374 magnitude

 Right after I declare, "Let's go home," the words come flying from Rike.

What the hell?

 He sounded rather cold, which was unusual for him, and I felt something cold on my back as I listened.

Did you forget to ask something important?
"An important ......?

 I wonder what it was. I thought I had heard most of it. As I was twisting my neck, Rike sighed.

You can't make it if you don't know the thickness of your fingers. You can measure Mr. Marius's now, but you have one for your wife, don't you?

 The marriage story was so shocking that I forgot all about it. If megistium is incredibly hard, it would be difficult to make a larger size and adjust it later.
 If it could be adjusted later, I'm confident that the seams would be completely invisible.
 I looked at Marius. He's smirking.

"I was wondering when you were going to say that, but you're lucky to have such a good apprentice, Eizo.

 I couldn't say anything back, because it was true that it had completely slipped my mind.
 I kept a lot of things to myself and asked Marius.

"So, how big is it?
"Don't worry, I brought it with me.

 "Don't worry, I brought it with me." He rummages in his pocket and pulls out two rings. They are different sizes, so the larger one is Marius'.
 Silver in color and simple in shape. Sterling silver, I guess. It doesn't glow blue, so it's not mithril.
 There's a very small red gem in it, but no engraving. With the knowledge of the previous world, it looks like a wedding ring in itself.

It's almost a formality in such a short time, but it's necessary. ....... The jewels in it are at least presentable, but it's truly mine and Julie's ring.
"So this is an engagement ring?

 Marius nodded. At least now we know how big it is.

I had it on my finger until this morning. I took it off Julie when she gave it to me so that Camilo could ask for it when Eizo came.
"I see. Okay, let's see how big it is.

 I asked Camilo (who was grinning as much as Marius) to borrow a piece of paper and a pen to copy the sizes of the two rings.

"I guess that's all right for now. Good for you, Marius.
Good for what?
You'll be home by the end of the day, right? You're going home today, right? You'll be able to wear your matching rings again soon.

 I smirk at him. It was the least I could do to strike back, but Marius didn't change his color.

"Well... I didn't want to keep it for too long. It's just a formality, but Julie likes it.

 I raised my hands. I put my hands up in the air. I feel like sugar is pouring out of my mouth.

All right. I give up.

 Laughter echoed through the room at my words. Now there's nothing left to forget. Let's go home.

 I leave Camilo in the business meeting room, where he says he has other business, and go with Marius to the back to pick up Krull and Lucy and head for the cart.
 The cart was loaded with charcoal, ironstone, and food, as well as a large, unfamiliar metal box. They were bound with chains. It also had a lock, also made of metal.

Is that it?
It's very secure.
That's because the contents are valuable and expensive.
I'd better not ask the price.

 I chuckled and Marius laughed and handed me the key.

"Well, I'll be back in two weeks to deliver it, ready or not.
"Okay. I'll come then too.

 We got into the cart and left Camilo's store, waving to Marius and the apprentice to see us off.

 Now, this is an important item for a friend to share his life with his mate. I'm going to have to put my heart and soul into this.
 Maybe it was my determination, or maybe it was just my imagination, but I could feel that Krull's steps were stronger than usual.