301 funeral rites

 Or should I say, I'm glad they weren't buried. There were three of them, which at first glance appeared to be nothing more than undergrowth, covered by the branches of trees that still had leaves around them.
 Samija and I carefully removed the coverings. Then three bodies appeared.
 They don't look very well dressed, considering they've been out in the rain for so long, but that's probably just a cover. This is probably a disguise, because the quality itself seems to be pretty good.

I know this is hard for you, but do you recognize this image?
"...... Yes.

 Anne answered, biting her bottom lip. I looked at them, put my hands on the three bodies, and closed my eyes gently.

I'm sorry, but the bodies will be buried here. As deep as possible to avoid being dug up by animals. If there's anything that can identify him, please remove it while you're at it.

 While Helen was alerting the people around her, Anne slowly removed the items that the body had been wearing. It could be a necklace or a knife.
 Both Anne and the people who were killed must have been prepared to a certain extent, but that doesn't mean they can't be shocked when it comes true. I can feel my hands trembling slightly.
 I wish I could say something clever at a time like this, but I couldn't find the right words, so I could only stare at it in silence.

 Eventually, Anne left the body.

"Are you finished?

 Anne nodded her head. I don't ask her if she is okay, because I know she is not. After this, I will dig a hole to bury the body, but I don't need Anne to do that.
 I asked Deanna to take Anne in, and Samija, Helen and I started digging the hole.

 It took us a long time to dig the hole. It took us a long time to dig the hole, because the fact that we had to kill three people weighed heavily on us. If it had not been for Helen, who was relatively used to this kind of situation, it might have taken until midnight after dusk.
 We had brought a torch just in case, but it would have been difficult to work in the dark. Thank God it was before that.

 I'll call Anne back to the body. I know it's hard, but I want her to say goodbye. It'll be the last time.

Let's put her in there together. I'll take this one. Anne, you take that one.

 I asked Camija and Helen to take the one near the feet, and Anne and I took the one near the head and laid it gently in the hole.
 As long as I'm not completely uninvolved in this situation, I'm obligated to take on some of the weight. That's what I'm thinking.
 As the three of us line up at the bottom of the hole, Anne squeezes each of our hands. It's her way of saying goodbye. Slowly, like rain soaking into the ground, Anne bids us farewell. We stare at it.

 When Anne has said goodbye, it's time to cover the ground. I left one of the shovels to Anne. She turned her head and gently covered it with soil.
 As she disappeared, her movements slowed down, but Helen and I covered her with the soil, and when she was completely out of sight, we left her to Diana again.
 After we had completely covered it with dirt, I made three grave markers with branches from the area, stuck them in a small mound, and called out to everyone.

"May you find peace over there.

 I bowed my head with my hands and mumbled. I didn't have the presence of mind to try to find out if everyone else was doing the same.