163 Multiple deliveries

 So, after a few days of production for delivery (during which time Samija and the others were doing their own work), the day of delivery arrived. There was no problem with the delivery, as we had enough numbers.
 While loading the goods into the cart, I connected Krull with the cart. Krull was visibly in a good mood, probably because he was happy to be able to pull the cart for the first time in a long time. He is still chirping in a not-so-loud voice.
 While Deanna is soothing him, he finishes loading the cart. As soon as Rike sits down on the platform and takes control of the reins, Krull lets out a cry and starts walking slowly.

 The only things to watch out for along the way are bears and thieves. I'm sure the bandits have already returned to their homeland. I wrote a letter to Marius about this while I was working. I need to get this to Marius via Camilo.
 I also need to ask Camilo about the potatoes and the seasoning from the north, which have been put on the shelf because I didn't know what would happen to the fields.

 I'm going through the forest at a moderate speed. Apart from the high-pitched birds and the occasional wolf in the distance, the only sound in the forest was the rumble of the dragon carts. Perhaps because of the sound, we were able to get out of the forest without running into a bear.
 The speed increased further when we reached the road. Even though Nilda is gone (if she keeps her word), there is still the danger of thieves, so we must remain vigilant.
 In such a case, a weapon with a longer range is more advantageous, and I should make a new weapon in that area first.

 In the end, nothing happened on the road, and we reached the city safely. I bade the guards standing at the entrance a goodbye from the car and drove on.
 Since this is only the second time I've been here, it seems that I'm not familiar with the city yet, and I get a lot of unreserved stares.
 About 20% of the stares are at the undercarriage of the car, 70% at Krull, and 10% at Lidi. There is no doubt that each of them is rare, so there is no way around it. The fact that the number of eyes on Liddy is decreasing is probably due to the fact that we have been here several times, so we are used to seeing her.

 We walked slowly through the city and arrived at the warehouse of Camilo's store. Once the car is in the warehouse, I detach Krull and tie him to the back of the store. As before, I asked the clerk for some water and leaves, and walked through the familiar store and entered the business meeting room.

 After a while of chatting among myself, Camilo and the manager came into the business meeting room as usual.
"Hey." "Hey.
 I kept my greetings to a minimum and got right down to business.
Is this the usual stuff you brought today?
Yeah. About the same number as usual.
 I guess Camilo didn't have anything in particular for me this time, so I immediately looked at the watchman. He nodded and left the room.

I have two requests for you.
"Eizo? That's unusual.
Yeah, a couple of things.
All right, what is it?
 I took the letter out of my pocket and gave it to Camilo.
I need you to get this to Marius.
What's it say?
It's about the bandits on the road.
 I'll tell Camilo all about Nilda. Camilo was surprised, but agreed, "Well, that's what Eizo does, ......".
So, was there a problem?
Yeah. If you had obeyed my orders, you would have been back in your country by now.
You always get yourself into trouble, don't you?
Most of it had to do with you and Marius.
 I smiled back at Camilo. Camilo said with a laugh, "I bet.

I got it. I'll make sure it gets there.
Thank you.
So, what's the other thing?
I need you to get me some seed potatoes and some northern seasoning.
I see. ......
 Camilo's face turns thoughtful as he hears my request.
Is there something wrong with that? You can go to .......
"No, not really.
 When I try to refrain, Camilo interrupts me with a wave of his hand.
I can get you all the seed potatoes you want, but I'm not strong enough to deal with the North, so it's going to take some time.
"Good. I'll wait patiently for the seasoning.
That'd be great. Do you like any kind of seasoning in the north?
Yeah. Anything that's available and shelf-stable.
All right. Put my name on it and we'll get it.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's what I do.
 Camilo said with a laugh, and we shook hands once more.