13 girl and on the way

We're ready.

 It was about twenty days after Athos and the others had returned to the village that Athos and Gaius showed up at my door. The beastmen who came with Gaius and the others were the same ones who had come here before.

Can I go now?
"Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.
Thank you.

 The village where I was born and raised is the only place I know where people live. I don't know what kind of place the beastman village is. Because I don't know, I feel uneasy. But I feel safe because everyone is here. I also wonder what it will be like.

 To be honest, I thought I would live in the village where I was born and raised, and die without ever leaving it. When they didn't give me any food, I thought I would die. Now I've been abandoned, and I'm about to leave the village and go to the beastman village. It's a strange feeling.

Please take care of me from now on.

 I bowed my head.
 I thought I should bow because I am going to be indebted to you. I've seen villagers do this before when they are being taken care of, so maybe I'm not wrong.

...... Oh. So, how does Lelunda get around?
"Sipho, I'm on it. Look, I want something.

 I was going to ride a sifo to get there. I was planning to ride a sifo when I traveled, and I thought it would be faster for the beastmen to reach their village if the gryphons carried them. But they said they didn't want to be carried on their backs, so I wondered if there was anything I could do.

...... What's this?

 He showed her something he wanted her to see, a handmade basket made by the gryphons. There were several baskets large enough to hold two beastmen each.

 The two brothers, Rion and Yuyin, seemed to enjoy making the baskets, and were working hard at it. The two siblings work together, and they get along well. The baskets have strings attached to them, which the gryphons can hook with their claws to carry them.

"Here we go. And the gryphons carry it.

 I'll start by explaining what it is. I'm not sure if I'm getting it right, but I hope so.

"Then ...... will get us there faster.

 I'm not used to talking like this in the village, so I'm not used to talking like this.
 I can only talk like this, so when I did talk sometimes, people in the village said a lot of things about me. I remember thinking that I was not good at speaking because of that. But I think it's good that Athos and Gaius don't say things like the villagers do, even though I talk like this.

"So we're here and the gryphons are going to carry us. Is that okay?
"No. His back is a little tight, but he's okay with this.
I see. ....... I'll be grateful for the ride.
I don't know where it is, so tell me.
Of course we'll tell you where the village is.
Thank you.

 You speak very well, Mr. Athos. I wonder if I can get better at speaking too. I wonder if I can be better at speaking... I thought about that while listening to Athos' words.

 Then, I was placed on top of the sifo, and Athos and the others were placed in a basket and carried by the gryphons.

 Each of the adult gryphons hooked a string and lifted it. The baby gryphons are flying behind them. Because of the presence of the baby gryphons, they are not flying very high. I'm a little scared of flying too high.

 But I think it's great that the gryphons and the sifo can fly. Today's weather is sunny. The sun is out. The wind is blowing. It's nice to feel the wind in the sky. It feels good and it makes me happy.


 I'm so happy that I sing a little song.
 It's fun to sing while feeling the wind. The gryphons hear my voice, even though it's not very loud, and start singing along with me.

 The gaians in the cage were surprised.

 We're singing our way through the forest. They were not attacked by any other demons. There were occasional hints of them, but they seemed to have fled quickly. Maybe they ran away because of the gryphons, I don't know.
 I didn't know anything about the place away from the gryphon's nest, so I was surprised to see such a scenery in this forest, and I enjoyed looking around.

 There was a river on the way, and we took a break there. We drank some water and took a break. Sinorun was feeling a little sick. It seemed that the basket ride had made him sick. I offered him a canteen of water to see if he was okay, and he thanked me.

 I thought that there are people who get sick from traveling. I've never felt sick while moving on top of a seafoam, so I didn't think that some people do. I'm sorry.

 After Mr. Sinorn was feeling a little better, we continued on our way.
 After a few hours of travel from the original location of the gryphon's nest, we found our destination.

 The ---- girl and the road
 (Probably, the girl who is a godson is going from the griffon's nest to the beastman's village)