155 the third day of swordsmanship

 Yesterday, we finished applying the hardening clay. Today I will start the finishing work after quenching.
 I believe that quenching is the most important part of making a sword ....... If I fail here, the two days up to this point will be completely meaningless.
 Today, Rike and Nilda are observing. The other three are going to the fields and foraging. Half of them are going to take Krull for a walk as well.

 After the morning prayers, I saw Samija, Diana, and Liddy off, and used magic to light a fire in the fire pit. I added more charcoal and used magic to blow air around the fire.
 After a while, I hear a gurgling sound, and the fire spreads and becomes brighter.
 Adjust the position of the charcoal so that the entire blade is heated evenly, and add more charcoal or adjust the airflow so that the temperature remains stable. These are all done by cheat.

 Eventually, the blade rises to a temperature suitable for quenching.
That's the temperature.
 I called out to Rike, and got a strong reply.
 Normally, I would have done this at night so that I could determine the temperature by the color of the blade, but since I was using a cheat and Rique was a dwarf and knew the temperature even when it was not night, I decided to do it when the sun was up.
 As a side effect, even though Nilda has some knowledge of blacksmithing, it was difficult to tell the exact temperature, but it's a comforting thought because it won't matter if the demons have the ability to detect infrared rays. However, if the demons had the ability to detect infrared rays, it would be useless.

 Now that the temperature has reached the appropriate level, the whole thing is submerged in the tank at once. The temperature of the water in the tank is also important in quenching.
 In the previous world, there is a story about a pupil who put his hand into the tank to know the temperature of the water used for quenching, and had his hand cut off.
 It is such an important thing, but in my case, I have already confirmed it with a cheat and told it to Rike. I'm a blacksmith in this world, and my senses are more than just cheats. .......

 You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes. I can feel it in my hand. The speed at which the blade is cooled differs depending on the firing clay, and this difference causes contraction and the blade is warping right now.
 In the previous world, there was a person who compared these to the sound of birth, and I can understand why this would seem so.

 When I pulled up the blade from the tank, it was warped just as I expected. The center of the warp is about the middle of the blade, and the warp itself is not deep but shallow.
 The entire blade is exposed to the flames of the fireplace, which is still burning, to raise the temperature slightly, and the slight distortions are corrected by placing the blade on a log cutting board. This process can also be used to temper parts that have been burned.
 When the distortion has been removed and the blade has cooled down, the entire blade is sharpened with a rough whetstone to check the pattern of the blade. The shape of the blade is exactly as you expected it to be. This is what I personally think of when I think of a sword, and since this is the first sword I am making, I wanted to make it "look" like that.

 Since there seems to be no problem with the whole sword, I will continue to sharpen the whole sword. However, this is not the finishing touch, but rather the next step in the process. In model building, this is like spraying on surfacer, and in makeup, this is like applying foundation.
 As the sharpening progressed, the blade became dull and shiny. I've seen some famous swords in the previous world, but even looking at it now, it doesn't look so bad. I'm not an expert, and I made it myself, so I don't deny that I have a bias.
"Oh. Is it finished?
 Nilda says, looking at the blade I've raised.
"No, no, it's not finished yet. No, no, no, it's not finished yet. I have to work on it.
Is that so?
Northern swords are considered to be works of art. The one I'm working on is more like a real sword, though.
 Nilda started to think about something, so I continued my work.
 After sharpening, the overall shape was decided, and I used a cheat to carve a single U-shaped stripe, or "hi", on the ridges of the Shinogi ground. It is said to be for draining blood, but in fact it is simply for weight reduction. In fact, I don't feel any loss of strength even with the cheat.
 Now that the gutter carving is finished, the entire blade side is cleaned up. This is the completion of painting in modeling, or the foundation in makeup. The gutter was polished with a file and a whetstone to ensure evenness.

 The body of the sword is now ready for finishing. The next step was the stem. A hole is drilled for the nail to pass through, and the surface is cleaned up by filing, but to make it difficult for the nail to come off the hilt, it is filed one last time.
 In the previous world, it is said that the way of leaving the file marks varies from person to person and workshop to workshop, but I don't know if it is necessary to pay attention to it in this world, so I didn't pay any attention to it.

 Finally, it was time for the final work of changing the shape. I picked up the iron and dug an imprint of a fat cat sitting on the blade side of the eye nail hole.
 Then I hear the clang of a bell in the workshop. Is it that time already? The next job will be the end of the day. Just as I was thinking this, Samija and the others came into the workshop.
"Oh, what, you're still working?
"Yeah. Well, this is the end.
 I replied to Samija, and picked up the iron again and cut the inscription on the other side of the cat's mark. "Eizo Tajan".