168 a new weapon

 It took four days to build the warehouse. Although we need two weeks' worth of deliveries, we know that we can get enough if we concentrate on it for a week or so, which means we can do something else for three days.

 In other words, I can do something else for three days. That's right, I have to make a bow for the hunting group. I've never made a bow before. So, I would like to try first to see if making a new weapon will improve my skill.
 After that, I will think carefully about what I should make with Apoitakara.

 But there's one problem here. The highest level of cheat I have is "Kurosmith (Kurosmith)". It's not a "weaponsmith. I also have cheats for things related to general "production", but they are many levels lower than blacksmith.
 I can still make better stuff than a normal craftsman, though. I'm sure of that, but I'm not sure how good they can be. I'd like to experiment with that as well.

 I discussed this with everyone at dinner on the day the warehouse was built.
"Isn't that a good idea?
"If we get more bows, I can use them when I hunt.
I could use some more help.
 There seemed to be no objection to Samija, Deanna, and Liddy going out to hunt (although Liddy often stayed behind).
You've never made a wooden weapon before, have you?
That's right. Yes, so we might make something strange.
 Rike didn't seem to have any particular opinion, so it was decided that I would make the bow the next day, and everyone else would do the usual work. The hunt will be postponed until I finish making my bow. That's a lot of responsibility.

 The next day, after I finished my morning routine, I went to the newly built warehouse to get some lumber. I returned to the workshop with a decent sized piece of lumber.
 I took some materials and the meat that had been drying in the workshop to the warehouse, and the workshop looked cleaner than when I first came here. At worst, the sense of life has disappeared, but I think that's okay, because I don't want the workshop to have a sense of life.

 While other people are making sheet metal, I split the wood and cut out the relatively flexible parts as boards. The rest is just grinding away. In the previous world, I actually saw a video of making a bow with it.
 In this case, the shape of the bow should be like C, but whether it should be warped backwards or forwards. For example, the Japanese bow of the previous world is strung with the warp opposite to the overall warp of the bow when it was made (although there are more warps here and there, each with its own name).
 Basically, I thought a short roundwood bow would be fine for use in the woods (in fact, that's what Samija has), but I wanted to get a little creative.
 So, being the best blacksmith, I decided to make a short bow in the shape of a composite bow with a thin iron plate attached to it.

 First of all, I shaved the wood to make a thin plate. If anything, this is just a base. It should have a certain thickness, not be saggy, and still be flexible enough not to break when drawn or released.
 Thanks to the cheats and the performance of the knife, I've managed to find the right balance in this area. It's just a board at the moment: ....... The next step is to make a steel plate to attach to it.

 If the steel plate is too thick for the suspension, it will be impossible for a human to cut through it, and if it is too thin, it will be of little use. The thickness needs to match the strength of Samija, Deanna, and Liddy, while keeping in mind the finished product.
 I took the sheet metal and put it in the fire pit, leaving that to the cheats. I hope the blacksmith's cheat will work from here, I thought.