219 The Sword of Lightning-The First Thunder

 The next day, after completing my daily routine of fetching water, dressing myself, having breakfast, and worshipping at the altar, I started working on the apoitakara I cut out yesterday.

 This time, instead of mixing it in, I made a sandwich of apoitakara with steel. The idea is that if I shave the edge, or rather attach a blade, the apoitakara will be exposed as a blade .......
 So far, the cheat hasn't told me that it's impossible, so I think it will work as planned.
 If it doesn't, I'll have to start over, but then I'll have a headache just thinking about what to do with the sandwiched apoitakara, so I hope it doesn't come to that.

 The first step is to heat the cut apoitakara in a fire pit, and use a cheat sheet to determine the temperature at which it can be processed.
 Heated metal usually glows red and white. That was the case with Mithril. But Apoitakara glows blue.
 Normally, a blacksmith can tell how hot a metal is by its color. Fire, metal.
 Not being able to do that would be quite tricky. There is a possibility that only a few people in this world can handle it.
 You have to learn from scratch how to determine the temperature at which you can process it.

But it's beautiful.

 I muttered to myself. But it's beautiful," I muttered to myself, "it's so blue, and the color is so different, it's like it's been cut out.

It's different from mithril, isn't it?

 Lique replied to my muttering. I stare at the heated blue glow of Apoitakara.

"Yes, it is. It's going to be tricky to remember this color.

 It's okay that I'm a cheat and know them, but Rique doesn't. But she's a dwarf, so she's probably better than a human.

I'll do my best to learn it. It's a rare opportunity.
"Oh, good luck.

 There is no way you can buy something that costs two gold coins.
 This is not a problem of the money I have, but a problem of distribution. If it is very expensive, it means that it is not available in the market.
 If you're talking about money, I have plenty of it.

 When it reaches a temperature where it can be worked, take it out of the fireplace, place it on the anvil, and hammer it.
 I thought it would be troublesome if it soaked up magic and hardened, but it did not. This is also different from mithril. It seems to be absorbing more and more magic power. The reason is that it begins to emit phosphorescence little by little with each strike.
 However, it is good that it doesn't get harder and harder every time you hit it, but it is very hard to begin with. It's harder than mithril when it's full of magic power.
 And the temperature drops quickly. It becomes unprocessable very quickly.
 This means that it takes a lot of work to stretch it just a little. I put the Apoitakara back on the fireplace after just a little stretching.

If I were to make it with just this thing, it would cost me no less than ten gold coins for a knife.

 I thought to myself as I heated the Apoitakara on the fire.
 Then Helen, who had been watching the work as closely as Rike, said.

You can get twenty.
"Yeah. Weapons made of unusual materials fetch a high price in the first place. If you add Eizo's quality to that, it's going to be unbelievable. It's at a price that even my fee can't buy, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who still want it.
I see. I'll use that as a reference for pricing in the future.

 Recently, I've been selling almost everything I've made to Camilo, and getting him to buy it at his price.
 Of course, I trust that he won't give me an unreasonable price, but it might be easier for me to buy such unusual items if I tell him what I want to pay, and I basically get what he wants for custom-made items, but if that's not enough, I need to set a fair price myself.
 Helen, who is a mercenary and knows the prices of these things well, will have to help me learn them little by little.

 I took it out of the fireplace and pounded it again and again, and finally got it to the desired length in the evening.
 Then I split it into two pieces. This was also a difficult task, but fortunately it was not as laborious as stretching it.

 Thus ended the first day of Helen's new sword making.