65 Gods, receive a mission.

 I, Imur, was still locked up in the basement.

 I honestly don't know what's going on out there. There is no information I can give you. Food, shelter, and clothing are guaranteed. But I didn't know what was going on out there. I wondered if the oracle had woken up like me. Even that information did not come to my ears.

 In this life, I could do nothing.

 I was filled with such a frustrating feeling of not knowing what to do and wanting to do something about it, when a messenger from Master Zint finally came to me.
 You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

---- Alice, you may not really be a divine child.

 The messenger, a priest, said something like that.

But her mother is ill. But Master Alice's mother was broken by illness. If ...... Alice is really a divine child, then her mother should not be ill. Also, her father told me that her mother was sickly to begin with. And Alice had a twin sister. Perhaps that sister was the godson. ......
"...... twin sister ....... Where is she?
...... That's what the temple threw away when they came for her. ....... I don't know where she is now.
You abandoned the child?

 I'm sure you've heard the story from her parents, but it's unbelievable that they would do something so horrible as to abandon their child. I'm sure you've heard the story from her parents, but it's unbelievable that they would be so fearful of abandoning their child.

...... Those two are still the parents of the Divine Child. In addition, you cannot harm the parents of a girl who has been welcomed as a divine child, and you cannot let her die. The fact that her mother has fallen ill suggests that her mother has become unimportant to her, but even so, we can't just throw her out.

 The messenger said in a disgusted tone.
 To be honest, I myself cannot forgive Alice's parents for abandoning a girl who is probably a divine child. However, they are still the parents of the girl who is the Divine Child. And in a temple that is supposed to be protecting a child, her parents cannot be unhappy.
 It would be a great blunder for the temple to expose the mistake of mistaking the child to the outside world.

I would like to give you a mission from the temple. That mission is to find and welcome the real Divine Child.

 Bring in the true Godchild.
 It would be an honor to be given that role. But---......, is that a good thing for you? Walking with you is the most ideal way for a great temple to be. Even if we were able to welcome the real Divine Child, would that be the best form for him?

 Alice ---- listened to the girl who was not a divine child but still thought she was a divine child, and gave her an education that may or may not have benefited her. If so, is it the right choice to welcome her into the world?

"To welcome him?
Yes, it is.
In that case, what will happen to Master Alice?
That has not yet been decided.
"........., is that so?
Yes. Our first priority is to protect the real divine child here. He was abandoned at a very young age and is probably in need of help. We need to help him immediately.

 The messenger woman had a mission-oriented expression on her face as she said this. It is certain that the Divine Child is still a young child, since she is Alice's twin. However, it is unlikely that a being with the power of a divine child would be in such a situation.

 I'm not sure if he wants to come to this temple. ...... The messenger in front of you says that the best thing to do is to welcome the Divine Child into the Great Temple, but is that really the case?
 ---It is only natural that the Grand Temple would want to welcome the real Divine Child. But ......, what should we do if the will of the Divine Child is different from the will of the Great Temple?

 There are many things to consider in my mind.
 While doing so, the messenger said.

The messenger said, "The mission to search for the real Divine Child is a mission that Zint wants you to accept. Also, this is a gift for you to take on that mission. Master Zindt has applied a special technique to it. Please accept it.
...... Please tell him I'll accept the mission.
Of course. I accept.

 With that, I received the bracelet.

 A few days later, I would embark on a journey to find the Divine Child.
 However, ......, I have not decided whether or not I will bring back the Divine Child according to the Great God's will, depending on the Divine Child's will. First of all, my main goal is to meet the girl who is probably the real Divine Child.

 ----- Priestess on a mission.
 The priest has a mission. But he hasn't decided yet whether he will carry out that mission. His primary goal is to meet the Divine Child.