43 Ms. 's idea.

 I may have been mistaken about the existence of gods and children.

 I thought I knew that gods are not all-powerful. But I don't think that I really understood that they are not all-powerful beings.

 In the first place, the term "divine child"---a child loved by God---is a name that we humans have given to ourselves. No, the Divine Child is indeed loved by God. That's a fact. But it is not just that they are loved by God and given happiness.

 If the divine child can live without any inconvenience or misfortune, then the girl who is the divine child, Lernda, should not be treated so badly in the village where she was born and raised. If only being a "divine child" could make one happy, then Lelanda would not have been treated like that.
 And even in the story of the past godson ---- who hated his country and the country was destroyed, if godson is really loved by God, given by God, and enjoys only happiness, then there is no reason for godson to have hatred in the first place. If gods and children are truly loved by gods, given by gods, and enjoy happiness, they would not be in such a situation as to harbor hatred in the first place.

 Those who are loved by the Divine Child will be happy. The land that the Son loves will not fall into ruin even after the Son has gone. A certain fact I have learned in my study of the godson.

 It's a fact. But that fact is neither perfect nor all-powerful. If all those whom the godson loved were truly happy and unhappy, the godson of the past would not have fallen into a situation where he hated his country. The village where Lerunda was born and raised, as well as this village of beastmen, certainly seemed to have worked to make life easier for Lerunda.
 However, now that Athos is missing, I am thinking that it may be impossible to live in peace forever.

 Lernda cares about Mr. Athos. She adores him. So, if, as the vassals of the Kingdom of Fairytlov and those of the Great Temple thought, those who are loved by the Divine Son truly gain happiness, then it should not be possible for Mr. Athos to go missing.

 ---And if you think about it, the fact that the appearance of a divine child is inscribed in history books is also questionable.

 "It seems to me that those who are "divine children" are always put on the stage as "divine children. There is no such thing in the literature as a mere human being who is not a divine child, and who lives peacefully without being exposed as a divine child. He has done things that will leave his name in the history books. Doesn't that mean that Kamiko is "involved" in an event that must leave her name in the history books? To be honest, I was horrified when I came to that conclusion.
 I, and I'm sure others, were mistaken. Seeing the name of the god-child, a name that gives only the merit of being a beloved child of God, and seeing the power and achievements of the god-child, I thought that the god-child is a being who is given as much as he can by God and receives very little demerit.

 But I'm sure not.

 ---- The gods are given their unusual power and blessings because they are involved in events that will go down in history books.
 No, or is it because of his great power as a godson that he is destined to be involved in events that will leave his name in the history books? To be honest, I don't know which it is, but I do know that people can't leave those with great power alone.

 That's why I'm sure Lerunda can't be left alone.

 Even if she wanted to be happy, she would probably get involved.
 Perhaps the fact that the child has always been under the protection of the great powers is a result of the way things have come to be. Perhaps the fact that Kamiko has always been under the protection of the great powers is a result of the fact that she had to be.

 ---This is just a guess. I hope this is not the case. However, it is precisely in such cases that we must consider the worst possible scenario. We have to consider the worst that can happen and try to find the best solution.

 I told the beastman adults that we should leave the village. I hadn't told Lerunda, Gaius, or the children yet, but I thought that was an option. I am worried that Athos and the beastmen who went out to look for him have not returned. I hope they are safe. ......, but the worst possibility is that everyone in this village will be reduced to slavery or killed. If Athos and the others come back here alive, the worst thing that can happen to this village is that it will be in such a bad situation.

 But one day, when I couldn't come to a conclusion on what to do, Gaius took off. And Lelunda ran out after him.

 -she thought.
 While she was thinking and discussing with the adults, they ran off.