273 the intention of an empire

 All at once, a murderous atmosphere filled the forge. Helen just barely managed to hold her ground with my words, but if I were to snap my fingers, she would immediately take Anne's life.
 I knew that if I had to do it to protect my family, the worst thing I could do would be to do it, but I didn't want Helen to do it here.
 I'll do it on her way home if I deem it necessary.

So, you'll explain the situation to me, is that correct?
"Yes, yes, of course!

 Anne bobbed her head as if she were shaking her whole body. If she turns her head sideways, she looks like Lucy wagging her tail.
 Everyone else stopped their work and gathered around.

As I said before, we have no intention of getting into a fight with you.

 Anne began to speak with a serious look on her face. She looked pale, but her tone was clear. I wonder which one is the real one, the one who was so flustered just now.

I have judged that you are more like the Kingdom in your position. This is simply because of where you live and the connections you have with your friends.

 Anne took a sip of hot water with a sip of wine. Helen was as tense as ever. If she showed the slightest sign of suspicion, even a single knife would separate her head from her neck in a matter of seconds.
 As for me, I don't really feel like I belong to the kingdom, probably because I'm not even from this world. Because of where I live, I only got to know Camilo, Marius, and the rest of the kingdom first. If this forest or this workshop had been closer to the Empire, I might have met someone from the Empire.
 "But since there is no if, that option would not have existed for this world.
 After drinking the hot water, she let out a breath and continued.

And I don't want to be overly attached to you, the Emperor said. I've had ample opportunity to try out what you've apparently created.

 Anne is referring to the many swords you've made. The one that the Marquis gave in exchange for the empire's territory ......, a land that was almost abandoned and had almost no inhabitants.
 Besides, he would have had time to test Helen's sword before it was put in front of him. The revolution itself was crushed in a flash.

But we can't just leave him out there without knowing who he is, so I told him to go check him out.
"Then it was a mistake to be so cautious, wasn't it?

 I questioned. If you just ask for the job, check it out and leave, there's no risk. Even if they suspect you, you have no proof.
 Even if I hadn't expected to lose my life, it didn't seem like the right choice.
 Anne nodded.

I think so, too.
"Well, ......
"His Majesty told me to go and talk to him openly. If I don't come back, that's what you're expecting, isn't it?

 You're a man who speaks very simply. But you've already factored in the possibility of an exchange of lives.
 It would be to the Empire's benefit if they "put her away" here.
 But then, she's no ordinary person, is she?
 If I were killed now, my friends and acquaintances in the kingdom might be angry (and I hope they would be), but it wouldn't have much impact on the relationship between the kingdom and the empire. It's just one dead blacksmith who has drifted away and lives in a strange place.
 In other words, she is at least of a status that being killed or imprisoned would bring about some sort of situation between the Kingdom and the Empire. I think that's a big departure from the name she just gave.
 I decided to take a stab at it.

"If that's the case, isn't there something you haven't told me?
"Oh, sure.

 After a moment's pause at my words, Anne stands up. Helen, Samija and Diana stepped forward.
 She raised her eyebrows a bit, but then smiled and bowed gracefully in the aristocratic manner.

I am Annemarie Christine Wiesner, the Seventh Princess of the Empire.