366 color

 I kept pounding on the sheet metal and eventually created a shape like a silkworm cocoon. After this, I quenched and tempered it like a weapon. The balance of hardness and tenacity is the same for armor.
 However, there is something that needs to be done first. While I was preparing the sheet metal for the dorsal armor, the temperature of the thoracic armor was dropping, so I beckoned Helen over.
 Helen came up to me, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"What is it?
I'm not finished yet, but just check that the size is right.

 I handed her the breastplate and she placed it on her chest.

Helen placed it on my chest and said, "I'm going to be lining it and tightening it with a leather belt, so make sure it fits.

 Helen twisted and turned her body while holding it to her chest. There should be nothing wrong with it, according to my sense, but there are many cases where it would be more "comfortable" if it were slightly off.
 It is up to the user to decide. Perfection is not a necessary condition. The only and absolute condition is that it is easy for the user to use.

"How's it going?
"Yes, it's perfect. It moves well.
Let's finish it then.

 I put the thoracic armor aside and started to work on the dorsal armor.

 The day ended with the dorsal armor taking shape to some extent. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

 The next day. Today, I want to finish the thoracic armor. I've already finished hammering the thorax out of the sheet metal, so I should be "used" to it.

Helen, I'm sorry, can I touch your back?

 Everyone looked surprised at my words. I didn't say it well enough.

Sorry, I know what size you are, but I wanted to know if I could mold your back. ......
Oh, .......

 And they all looked at me like, "I see. It's just a part of the job, and I was afraid to do the chest one even if I had his permission, but the back one, if I had his permission, I'd like to be allowed to do it.
 Helen, who was a little red in the face, turned her back to me hesitantly. I assume that means it's OK and touch her.

"Now if you'll excuse me, .......

 I thought it would be a bad idea to touch her gently, so I touched her boldly. Even with my clothes on, I could feel the firm but supple muscles. I had practiced sword fighting with Deanna almost every day since I came to live here.

Can you roll your back next time?
Like this?
Yes, yes.

 Helen threw her body forward. The shape and feel of her back was different from the way she had stretched it out before.

Thank you, that's enough.
Did you like that?
Yeah. Thank you, thank you.

 Now I feel that I should leave a little room on my back. Before I forgot the feeling, I took out the sheet metal that I had put in the anvil to shape the back armor.

 I used a small anvil to shape it. Of course, I had to remember to put magic power into it. What had been just sheet metal gradually changed its shape, and eventually became a shape that covered Helen's back.

 It was still too hot to put on Helen's back, so while waiting for it to cool down, he heated the breastplate on the fire pit. This is where the hardening process takes place.
 I waited for the temperature to rise to the appropriate level, and as soon as it did, I put it in the tank to cool it down. There was a loud noise and steam, and the heat in the forge rose even higher.
 I and everyone else are drenched in sweat. This is something that even cheats can't prevent, so it can't be helped.
 I wonder if there's anything like an air conditioner. ....... Even if there is, it may be a drop in the bucket, but if there is a difference between having it and not having it, it is human nature to want to install it.

 When I pulled up the thoracic armor from the tank, I found that it had become completely hard. The surface was rough, so I used a file and a sharpener to clean it up.
 Eventually, the surface became shiny and silvery. Now it's time to temper it to make it more tenacious. .......


 I called Helen again. This time it's not about size.

"Don't you like blue?

 I make sure of that, and start heating the breastplate on the fire. This time, I don't heat it up enough to make it red hot. Instead, I adjust it so that it stops at a certain temperature.
 If the steel is heated in the presence of oxygen, the surface will be oxidized and rust will form. Rust is not the same as red rust.
 What I am doing now is to create an oxide film. If you make an oxide film, it is difficult for rust to appear because it is oxidized. And when you make an oxide film, the reflected light will be colored by interference depending on the thickness of the oxide film.

 At the end of the heating process, call Leake, show him the fire bed, and say.

"All right, this is the temperature. Take a good look at it.

 I took the breastplate out of the fire, and it had a bright blue color.