181 Departing for the Empire

 The next morning, after worshipping, we put the statue in our pockets, took our luggage, and rode together in Krull's cart to the entrance of the forest. There's a bit of sheet metal, and we'll be away from everyone for a while.

 When we reach the entrance to the forest, we go a little deeper into the forest to check on the road. Heavy clouds are visible in the distance, perhaps signaling the arrival of the rainy season.
 From time to time, wagons and troops of what looked like vendors and travelers on foot would pass by. I can understand why they would want to get as far away from here as possible before the rainy season starts. When the road is muddy, it is difficult to move.

 Eventually, a carriage with a faster speed than them came and stopped at the side of the forest. Normally, when you are repairing something, you stop on the grassland side where it is safer, but the fact that it stopped on this side means that .......

 I approached the wagon with my luggage and called out to it.
Oh, there you are.
 A familiar face appeared from the top of the carriage.
"Yes. I need your help.
 I handed the box containing the sheet metal to Camilo and asked him to pull it up. I got into the carriage.

 There was no one else to pass at the moment. I decided to leave while I could. I stand on the back of the cart and wave to the forest. When I see that my family has responded with a wave, I sit down on the back of the cart.

 The wagon starts to move. After some distance, I noticed something strange.
Does this thing have ...... suspension?
 I hadn't taken a good look at it when I got in earlier. I hadn't taken a good look at it when I got in earlier, or maybe it was disguised so that I couldn't see it at a glance.
"Oh. I've finally found a way to use it in a reasonable way. It's not ready for mass production yet, so I'm hiding it to prevent people from copying me.
 Camilo replies to my almost soliloquistic mumbling. It wobbles, but it doesn't give me the jolt that it used to.
My back would be a little less sore if I had one of these in my carriage with the demon slayers.
I'm going to try to sell it, so if there's a next time, I might get to ride in one.
Well, let's hope there isn't another one.
I hope not.
 Camilo laughed, and I laughed too. Camilo laughed and I laughed. I'm just a blacksmith.

 A carriage runs along the street. The speed of a normal carriage is as if it were not carrying a load.
It'll get us to the empire faster than we thought, but it'll still take a few days.
 Camilo says.
"So let's discuss the details on the way.
"All right. I'd also like to know why the Marquis made the request in the first place.
Yeah. That's easy. The Marquis is the one who sent me to the Empire.
That's why he asked you to rescue mercenaries who are supposed to be disposable.
"......, yeah.
 The way you're talking, that's not the only reason. If you don't tell me, then it's probably best that I don't find out about it now.
 I sat back down deep in my carriage seat and started talking about something else.