11 She is expelled.

"Miss Shenzi is not in a good mood. Don't you want to make her feel better about her studies?
She's crying. Do you really think it's okay to make her cry?
Does she need to study? She is allowed to do nothing just by existing. And you're trying to force her to study when she's crying?
"The other day, you yelled at her to 'study! "I heard that the other day you were yelled at by Kamiko-sama to 'study! Such behavior is unacceptable.

 I'm sure you'll agree with me.

 I had come to the Great Temple of Agatta, a city next to the royal capital of the Kingdom of Fairytlov, as a tutor for the divine child Alice, but this divine child Alice did not study at all. Since she lived in a village, she could not even read. I thought I'd start by learning to read, and then gradually move on to other things, but I haven't made any progress. I'm not even close to learning how to be polite.

 And Master Alice cries. When she found out that people around her would say that they felt sorry for her if she cried, or that there was no need to force her to study, she started crying even more and became more violent. I guess someone told her that God would punish her if she did something bad to me. I don't know.

 ...... It is natural to wonder what to do.

 There was pressure from above, and I tried my best to make him study, but there was nothing I could do. There were days when I tried to force myself to study, and I made a little progress in my studies, but ...... I was soon interrupted by the priests with the gods. I was scared that I might be punished by the gods, but nothing significant has happened. The only thing that has happened is that my reputation has become worse because of my attitude toward Alice, the divine child, and my relationship with my family, who were not on good terms with me to begin with, has become worse. My friends are sympathetic to me.

 One day, when I was thinking that I would have to spend many stressful days trying to get Alice to study, I heard that lightning struck the royal capital. It is said that the lightning struck the royal capital, not the royal palace, but a part of the capital, and people began to whisper that this was the result of forcing Alice, the divine child, to study and upsetting the divine child.

 I thought that the situation was suspicious.
 Therefore, I decided to start preparing for the worst possibility. I'm the daughter of a nobleman, and I don't think anything will happen to me until I'm killed. ....... I'm a noble girl and I don't think anything will happen to me until I'm killed, but if something does happen, I'll be in trouble if I'm not alive, so I made arrangements to escape.

 As a result, the Grand Temple and the Royal Court considered me to be punished by the gods for displeasing Alice. As a result, I was removed as tutor. I was also said to have caused the divine punishment in this country, and was banished from the royal capital and the city where the Great Shrine is located. I was banned from ever setting foot in the city again.

 I was prepared for it, no matter.

 I left quickly. I thought about leaving the country as well.

 I had a bad feeling about this. And I had no faith in a country that would expel me for this. My friends did the same, and they said they were thinking of leaving the country when they were ready.
 Before leaving the country, I decided to stop by the village where Alice, the divine child, was said to have been.

 To be honest, it was hard for me to believe that Alice was a divine child. The more I came in contact with her, the stronger I felt that I didn't want to believe that she was a divine child.

 Therefore, I headed for the village.

 It took me some time to get to the village. Perhaps it was because the village was in the countryside, but the roads were not well maintained and it was difficult. When I arrived at the village, I was honestly surprised.

 The villagers looked gloomy. When I asked them why, they told me that their crops had been destroyed by insects. Hearing this, I wondered if Alice was a divine child.
 In the process of researching about the divine child, I found out that those who are loved by the divine child will be happy. Even if the gods have left the land, the land that the gods love will never be destroyed. Besides, the sphere of influence of a divine child is large. If Master Alice is the Divine Child, then she still belongs to the Kingdom of Fairytlov. Then, the country will not fall into ruin.

 I don't know if this is actually the case, because there are so few descriptions of the Divine Child, but it seems to me that this is the case as I study it.

 If so, then Alice is not a divine child after all. ......

 I posed as a traveler who happened to be here and talked to the villagers.

 One of them told me something surprising.

 The godson, Alice, had a daughter.
 The priests who heard the oracle must still be in bed, but they asked where the child was and how old she was. At least, that is what the temple officials who went out to look for the child heard. No one had considered the possibility that the child might be a twin. In addition, the idea of abandoning one daughter when the other could be a child of the gods was not an option. .......

 There was only one talkative kid, so I could ask him about Master Alice's twin sister, but the adults told me not to talk about it too much, so he didn't say much more. They just told me that she was abandoned and disappeared somewhere on foot.
 There is no guarantee that the child who was thrown out alone is still alive. But maybe he's the godson. So I decided to follow the footsteps of the girl who might be the divine child.

 Ms. ---- was expelled.
 (The woman who was my sister's educator was expelled, and when she learned of my sister's existence, she decided to follow her footsteps.