395 Present

 After completing our morning routine, we bowed before the shrine, which now contained an additional "sacred object". The wooden statue of the goddess was illuminated by the faint red light of the fire, and her face seemed to be blushing.
 After that, everyone except Rike went out to hunt, with Samija in the lead. I asked Helen if she was all right, since it was yesterday, but she replied with a grin and a firm fist, and I shook my head.

 I put the fire in the fire pit and discussed the work with Rike while it was getting hot.
 He was going to make another mass-produced product today. As for me...

I said, "The ring is done, but it's just a work order. I'm going to make a little present for him.
"A present?

 I nodded. I've already decided on something typical of our family.

If you're going to make it, is it going to be something from the north?
Yes. The thing itself is not that great.
The master's 'not great'. ......

 "It's not that great. If you think about the performance of our custom-made models, there is certainly nothing that is not amazing. I chuckle and continue.

It's just a regular dagger.
Haven't you ever struck Nilda with a sword before?
Yes, sir.
It's the same size as a knife.
I like that. It's like home.

 He made a short sword without a tsuba, also called a "goguchi," and gave it to Marius' wife as a "guardian sword.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help. ...... I think it is better not to say "If anything happens, kill yourself with this sword" theory.
 Well, as Rike said, this is a gift that is typical of a blacksmith from the north.
 This time, I'm going to use only one steel instead of sandwiching steel of different hardness. In the first place, if you put magic power into it, the hardness will not change much even if you make two steels.

 Plunge one sheet metal into the fire to raise the temperature. I've been so busy with the ring lately that it feels like it's been a long time since I've done this.
 When the temperature rises to an appropriate level, I place it on the anvil and hammer to shape it. This amount is enough for one knife, so there is no need to do anything like boiling.
 The process of stretching the blade was over quickly. A long, thin board of about 20 centimeters or so, with a stem attached, is made.
 After this, the tip is cut off and the cutting edge is shaped, the piece is pounded so that its cross-section is pentagonal, and the surface is once again prepared with a file or whetstone.


 When the work is finished, I hold up the sword and see that it is about the same length as the knife I am currently holding.
 It is only a shape for the moment, as there are more processes to be completed, but I can say that I have already decided what the final shape will be.

"It's a beautiful shape.
I'm not going to warp it, but it's a nice enough shape, isn't it?

 Rieke nodded. I wonder if this is how the northern style of blades spread. I don't think we'll end up with leather armor and big swords, but I hope you'll give some consideration to the matter even after we leave home.

Shall we have dinner now?
Speaking of which, how much of your magical power have you been able to see?
It's .......

 I slammed the door of the forge shut. I closed the door of the forge with a slam, and the statue of the goddess and the sun goddess were watching me.