418 Fairies, look at the streets.

"We're almost there, so please stay hidden.
"Yes, sir.

 I called out to them, and they disappeared. However, I can still see a faint glimmer of magic in their eyes.
 Lucy sniffed around the area where they were, and then curled up under Diana's feet. She didn't disappear, she just became invisible and understood that she was there. Although she was a demon, she was not very good at sensing magic.
 Even so, it seems that she is smart enough to know that she is just invisible. Maybe I'm just a stupid parent.

 I raised my hand in greeting to the guard at the entrance to the city, and he returned it with a raised hand. It's almost like a face-to-face encounter.
 As I entered the city, Lucy, who was standing at Diana's feet, got up and started looking out. I noticed that the two fairies that I could only vaguely see had also moved to Lucy's left and right.

"Wow. There are so many people here.
It's amazing.
I've never seen that before.

 "I've never seen anything like it." "Hey." They're talking in small voices. I can't see Lucy's face, but she's in a good mood, flapping her tail. When she sees the strong man at the stall.


 When she saw the strong man in the stall, she squealed. Perhaps startled by this, the fairies' concealment falters for a moment. However, it was so brief that you couldn't tell if they were there or not, and you could only see a few of them, so it must have looked like a mistake or something to most people.
 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old man waving at Lucy when he heard her cry, but he didn't look surprised, so the fairies didn't seem to see him.
 The rest of the time, unless there are humans (or dwarves or elves) who can use magic, the chances of them coming to a place like this are slim to none.

I'm surprised.

 When Deepika's voice is heard in a low voice, Lucy lowers her tail and makes a 'kewl' sound.

"Sorry, sorry, it's okay.

 I heard Deepika's voice again, and the hair on Lucy's head moved fluffily. She was apparently stroking her head. That put Lucy in a good mood and she started flapping her tail.

"Maybe I shouldn't show this to the boy.
"I don't think you should show it to him, he'll be surprised.
I know.

 Diana answered my question. I don't have a hobby to surprise a boy who looks so naive. When he grows up, it will be different, but for now, we can keep it a secret.

I'll let you see Camilo, though.
If you're going to ask him to help you with something, that's probably a good idea.
I'm sure we'll be able to provide for the basics, but if we need something we don't have, we'll have to rely on you.

 Deanna nodded when I said that. In the end, I hope to be self-sufficient for most of my life, but there are some things that don't work that way. For example, salt. Unless I can find some rock salt, I have no choice but to buy it.
 If we need something related to fairies, it will be urgent. It would be a waste of time to explain it to you only at that time.
 It would be easier to talk about it when there is enough time and they are present, like today. That is, of course, if they are okay with it.
 So, just before I arrived at Camilo's, I asked them.

It's fine!

 Mr. Lija, who was only vaguely visible, gave me a quick and cheerful reply. Is that okay?

Is it okay if I don't let them know I'm here or something ......?
Do you mind? ......

 It seems that all my worries were unfounded.

However, it's not good to let people know too much. We're aware that we're apparently a rare species.
"I see.

 I see." Deepika added as if to nail him. The reason why I've never been to the grasslands when I can disappear is because of self-preservation. I'd forgotten that it's quite a rare event to show up in public in the first place.
 I almost misunderstood them because they were so easygoing, but I suppose a conservative fairy would not come along.

I can guarantee you that the person who lets you see them has a stiff tongue. It's not the kind of thing you can just let slip.

 "I'm not the kind of guy who'd let a secret slip out.

I understand.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. The dragon car arrived at Camilo's store.
 Now, how should I introduce myself to Camilo, as usual? As I thought about this, I looked at the scenery as usual.