathis, sitting next to me, whispered.
"That's the one.
 That's the one. I didn't say much, but Mathis is blunt and straightforward. In this case, he meant to say, "She's the civil servant I told you about yesterday," but the words were overwhelmingly inadequate. You get the idea. .......

 I approached the woman who was out of breath and called out to her.
"Are you okay? Do you want some water?
"Oh, yes. Thank you very much.
 She took the water bottle I offered her and took two sips. As soon as she had caught her breath, I called out to her again.
My name is Eizo, and I've been invited to join the Supply Corps as a blacksmith. Please make my acquaintance.
Oh, that's very kind of you. I'm Fredrika Schluter, a civilian officer with the Supply Corps. You're a blacksmith. Do you repair things?
"Yes, sir. That's what I've been told.
Any armor in need of repair will be reported to me at once. I will ask Mr. Eizo to repair those that come to me, so it would be best if you concentrated on repairing those.
I understand.
 I didn't know you had to report repairs. Well, I'll make a lot of money if I have to do some trivial repairs, but I'll have to spend a lot of money. It's also stressful to have to deal with trivial repairs, so if you can shut it off beforehand, it'll help me too.

 And so, the carriage carrying all the members of the supply team slowly drove off, and the expedition finally began.