241 This Business Talk

 I'm glad that we were able to get soy sauce and miso, but there are other things that we need to get.
 As usual, salt and pepper are also important food-related items.
 Most of the women are ...... women, or rather I am the only man including Krull and Lucy, but we have a family of six (plus two cows), so we consume a good amount, especially salt, which is also used for preservation.
 Above all, let's not forget about charcoal and ironstone, which are not directly necessary for living, but indirectly lifeline. Without them, we cannot make weapons, which is our source of income, and we will dry up someday.
 After the conversation, Camilo instructed the guard who came back from outside the room.

I'm sorry for kicking you out when you just came back.

 I'm sorry for kicking you out when you're just back," he said, smiling.

"That's my job, don't worry about it.

 And with that, he left. Like Marius, it looks good when a handsome man smiles like that. Camilo and I can't do that.

See you later.

 Camilo started to speak just as the guard was about to close the door.
 The fact that he said it was okay to let my family hear about it meant that it wasn't really a confidential matter, but I wondered if there was something about the timing.
 I get a little defensive and urge him to go on.

There's something I need you to make.
"What is it? What is it?" "It's nothing complicated, but it's cheap.
No, it's not that complicated.
So it's a lot of food?

 Camilo shrugged at my words. Bingo.

I'm sorry it's not a weapon, but I need a lot of hoes made.

 A hoe is not difficult to make. I've made them before. I sold them when I first came to this town.
 I couldn't sell it then, but I never thought I'd be asked to sell it like this.
 Feeling a little emotional, I tried not to show it on my face and looked at Rike.
 He met my gaze and nodded. I guess it depends on the number, but it's possible to mass-produce them to a certain extent. We have more manpower. .......

I'll do it. I'll do it.
"Okay. Thanks.
So, how many do you need?

 I think I can make 50 swords, but 100 might be too much for me.
 But 100 might be difficult. I might want to know the limit of our production capacity at some point.

We don't want too few, but the more we have, the better.
You're very vague.
We'll sell as many as we can this time.
Is that so?

 Camilo nodded at my words.

"I told you about the territory we took from the Empire. I told you about the territory we cut off from the empire. Even though it was the empire's territory, it was actually abandoned land. We have to cultivate it first. It's a lot of land, and a lot of people are going to be there. We need a hoe for them.
"I see.

 I think the main farmers are small farmers, but these small farmers often borrow farming tools from their landowners. In other words, they don't have their own farming tools.
 This time, I guess the idea is that if you go to the land, you can become a small farmer and become a self-made farmer. It is like the Kenten Eien Private Property Law. What you think is not so different even if the world is different.
 And if you are a self-made farmer, you will have your own farming tools. Whether the government provides the tools or the farmer pays for them himself, he needs them.
 I have only ordered a hoe for my workshop, but you will need a sickle and other tools. I suppose they are hiring another blacksmith for that.
 If the land has been abandoned and the soil is hard, our hoe would be a good choice as it requires less labor.
 Besides, it would be a violation of the antitrust law if we took over all the farming tools. Well, whether there is such a law or not, I don't want to be jeered at.

"Well, I'll try my best to get more than 50. Can we do it next week?
...... Oh, come on.

 Camilo rolled his eyes for a moment at my words, but his face quickly returned to normal.

I'd like to ask you to give a message to Marius.
Okay, what's up?

 I told him that I was going to the capital on a day trip the day after tomorrow, and that I wanted him to take care of Krull and Lucy at the Amour house.
 As I said, I couldn't wander around the capital with Krull, and it would be a pity if Krull was left out of the party at that time, so I made the hard decision to leave Lucy behind as well.
 There are times when it's not a good idea because it's unilaterally our choice. In that case, we'll have to pay for her to stay at a reasonable inn.

"All right. I'll let him know.

 Camilo and I finished our conversation, shook hands, and started preparing to leave together.