409 a forest clinic

Thank you.

 Giselle sighed as she sipped her herbal tea from a small cup.
 The fairy who brought the sick man to her is doing the same.
 I'm glad you're alive," Giselle says, sullenly.

I'm glad you survived.
"Yes, really.

 I sipped the herbal tea that Deanna had made for me. The taste seemed stronger than usual, but it was comforting to my body after working so hard in the middle of the night.

It's a great way to get a good night's sleep.
That's what ......

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.
 The speed at which the magic was leaving the body weakened to a certain extent, but because it was dying, they rushed to bring it back.

So there is not only a chronic form, but also a fulminant form.
Geki ......?
No, I'm talking about this one.

 Giselle reacted to my unintentional remark. That's an unfamiliar word, isn't it?

...... Just to be safe, the one who got sick and the one who brought him here might want to stay at home for a while.
How long?
Two or three days at the most. A week, if possible.
That's a long time.
Yeah. As long as you're okay with it.

 I'm sure it won't spread to others, but just in case. If the fulminant form of the disease should spread, the sooner we can deal with it, the better.
 Speaking of which, it would be better for Giselle to stay with us, but she is the head of the fairy tribe. If we can confirm the infection in our house, we can send the fairies to our house right away, and we might be able to deal with it faster.
 As for the diseased fairies, it's a precaution in case the symptoms come back. As the doctors of the previous world would say, "Let's keep an eye on her for a few days, and if she's okay, we'll discharge her.
 I explained something like that to Giselle. This is just like a doctor.

"I see. ......

 Giselle put her hand on her tiny little baby and thought about it. She is probably thinking about whether there is a problem with letting fairies stay in the homes of humans (and beasts, and dwarves, and elves, and giants).
 Perhaps Giselle is also thinking about the possibility of infecting others. If there is a problem in our house, it would be Liddy the elf, Krull the dragon, and Lucy the demon. All three of them live on magic power.
 The rest of the family members don't have much magic in their bodies, so it wouldn't be a problem even if they got it.


 Giselle spoke to the fairy who had brought the sick man to her. Her name is Deepika.

Can you take care of Lija for a week?
"Of course.

 Deepika clapped her chest and agreed. It seems that Lija is the name of the fairy who is now sleeping peacefully.

I'm sorry, but I need you both.

 Giselle turned to me and bowed. I nodded my head and said.

I nodded and said, "All right. We'll send for each other if we need anything.

 It was Giselle's turn to nod. Well, now the forest fairy clinic is up and running. But for now, we need to rest.

For now, let's all sleep for today. We don't have bedding for the fairies, but the guest room is available. There are two rooms, so let's separate the rooms for Giselle, Deepika, and Lija. If anything happens to Deepika-san or Lija-san, please feel free to wake someone up.

 Deepika-san nodded her head in response to my instruction. Giselle said

Thank you very much. I'm sorry for everything. ......
"No, no, we live in the same forest. We live in the same forest. This is a small price to pay. I've already paid you in advance.

 I gave Giselle a wink that didn't suit her and she smiled at me.
 Helen was to carry Mr. Lija. She gently placed Mr. Lija in her hands and said in a small voice, "Wow," while her eyes sparkled.
 She's a doll in size and in appearance. ....... I'll let it slide for now. A warrior's compassion.

 After the midnight treatment, they all went back to their rooms.