178 2nd mass delivery

 For six days, we worked tirelessly to produce what we needed to produce, and we were able to produce the target number. We had a little extra time, so we all planted some seed potatoes in the field.

 We loaded the produce into the cart and connected the Kururu. As for the swords, there were many spears, but some of them were too long and bulky. It took some effort to load them.
 When we were ready to leave, we decided to leave as soon as possible. It's supposed to be the rainy season soon, but there's no sign of it at the moment, and the air in the forest is fresh.
 It seems that we are no longer worried about tigers, but bears are said to be wandering around here, so we have to be careful. I don't think we need to be overly cautious, though, because some of them have good noses.

 Once you are safely out of the forest, you will reach the street. The sky is blue and you can't tell that it's almost the rainy season here, and there is a field of tall grass that looks like it's looking forward to the rain. If we weren't in a different world, we would just relax and enjoy the scenery.
 But of course, the security is far different from the Japan of the previous world. You can't be too careful. Even if you have a bow and a spear, it is better not to use them in the first place.
 Occasionally, a part of the grassland would rustle and move, and everyone on alert would react each time, but it was almost always "probably a rabbit or some other wild animal". There's no need to come hunting here at the moment (the creatures in the forest are sufficient), so it's unlikely that we'll see them.

 And so, after a series of tense and relaxed moments, we arrive at the city. I bade farewell to the guard with the halberd. I'd like to ask him how it feels. Maybe I'll ask him through Marius.
 The people in the city, who used to look at us quite a lot, are no longer paying much attention to us. Occasionally, a few well-dressed people (including beastmen and dwarves) who seemed to have come from elsewhere would give us a startled look.

 I arrived at Camilo's store and went to the business meeting room as usual. I arrived quite early today. There was a good chance that he would arrive at this time today, and I guess he expected it.
Hey, how's business?
We're still getting by.
 Camilo and I exchanged casual greetings. Then we got down to business.
So, did you get the numbers you said you'd get?
Of course.
You're good. Thanks.
It's my job.
 I said with a grin. Camilo grinned too. Camilo looks at the head of the guard, who nods and leaves the room.

"About the revolution...
 After confirming that Mr. Bancho has left, Camilo begins to speak.
It seems that the revolution itself is not affected, but I heard something troubling.
 Camilo nods.
I don't think it's going to affect the revolution itself, but I've heard that the Imperial Army is acting strangely.
Is there a leak?
 I asked and Camilo nodded again.
The Empire's not stupid. I'm sure they have agents, and if they try to move, they can't help but be detected to some extent.
"Hmm ......
"Like I said, it won't affect the revolution. The problem is .......
 Camilo hesitated for a moment, and then continued.

It seems that Helen has been captured by the Empire.