309 New Product Practice

 Rieke's chariot has entered the forest. I chuckle, feeling relieved. It's been less than a year since I came to this world, but from here on out, it's become a familiar territory.
 It seems to be a place where other people are not only relieved but also horrified, but it's a feeling I can't quite put my finger on as I live here.

 It is in such a familiar forest. Compared to towns and streets, the degree of caution is lower. According to Samija, the wolves, the natural guards, are patrolling the area in a state of hunger after the rainy season, so it's obvious that it would be difficult to hide in here.
 However, it would be troublesome if you were too careless and came across a bear, so you should keep your guard up at the very least.
 When I'm on alert, I feel like my senses are more acute than when I'm in town, probably because I'm under a lot of magic. Maybe I should ask Liddy about it sometime.

I'm home.

 In the end, I arrived home without incident. I don't know if it was the sound, the smell, or the presence, but they seemed to have sensed our return, and Samija and the others were out in the open. I thought they were out hunting for a distraction, but it seems they were at home.

Welcome back. Is everything alright?
"Yeah. Everyone's fine. We're all fine. We're home.

 When I say that, Samija, Liddy and Anne look relieved. I guess they weren't in the mood to go hunting because they were worried about us. I'm kind of embarrassed, but kind of happy.
 As soon as Rique stopped Krull, Lucy jumped down from the back of the truck and sat down in front of Samija and the others. It was as if she was saying, "I'm home. Liddy crouched down and patted her on the head, saying, "Welcome home.

 After that, they went about their usual tasks of unhooking Krull from the cart and moving his belongings into the warehouse and house. Anne helped me a little.

I'm sorry you had to help me.
No, I like to move around. I like to move around. Besides, I'm in your debt.

 Anne was as strong as her body. All of my family members, with the exception of Liddy, are stronger than they look, so it's refreshing to see them as they appear. I know it's not a compliment to a young woman, so I don't say it out loud.
 I finished cleaning up a little earlier than usual, so I had a little more time to do my own thing.

Okay, let's get started.

 Once the forge is lit and ready to work, I take the sheet metal and heat it in the fire pit. After beating and stretching the heated sheet metal until it becomes thin, I cut it into pieces.

"Master, what are you doing?

 Rikke, who had been practicing as usual when I lit the forge, peeked in.

I'm thinking of making one of those baskets.
"Oh, you're making armor too?

 I nodded. I hadn't tried to make armor in the past, partly because I couldn't make as many as it would take me to make, but now that Helen was a family member and Anne was in trouble, I thought it might be a good idea to think about ways to protect myself.

"We still have practice today.
Does the master need to practice?
"Of course.

 I said with a wry smile. Even though I had been given a cheat ability, I had no experience at all. If I'm going to make something as complicated as an armor, I'd like to get some sense of it beforehand.
 First, I hammered away to make a prototype of the moving parts around the fingers.