251 Choose Accessories

 Poof, I got Deanna to take a look at the whole thing, first Sarmyah.

"Well, I don't know.

 She looks embarrassed as she puts on a golden necklace with a design of twisted tree branches.
 I was expecting her to choose something wilder, something with a fang motif, but she chose something more relaxed, which surprised me a little.
 But of course, it doesn't look bad on her, and it seems to complement Samija's cuteness (although I think she intends it to be wild).
 It also goes well with the green hair ornament she usually wears. Although it's gold, it doesn't look too flashy because Samija's hair and fur are yellow ...... or tiger-patterned.

I think it looks good on you.

 I said frankly. Samija's face finally turned red and she began to squirm. She's not used to this kind of thing.

 Next was Rique. Rike's was quite simple, with a small red jewel on a stout silver pendant top.

So this is a blacksmith's fire.

 It was Deanna who answered my question. It's quite small, but the red jewel reflects the light, making it look like a flickering fire. Good observation.
 Today, Rique is wearing a modest dress that is less revealing than usual (usually she is rather revealing because of the heat), but it makes a good point.

The lychee looks good on her.
Thank you very much.

 Rique said with a big smile. He seems a little embarrassed, but then again, he's the one in my family who's used to getting compliments, and I get a lot of compliments at the forge.
 If everyone was embarrassed by my words, my embarrassment would reach its limit and I might run out of the store.

Here's one for Liddy.

 And then there was Liddy the Elf. It's similar to Samija's, but with a silver necklace. Riddy had silver hair.
 This one had a green gemstone of similar size to Rike's, reflecting the light. I guess this is an image of the forest.
 I like the way it's a combination of Samija's and Rike's, divided by two, and seasoned for Liddy.
 And above all

"It's like a forest fairy.

 I say this as I feel it, and Liddy silently punches me in the chest. But unlike the rest of the family, it doesn't hurt. Maybe she's going easy on me, or maybe it's the difference in strength between her and the rest of the family.
 I have a feeling it's the latter, but it's one of the unspoken flowers of my family.

"Oh, I'm good. ......
"What are you talking about? I said I'll give you enough for the whole family.

 You said you would get one for the whole family." Helen resisted in a mosquito-like voice, but Deanna twisted her around and picked out a red jeweled earring. The jewel was a size larger than the one in Rike's pendant.
 She is wearing a wig now, so her hair color is different, but it still looks good. It would have looked even better with red hair.
 Deanna's aesthetic sense is also quite good. While matching her current hair color, she also made it look good with her original hair color.

"Oh, that's nice.

 When I praised her, Helen was embarrassed and gave me a fist bump. I managed to palm her.
 I managed to catch it in the palm of my hand. There was a popping sound, and my hand went numb with shock. How seriously did it come at me?
 Waving my hand to ward off the numbness, I continued.

"I know you can't wear it for 'work' because it's shiny and conspicuous, but it's cute, so why don't you wear it on a regular basis?

 I thought I had given my honest opinion, but Helen stopped me when I tried to give her another fist bump.
 Instead, she said in a low voice, as if she had resisted the first time.

"Oh, thank you, .......

 I protested only in my mind, "That's more destructive.