68 engagement with the princess.

 I, Ninaef Faerie, have been officially engaged to be married to Hiccup Migga, the Seventh Prince of the Kingdom of Migga. The fifth princess and the seventh prince. An engagement between two royals with little influence over each other. But there's no mistaking a royal engagement, so our betrothal will be celebrated with great fanfare.
 Master Alice's mother has fallen ill. Your father seems to be distrustful of that fact. The Great Temple has come out strongly against the royal family for the fact that they are protecting the Divine Child. It's because they have a girl named Kamiko, the Son of God.

 In spite of the existence of the Divine Child, nothing good has happened in our country. It's not that I'm not a good person, but I'm not a good person. ...... If, indeed, Alice is not a divine child, can it be said that the situation is due to the fact that the real divine child has left the country?

 "The gods will not allow the land where the gods' children live to fall into ruin.

 What if the reason our country has had good harvests and good conditions is because of the presence of the divine children?
 What if the reason our country is in this situation is because you left this land?
 ---How foolish were our Grand Temple and our royal family to think that the situation would get worse if we didn't please Alice, and to act in an attitude that as long as we pleased Alice, we would be able to do anything. How foolish were our Great Temple and our royal family to have acted in such a manner, thinking that they could do whatever they wanted as long as they were in the good graces of Alice?

 If Alice is not the Divine Son, then no matter how many times we continue to grant her wishes, the situation in our country will only get worse. I honestly believe that your father and the Great Temple have too much faith in the power of the Divine Child. That's why they are convinced that everything will be fine once the godson is in a good mood, that everything will be fine again. It is because of this belief that I think that your father is not taking proper countermeasures in this remote place. This remote area has also had crop failures. But the lord, myself, and the people here were able to do something about it. That's true in the outlying areas. I thought that if King's Landing put more effort into countermeasures, the problem of crop failure could be solved.

 You may not be a real godson, Alice.
 In that case, I don't even know where the real godchild is.
 And our country, which is clearly doomed if this continues.

 I feel like holding my head in my hands. Your father is running the country on the premise that the Kingdom of Fairleigh Troff has acquired the Divine Child, and he has incorporated the existence of the Divine Child in such a way that even from a remote place you can tell. It was also written in the letter from her father that as part of the work of the Divine Child, Alice would also go on a trip around the country, but I think it would be very difficult to let her out of the house in such a state. I wonder if a substitute will take her place.
 In the first place, isn't Master Alice really a divine child?

 All sorts of thoughts are going around in my head.
 First, I have to ask Hiccup when I see him. About the words.

 Before I could calmly talk to Hiccup, I had to get through the ceremony to announce our engagement.

 However, I am a princess who has come to this place because of the displeasure of Alice, the divine child. And Hiccup is a prince of low rank, the Seventh Prince. Because of this, there was no need to hold a grand ceremony in the royal capital of our respective countries. However, it was necessary to announce the engagement in order to let the people of both countries know that the Kingdom of Fairytlov and the Kingdom of Migga were not at odds with each other.

 So, a small engagement ceremony was held in the city where I am staying, and in the city where Ananaro and Master Hiccup are staying.

 I thought that Hiccup was beautiful, though I don't know if that's the right word to use for a man in formal attire.
 If nothing happens ......, I will marry Mr. Hickdo. Of course, that is if nothing happens to me.
 But I think it's a good thing for me to be married to Hiccup. Depending on the situation of the country, I could have been engaged to someone I didn't want at all, no matter how much I had the status of a princess.

 Master Hiccup was a man of few words. He still had the same sorrowful eyes, and I wondered why he smiled like that. Why does he only smile like a fake? That's what I thought. I'm royalty too, so I wear the mask of a princess. But her eyes were too cold for someone only two years older than me.
 The way she looks at me and the way she looks at everyone else is the same. Hiccup's eyes have always been sorrowful.

"I would like to speak with my fiancee, Master Hiccup. Would you mind stepping back?

 I said to the servants after the engagement ceremony was over. Hiccup had probably guessed that I would want to talk to him. He didn't seem surprised. Hiccup let the servants leave. I feigned innocence, wanting to talk more with the prince who had become my fiancé, but I think Hondetta, who had been by my side the whole time, knew that I simply liked Hiccup and didn't want to talk to him.
 Both of our servants warned me that it was dangerous, but somehow we were able to talk to each other. However, they are still waiting outside the door.

"I have something to ask you. May I?
Yes. No problem.
"...... How do you know you might not be a godson?
 I ask in a quiet voice. I ask in a small voice that only the nearest Hiccup can hear.
"Because I met a girl who might be a godson.

 That's what Hiccup said to me.

 The Seventh Prince. There was a girl whom the royal Hiccup thought might be a divine child. I encountered such a girl. That fact came as a shock to me.

 ---- princess, and the engagement.
 (The princess continues to think.) What did the prince mean? And about her country. She wanted to know, so she asked the prince, and he answered. The answer confuses her even more.