129 It's an expedition until I get home.

 The next morning, I wake up very early and get ready to leave. Today is the day I finally go home. I've been away from home for ten days now.
 Why is it that when I'm sure I'm going home, I feel like going home as soon as possible? I guess that's why I feel like I belong in that house.

 Marius had asked me to have breakfast with him, but I refused, saying that he would be more tired than I was yesterday and that I should get some rest. Instead, I asked him to have breakfast with the servants, and he agreed to do so.
 Of course, I didn't know where the servants' dining room was, so I waited outside the room that was assigned to me.
 When I went out of the room, I saw Ms. Liddy standing there, who also seemed to have finished her preparations.
Good morning, Liddy-san.
"Good morning, Mr. Eizo.
 We exchanged morning greetings. From the moment you get home, you will be a part of our family ....... If the other three don't refuse, I'm sure they'll accept her as normal.
 If the five of us from different races and backgrounds could greet each other in the morning and join hands at the altar, there would be nothing better than that.

 After a couple of idle chats, a servant arrived. It was Mr. Bowman. I remember him very well because he was a good-looking man who was one of the most important servants in the house.
"Good morning, Mr. Bowman.
 I greet him. Mr. Bowman looks a little surprised.
"Good morning, Mr. Bowman. Mr. Eizo, Ms. Liddy. I didn't know Mr. Eizo remembered me.
 He greeted me back.
 Oh, so you don't usually remember the names of your servants. But I'm not a nobleman in this world, although I have a family name.
But I'm not a nobleman.
It's not that rude.
 It is not strange at all to assume that since you are a friend of the master, you must be in a certain position, but I'm an old blacksmith with no official position whatsoever.
 I'm an old blacksmith with no official position.

 It seems that everyone except those who have work in the morning and those who are off-duty are supposed to gather in the servants' dining room for breakfast.
 However, most of the off-duty people also get up at the usual time in the morning, so as a result, almost everyone is there except those who have to work now.
 The Amour mansion is not a huge house, but it is still a count's house. There were almost double digits of people there. I can also see Mathis, who was in the expedition. He's the horse keeper of this house.
 If everyone thinks I'm an ex-aristocrat turned blacksmith, then the situation is a bit like the "naive young lady wants to go to a hamburger joint" template from the previous world, but I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

 A young girl asked me about it at breakfast, so I told her the story of my expedition. The tomboy wanted to hear about the last cave conquest rather than the life in the camp, as is the custom of the Amur family.
 Although I was a servant of the Amur family, I didn't tell her that I was the one who killed the hobgoblin, just in case. It was dark, and I don't know if it was the captain or someone else," he said. Liddy was a little unhappy, but I'm sure he would understand why.
 After breakfast, I decided to leave quickly so as not to interfere with the work of the servants (as Mr. Bowman put it, "It's my job to help the guests leave").

 Just then, a familiar face appeared.
It's Camilo.
"Yeah, I had some business here yesterday. I heard that the strike force had returned, so I sent someone to ask if I could give you a ride home while I'm back today, but you said you were leaving, so I rushed over.
"Oh, I'm sorry about that. I was planning to walk home.
So you want to come home with me?
Yeah, sure. I'll take your word for it.
 With Marius and Camilo, what you have is human fate.

 Mr. Liddy and I took Camilo's carriage. Marius arrived just in time to say goodbye to me.
See you later.
"Yeah. See you later, Eizo.
 Marius, Mr. Bowman and the other servants waved me off as I left the house. The scenery from the familiar carriage drifted by as I approached the outer city, passing through the busy streets even though it was still early, and exiting the outer gate. I looked back at the towering walls, the castle, and the mountains behind it.
 I wondered when I would come here again. I would like to stop by the owner's store then.

 The clouds, heavy with water, were drifting in the distance. The milky-white sky here contrasted with the grassland. It was the same road as usual.
 On the way, Camilo asked me many questions about the expedition. I didn't tell Camilo about the hobgoblin, but he would probably know. He would not do anything that would be detrimental to House Amur.

 Although he had been vigilant, nothing had happened on the road. On the road Camilo told me that there had been an increase in the number of attacks on people lately.
 The strange thing is that they are only looking for something, and when they find out that the victim doesn't have it, they just let the victim go.
 I've been increasing my patrols, but I haven't found the culprit, so I was warned to be careful the next time he comes to my house for wholesale.
 We got off Camilo's carriage at the entrance to the forest, waved goodbye, and parted. I see him only once a week, so our parting is casual.

 I walked through the forest, which I knew very well. Occasionally, I see a small animal like a squirrel on a tree. They reminded me of Miss Frederica, but I wondered if that was too rude.
 As I was walking along, hoping that I wouldn't run into a wolf or a bear on the way, I heard a fierce approaching sound from afar. It wasn't running towards us by accident, but it definitely knew that we were here and was aiming for this place.

 I pulled out my shortsword and tried to figure out what was coming.