311 a slightly different morning than usual

 Another day has passed since the rain, and the remaining gloom has faded considerably.
 I headed to the lake with Krull and Lucy to get some water.

I wonder what the water retention is like around here.

 As a forest, there should be enough water in the ground and under the ground to cover all those trees, but the humidity doesn't seem to be high enough. I'm not sure what to make of this.

It's possible.

 I thought to myself as I looked at Krull and Lucy. I'm not sure what to make of that. His body is as big as a horse, and he uses most of his magic power to sustain his life.
 Lucy may look like a little wolf, but she's a great demon. Liddy said that she will continue to grow, and at her maximum size she could be as big as Krull. Its body and life will be sustained by magic power.
 Considering this, it is quite possible that the trees here are using magic power to maintain their magnificent trunks. I don't know if the tree will turn into a demon, or if it will become a torrent in the sense that I know the word.

Oh ......

 When I arrived at the lake, I couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. The lake was covered with a haze, and with the dawn light, it presented a fantastic world. The surface of the lake glittering in the dawn light, the reddish-orange haze, and the towering black trees of the forest as if to tighten their grip were beautiful. If I had a slightly better camera that I bought in the previous world, I would have clicked the shutter without hesitation.
 I think this is the first time I have seen such a scene since I came here. I welcome surprises like this, since things have been a bit difficult.


 When I put my hand on the lake to draw water, it was colder than ever and I felt myself tense up. Feeling the coldness of the water, Krull and I filled the bottles we had brought with us.
 A short distance away, Krull and Lucy were jumping into the lake as if the water temperature didn't matter.

 After drawing water, I wiped down Krull and Lucy's bodies as usual while they soaked in the lake. As usual, Lucy would shake and shudder when she came up, and splash me and Krull with a loud splash.
 She probably knows what she's doing because she won't stop no matter how many times I tell her. ....... I'm not going to be too harsh because it's not much damage.

 When I returned home, the morning had begun as usual. No, it's not the usual morning, because Anne has joined us. Anne is generally not a morning person, but she's up today.
 Then, just before I finished making breakfast and started to eat, Lucy trotted up to Anne and tapped her on the leg with her paw.

"What? What?

 Anne is upset by the suddenness. When Deanna saw this, she lowered the corners of her eyes to the ground.

"Oh~~ you want food from your sister Anne~
"What? Is that so?

 Anne said, looking at me in dismay. I held out the plate with the meat to her and nodded. Lucy squealed, "Woof! Anne took the plate as if she had made up her mind and placed it by Lucy's side.
 Lucy cried again, "Woof! and rubbed her body against Anne's shin, and then began to pounce on the meat on the plate.
 I don't think I need to tell you what happened to Anne after that. One thing I should mention is that my shoulder HP has been steadily decreasing since this morning.

 After breakfast, Samija and the others start preparing for the hunt. I thought they were going to let Anne be the bearer, but they're going to lend her the bow that Samija used before. It may not be as powerful as the one I've made and given to my family, but it's still Cámara's favorite bow, so there's no harm in using it.

Have a good day.
I'm off.

 Rike and I escorted the others out of the house. Krull and Lucy, who had been waiting for us to leave, also said good-bye to each other and left.