34 The Story of a Girl and a Beast Man 2

"You were attacked?

 I couldn't help but say that. I've never been attacked or anything like that. I think it's a scary thing to be attacked by someone. Those horrible things happened to the cat people. People like me have.

Yes. My village was attacked by humans. I and the others here managed to escape, but I'm sure many of the beastmen have already been captured. There's no going back to the village. That's why I came here to .......

 As he speaks, the other cat beastmen look down.
 We were attacked by humans. They escaped. But some of them got caught. And there's no going back. ....... I have no desire to go back to my village. But I'd be sad if I couldn't go back to this beastman village I love so much. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

 For the cat beastmen, this is the village where they were born and raised. And the people they love. If we can't go back to our village, the people we love will become slaves. It's sad. I wonder how they could take away someone's precious place.

 Just thinking about it makes me very sad.

"What will happen to the ...... people who get caught?

 I wonder what will happen to the people who were caught, not to mention the cat beastmen who managed to escape. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do about being captured or not.

I'm a slave. ...... will be used as slaves, you know.
You can get help at .......
If I could, I would! I'd go if I could, but I can't do that in a human country! I don't need you to tell me that! I want to help! How can I not want to help? But I can't help you!

 I was startled by the yelling. I want to help. But I can't help you! That's a very sad thing. You can't help someone you want to help. They're in trouble and there's nothing you can do.
 My heart breaks when I think of Gaius or someone else going through that.

"...... I'm sorry I yelled at you. You're just a kid. You don't know that.

 The beast of a cat who yelled at him looked apologetic.

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm sorry to hear that. ......

 I realized that it was only natural for the beastmen to be wary of humans.

Nilsi, so the human country that attacked us is ......
"I think it's the Kingdom of Migga. I think it was probably the Kingdom of Migga, because their armor and stuff had that kind of emblem on it. ......
So how did that happen? ......
...... A country has discovered a being called the Divine Child.

 I gulped at the words.

If I had to guess from the behavior of the people who attacked me, I would say that they are trying to increase the number of slaves to compete with the country that found the godson.

 The godson.
 The country that found the godson.
 The country that found the godson, and tried to enslave the beastmen to fight it.

The Son of God. ....... Is that what the gods call a beloved being?
Yes. It seems to have appeared. I had heard rumors that the Kingdom of Migga was trying to increase the number of slaves, but I didn't think that ...... a divine child had appeared. But I knew something was going on because I heard that they were increasing the number of slaves to the same ...... people. I didn't think that my village would have to go through that.

 The cat beast called Nilusi spoke.
 I keep thinking, trying to make sense of it.

 Godson. A child appears, a child, a nation takes possession of it. And other countries are trying to increase their slaves to compete with the country that got the godson.

 Humans, even the same humans, are enslaving them. ....... The people of Nilusi's village are also enslaved in no small numbers, and they can't help it.
 I'm getting confused.

 It all started with the godson.
 Maybe the godson is me.
 Because I'm here? I wonder if I'm the reason this sadness is happening. If I wasn't here, wouldn't it be sad? 

"Lelanda, what's wrong?

"...... Nothing, nothing.

 I don't know if I'm really a godson. Sometimes I think I might be. My head's a mess.
 I wonder if Gaius will hate me if he finds out I might be a godson. It's kind of scary.

Is that so? ....... If the Divine Child is appearing, I don't know what's going to happen.
We don't even know what the country that has the child will do.
 If my parents hadn't abandoned me and accepted me as their daughter, I wonder if I would have been taken in by the temple. If they had, would I have been taken in by the temple? Would I have never met everyone, and would I have lived without knowing about the conflict between humans and beastmen? After being abandoned, I met the people I loved and learned about their situation. Now I'm in pain because I think I might be a godchild and it might be my fault. It's hard, but I'm so glad my parents abandoned me and that I met you all.
...... is a difficult question. I have to think about the future.
Nilsi, if any of you run away from me, I will be happy to accept Lelanda and the others. We'll talk about this tomorrow. You're probably tired today. Get some rest.

 Mr. Athos urged Nilsi and the others. Nilsi and the others nodded their thanks. Nilsi and the others were going to sleep at Athos's house.

 Mr. Athos said to me.
I'm sorry it's been so difficult.
 He told me to leave.

 I then left Mr. Athos's house with Ran, who had been quietly listening to me all along.

 ---- The story of the girl and the beastman 2
 (Probably, the girl who is a godson is troubled by the story of the cat beastman)