335 metropolisward

So you'll be in politics when we get back to the Empire?
I think so. But, as you know, our country is a bit of a regime, so there's not as much for me to do as you might think.

 After the wine, I was given a bottle of Rique's fire wine, which I seemed to like, and Anne, who was in a good mood as she started her third glass, responded to Diana's words.
 Her face was already red, but she was able to respond well. She is not a weak drinker, though she is not as strong as Rike, who can drink four or five drinks and still feel fine.
 I thought that if I drank too much, it would affect me tomorrow, but I could understand that feeling as I would not have such an opportunity in the future. So, as a weak drinker, I just listened to the conversation while sipping on my first glass of wine.

 Afterwards, I fell asleep at the table and was carried out by Samija and Helen, which was quite a pity.

Do you have a headache?
No. I fell asleep. I fell asleep, but I don't have a hangover.
I'm glad to hear that.

 We're going to ride in a carriage today. If you ride with a hangover, you'll get motion sickness. When we get to the capital, we'll probably be dragged to some kind of place, and we can't stay there in a groggy state.

 After I quickly prepare breakfast for everyone, I'll prepare breakfast for Anne and me, which is cooked salted meat sandwiched between unfermented bread.
 My preparations ...... will be limited to ice and four spears for delivery, as I will not be doing any blacksmithing this time.
 In the meantime, Anne was packing up her things. She was carrying her pack and her two-handed sword on her back, just like that day when she was supposed to go home, but she looked a little more powerful than that day. It's not like he's been trained by hunting in my house. .......

I'll see you later.
Have a good day.

 Me and the others do the usual "Bye".

"Thank you all again for your help. I'll never forget my time here. Thank you very much.

 Anne bowed her head. Not as the Seventh Imperial Princess. As the Seventh Imperial Princess, you can't bow to my family. That would be owing a debt to the common people, one of whom is a countess, and that would not be tolerated.
 Everyone was hugging and shaking hands with Anne, bidding her farewell.

 Anne and I will go to the entrance of the forest alone. I've been thinking about the contingency, but there's no advantage to putting me to death at this time. Anne doesn't understand that.
 I'm not denying that I'm just a man of compassion.

 The forest was filled with a pleasant breeze and sunshine, unconcerned about our situation.

It would have been nice to have a picnic on a day like this.
That's the only regret I have, because I was looking forward to it.

 I was really looking forward to it. It would have been nice if things had stayed put a little longer.
 But it would also mean that the day of her return would be prolonged. That's not good. We can only assume that the day was not good.

"I couldn't make the picnic, but I have a meal like that, so please bear with me.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

 We walked through the forest, listening to the distant chirping of birds.

 We reached the entrance to the forest. I put down my pack in the bushes, which were not visible from the nearby road, and sat Anne down.

Come in.
Thank you.

 I took breakfast out of my luggage and gave it to Anne.

Are you used to this kind of thing, Mr. Eizo?
"No way.

 I chuckled. I've never experienced anything like this in my previous life.

But I've done something similar once before. But I've done something similar once before, eating in a tree.
"Great! You're like a ranger!
No, it's not that good. ......

 In fact, since he was involved in the disgracing of the company, he looked like a spy or a ranger. But don't tell Anne that, of course.
 But are there rangers in the Empire? I asked her if the Empire had rangers, and she replied, "Don't they have them in the Kingdom? He euphemistically admitted that they do. The revolution in the Empire was actually a farce, but if it had really happened, the rangers and spies of the Empire would have been very active.

It would have been nice if we could have eaten somewhere with a better view.
"No, no, this is fine. It's delicious.

 Anne responded with a big smile on her face. I don't see any pretense in her expression. I'm glad that I could spend a little more time at ease.

"You're here.

 After a brief breakfast, I looked at the road from the shadows of the bushes, and after a while, I saw a carriage driven by a familiar face.

Shall we go?

 Anne and I gathered our belongings and approached the carriage. The carriage would carry our family and Anne's fate to the capital.