32 God officer, act.

 The godson may not be the godson, I thought.

 However, I had to be prepared to say something that would make me doubt the existence of Kamiko. For a while after I woke up, I tried to gather information about Kamiko and her surroundings, but I didn't know what would happen if I said that she might not be Kamiko.

 I have to proceed with caution. I wonder who would be willing to accept that I might not be the right divine child. Other than myself, the oracle priests have not even awakened yet. When they wake up, it will be a little easier to move. However, I happened to see the oracle for a moment, but I don't know if the others have seen him even for a moment.

 As a lowly priest, I was able to receive the oracle, so I was finally able to interact with the higher-ups, but there was no one who could tell me if the child might not be a child. They don't doubt that Master Aris is a divine child. They believe that Alice is a divine child, but they expelled the woman who was in charge of her education, and even the princess was sent to the frontier because of Alice's admonition.

 Maybe Master Alice is not a divine child. If she really is not, then she has shown the people that she is not a divine child. Considering the fact that several disadvantageous things have happened to the country since Alice was brought to the temple, it is possible that this happened because they took in a different being rather than a true divine child. He believes that this is the result of offending Alice, but it seems that something is still happening. I wonder how the temple feels about the fact that such a positive effect is not happening, even though the land where the gods' children live is supposed to flourish because they are loved by the gods.

 I was in agony thinking about it.
 To whom should I tell? Perhaps it would be a good idea to tell her, but she is still a child, and even if I told her, she would be helpless. In the first place, it is unlikely that I will be able to see Alice alone.

 While I was puzzling over this, I thought to myself
"What's the matter, Iroom?
 I was approached by the high priestess Zint.

 He said that he was concerned about my recent gloomy face and asked me to look at him with concern.
 Since I woke up, Master Jint has been paying special attention to me among the high priests. He is a noble man who has been a priest in the Great Temple for several decades.
 Why not tell him?
 That thought came to me.

 Should I wait until the other oracles wake up? But we don't know when they'll wake up. If we don't tell them soon, we'll end up making people who aren't gods into gods.

...... There is one thing I would like to bring to the attention of Master Zint.

 I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to do, but I felt that it would be wrong to remain silent while holding on to the thought that Alice might not be a divine child.

What is it?
When I received the ...... oracle, I saw not only the features of the Divine Child, but also the Divine Child's appearance, if only for a moment.

 It was the first time I had ever mentioned it to him. It was the first time I had ever talked about it, and Jinto listened to me in silence. It was the first time I had ever told the story.

...... I saw her then, and she was different from Alice.
What do you mean by that?
...... She was not blonde. Her hair was definitely brown. I may be mistaken, but ........., I can't help but think that perhaps Alice is not the oracle's child.

 A divine child recognized by the Great Goddess might not be a divine child .
 That would be a profane statement. But the suspicion that grew in me was a definite one. Of course, I also told him that I might just be overthinking things.
 Mr. Jinto looked surprised at my words, and the next moment he was laughing softly.

I understand. I'll take care of it then.

 I was relieved when she smiled at me. I was relieved to finally be able to talk to someone about the suspicion I had been harboring that the child might not be a child. I thought that things would get better since the High Priestess Jinto had agreed to take care of him.

 But two days later, I was locked up in secret.
 I couldn't help but be puzzled as to why. The interrogation began. It began with the question of what it meant to be a different form of a godson.

 What will happen to me now?
 I didn't even know that there was a basement in the Great Temple. I didn't expect to learn of the existence of the underground in this way. I haven't seen Mr. Jinto since then, though he said he would take care of this matter.
 I was stunned as I sat on the bed in the sturdy, dungeon-like place in full view of the outside.

 ---Priest, act.
(The priest was locked up as a result of his actions)