198 flight

 We're not the only ones who fled the city in the night. Many others have left the city as well.
 After leaving the city, they are basically moving along the street, but the street is not very wide. People on foot move along one side of the road, and horse-drawn carriages move away from the city at a fast pace on the other side.
 Both sides are lit with torches, and they form a light path. It is like the highway of the previous world. The flickering lights make it seem more beautiful than eerie.
 Our carriage is moving fast along the lighted road with the others.
 The swaying is a little less than the other carriages around us, but since we're not going that fast, it doesn't seem to be noticeable.
 It's doubtful that there's anyone on the road who can afford to pay attention to such details, though.
 Helen keeps her hand in mine and remains silent. Camilo took out a wig from the wagon and handed it to me.

"Hmm? What is it, Eizo?
 When I called out to her, she replied with a slightly pale face. He looked a little better than he did right after I saved him.
I'll put this on his head. It's going to take a while to get the word out, but we have to be careful.
"Yeah. Thanks.
 Helen replies in a faint voice. I gently took my hand away from Helen and put the wig on her. It's a little long and blonde.
 Helen's hair was short, so I could put it on her without having to hold her original hair. She touched the ends of her hair a little to hide the scar on her face. He pretends that he is growing it out because he cares about the scar on his face.
That's it. It's going to tickle, but you'll have to be patient.
 Helen nodded obediently. It was still dark, so it was unlikely that she would notice, but if she put it on before it got light, she wouldn't have a problem when it got light and she showed her face.
 With Helen holding my hand in one hand and tweaking the ends of my hair with the other, the carriage drove down the street.

 Eventually, the sky turned white as the people on foot disappeared from the street. They had gone a long way, and they had not been able to catch up with the carriage on foot.
 I hope each of those people got away safely.
Once we're here, they won't be able to chase us.
 Camilo said, and Franz slowed down the carriage.
Let's rest here. It's not good for the horses.
 We nodded at Franz's words and he stopped the carriage.

 The sky was gradually getting brighter, but the men were preparing to make camp. It's hard to get a good night's sleep, but we need to get some rest.
 Of course, I'll ask Helen to rest through the night. I gave her two blankets, one to lay on and one to cover her, and asked her to lie down on the ground.
We'd better get ready to eat.
 I set up a wooden tri-pod on the fire, hung a pot to boil water, and cooked some dried meat and beans.
 It was a good thing we had water in the wagon, because we didn't know when to run. We still had plenty of water.
 As it gets brighter, the flames themselves are less noticeable, but the smoke rising higher is more noticeable, so in that sense it is not so good.
 But I doubt Helen's body will be able to take it unless it's cooked and softened.

 I decided to take over the first watch while checking the pot. Camilo and Franz also pulled the blanket over their heads and lay down. Eventually, I could hear them breathing soundly.
 The bright light made it easier to see far and wide, so we were less likely to be attacked by animals, but it also made it easier for our pursuers to see us.
 Standing on the back of the wagon, I looked around and saw no other wagons resting. If we hit them all, there is a possibility that they will come here as well, so we should be cautious.
 I got off the wagon and looked at the pots and pans on the fire, and when I looked at Helen, she was sleeping peacefully. She must not have had a good night's sleep recently.
 We don't know what will happen for a while to come. Get some rest while you can, I thought, as I stirred the contents of the pot around.